Boko Haram Kill 5 Igbo Traders For Failing To Recite Quran

The five people believed to be Igbo traders were said to have been shot dead at Madala Market on Thursday Night between 7 – 8pm.

Our correspondent reliably gathered that the yet to be identified gunmen were said to have stormed the Madala market and made straight to a shop believed to be that of some Igbo traders and ordered them to recite the Holy Quran of which they could not.

The gunmen who were not satisfied with the development opened fire on the five people at close range leaving them dead immediately.

An alarm which was raised by other traders close to the shop where the five people were killed attracted passers by who sent a distress call to the Divisional Police Officer Suleja where a detachment of armed police were drafted to the scene.

However, before the police men could arrive the spot, the gunmen had already fled, leaving their casualties in their own blood.

The five casualties were later identified as John Kalu, Oliver Ezemah, Uche Nguweze, Sunday Emmanuel while fifth casualty was yet to be identified as at the time of going to press.

The identity of the gunmen are yet to be ascertained by people of the town and even the police who have swung into investigation.

An eye witness account told our correspondent no valuables were removed from the shop of the victims after they might have been gun down which invariably confirms that the gunmen were not armed robbers but suspected to be Boko Haram sect members.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  • Those who do evil, will evil return. One cannot force their religion on another. If Islam is a peaceful religion as they claim, then seek peace, not destruction. The Lord will bring confusion into the enemy’s camp. Stop killing and destroying innocent lives. Jesus came to save the lost. Surrender your life to Jesus Christ today and stop the killing.

  • Well, Its obvious 2day dat if even u’re unable 2 recharge ur phone, d next tin they’ll tell u is Boko Haram. Let proper investigation be executed. They might not b who we alleged. Pls tell d Govt. 2 increase d security level either they were Boko Haram or not, to avoid such damable act unbehave of the so call Boko Haram. Your life is important, you shouldn’t b wasted on no account.

  • What is an Igbo man still doing in d north. These northerners does not want any 4m of peaceful existence in this country. How can these imbeciles waste life like this, Is religion by force? Prevention is better than cure. All southerners in these troubled area shld better flee 4 their life. It is better late than never.

  • It is getting clearer by the day that northern and southern Nigeria can’t live as one.
    Since Jonathan took that seat which is the north’s “crude oil”,the rate of criminal acts by the boko haram sect has become alarming.
    It may not be a good thing to happen in Jonathan’s regime,but the best thing to happen to this country right now is division.
    Let there be northern and southern Nigeria. The country should be divided according to Jonathan’s results in the presidential poll.

  • Mek we divide dey no gree, mek we live in peace dey no gree. Na wetin?. When ever I think about the problems of this country, I feel like weeping! May be I ‘ll go about killing those who can’t recite the bible

  • Has it ever bin heard dat a muslim was compeled to read d bible?whether boko haram or nt,y wil any person kil a man cos of inability to recite koran?d parliament shld luk into dis cos muslims also resides in oda parts of Nigeria

  • I don dey talk am say dis kilins don dey alarm. Their is no person wey no sabi kil o o. We don dey beg boko say make dem stop dis kilin and dem dey do gara gara. Hmmm, if i start nw, na dem go run. Nw no be 1967. Dem don dey kil ibos and christians, and govt. no wan talk. I dey vex o o.


  • Ndigbo bu na anyi amaghi ihe ? It is too much for these nicompolls , they have been kilng our brothers , those of them here will start recitng the Bible for us or Anyi egbuo ha nile. Muslem gov’t officers are responsible for the stupid religious sect.

  • This is absord, it is becoming tribalistic and religious. IGBO KWENU, WE HAVE 2 REACT 2 THIS BOKO HARAM MADNESS. ANYI GA EGBU RIRI NDI MUSLIMS OH. Igbo kwezue nu! Maka odi nma ndi igbo.

  • If diz boko dudes did not stop their nunsense act than is high time we igbos to stand up and face tham who d hell are they.To hell 2 this peace talk cause peace without war is noting 2 me let face tham now.. As our 4fadas did.

  • salam my dear brothers in islam and my fellow nigerians. War, fighting, killing victims and innocent isn’t the solution to this boko haram sect.they just hide under islam this people are outsider not nigerian but resides in north. They want us 2fight depart nd perish. And i bliev both d holy Quran and bible doesnot teach fellow nigerians let urge our govt to redouble security 4beta leaving thanks

  • Its not possible to force ones religion on another. God should be come to our aid. All these bad omens are just bcos a Christian emerged President of Nigeria & yet we call ourselves ‘One Nigeria’.

  • My own vexation be say the mallam wey dey for our street dey shout for me oh, in dis Anambra. If u see his own story for here I no wan see bad mouth oh.

  • Something amuse me when somebody is killed and you that kills go to heaven.
    Dont we think that someone is getting mad about religion preaching.
    Boko hararm is not a do or die affair, our security services are compromised.Based on the 20/6/11 dailys which reported that they have there members in all the security outfits and would strrike whenever they want.only the rich is protected now in nigeria.when a trial is fixed for some who stole #20,000 and someone who stole billions is out there sponsoring boko haram ,because the money is too much and has nothing to loose.Blame the northern leaders for making there people suffer,cause they dont value education only them that are educated wants to remain on top.Tank allah that some of them that understands the meaning of education are sending there children to school.Because if they dont have anybody to sponsor for political gains they will bring there own children to come and die for them.Those co-opted you that education is a sin have there children in the best school oversea and your giving guns and arrow to go and die for no reason or kill if your not caught.

  • Now over 2 Jonatan, divid Nigeria no, giv BIAFRA no, wat is ur problem. R u sure dat dis man is not a memba of BOKO sect. Bears it in mind dat de sit is stroger dan u, if u can’t rule NIG giv it bac 2 muslim instead of kiling our brodas. If care is not taken u wil not last on dat sit for nez 2yrs. Mbaka’s coment is coming 2 complete. Y do u hate BIAFRA u r de one dat wil set us free u dey wast time

  • Now over 2 Jonatan, divid Nigeria no, giv BIAFRA no, wat is ur problem. R u sure dat dis man is not a memba of BOKO sect. Bears it in mind dat de sit is stroger dan u, if u can’t rule NIG giv it bac 2 muslim instead of kiling our brodas. If care is not taken u wil not last on dat sit for nez 2yrs. Mbaka’s coment is coming 2 complete. Y do u hate BIAFRA u r de one dat wil set us free u dey wast time behave lyk a man u r not woman.

  • Every sistuation rest on the government,the government need to make move to fish them out I didn’t believe is religion they are fighting for.some bad element will now come in to achive their selfish interest may GOD help us.Nigeria can live together as one we should not allow anybody to divide us

  • These re bible fufillments, there is nothing gov’t, pastor, nor mallam can do abt dis situation, These re sign’s of END TIME. It is written in d bible dat nations will rise against nation, and dat is wat is hapenin nw. So I will advice u all 2 follow d narrow way, which is evalasting life, and not d broad way! may JEHOVAH answer our prayerz all.(AMEN)

  • I think if d boko haram sect are responsible dey are gaining success to unleash war which will leave d government isolated and confused because even if dis particular issue lies low definitely dey might do such again and dis time d igbos wont take lightly which can result to massacre of muslims and hausas if not well controlled we might just see nigeria in a pathetic state

  • De Boko sects r planning Massive Bombing on 1st Oct. And is likely dat many christian will die, Jonatan if u can’t control dis CONTROVERCY, ANARCHY, VIOLENT AND CONFLICT. Tirie obodo a ka onye obula laa be ha. Obere ihe mee egbuo ndi nnukwu, anyi enwela ndidi nnukwu.

  • The way some of of news paper are puting there head ‘ll nt earn them any thing except distruction.i dn’t see the reason of u putting this heading as the case eye witness jst said is lyk boko haram and u guys are telling us is boko haram.we shld be sincere 2 our slvs dn’t say/publish somethng dt u dn’t hv thorough knowledge about it.

  • This is getting out hands infact wat is so special about the Koran or the so called mohammed they craze inshort fuk all the muslems, and the boko haran…make them nor try this norsence 4 Benin or else all the muslem go down i swear

  • nawa o! what is happening to our contry, i thought dat we are one nigerie. Igbos nd all christains i tink is high time we we battle dis war onece n 4 all weather by spiritual or physical.

  • A matter of killing should not be a thing for joke as a matter of facts Ibo s have suffered a great deal in the hands Nigerians especially the north. I think by now people should be wise,Nobody is second class in this country This so called boko haram leaves among the north’s but be course their targets are well informed to their sponsors(he who pays the piper dictates the tune) Just like others I enjoy the government to leave up to their oath (an easy lies the head that wears the crown) else Ibo-ha ram,Yoruba-ha ram….and other ha rams may follow

  • Anyway, the day the retaliatory bombings and killings will start, the north will know that it will not take 10hrs to overun them. I am not joking. I know ahat I am saying. Madness is sweet when it is suffered by one group. No body has the perogative to violence

  • u said dat ur group dos’t kill an individual but group of people,wat was d difference? u are insane and let me tell u very soon ur power shall reject u and d people behind dis group shall be kill by ur own hand.u will neva kwn peace 4 d rest of days,AMEN

  • Sill waiting for south east governors to say something ABOUT THE KILLING OF THEIR CITIZENS FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO RECITE THE QURAN.
    Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. FIVE S. E. IMBECILES, ARE YOU THERE?

  • Dis christains insultin prophet mohammed s.a.w. I wont blame u but want thing i wil tel u is dat……….. Declare any thing u want 2 do but, beware I and many of my type are ready to die in destroyin u pharos……! Bandits

  • These guys are really pulling many horns. If they a State of their own, they shud say it, cos this is getting out of hand. Caimness and silents does not mean weakness, they shud respect groups like MEND, BAKASSI, MASSOB…

  • Nigerians we don’t nd to insort any religion or person muslim can’t say any abuse word to jesus AS becos he is profect of islam. We shoud not allow the bad people mislead us. Realy is sad but we are to blame it on our leader that use thm. The governmt shold pick up all this leader that use thm for questioning. All the region we are too close knw to ffight ourself I speak igbo hausa and my darlent yoruba and I love all I have been leaving with igbo for the past 20yr so I think we are one. Muhammad is the best of mankind that sent to the whole universe SAW. Obodo naijira ga dinma. Ai ge meri oo

  • Nig will not divid until the
    armed forces start religious faight within them self, ask me why? If an officer in the armed forces is giving a task to carriedout and the area to carried it is a muslim part he will not du dat work as he is been expected, simply becurse he is a muslim , likewise the cristian. so tell me how du we faight this set of idiot ? If all dis will continew its better we divide the nation.we have a dull president he 4get wat the then govt do with the millitant b4 granting armnesty, oga Goodluck du somthing b4 dey thone ur name to badluck,

  • Its obvious nd quite clear dat d only option left 4 d so called gaint of Africa-Nigeria is division, division nd notin else. Then, we shal see if d killing of innocent christians, esp. IGBOS would contn coz I DEY VEX, ME DEY VEX, D TEMPLE DEY VEX 4 dis so called boko haram sect nd their proselitative religion-islam. Anyone who can do smth to divide dis nation should do it nw coz GUYZ are running out of patience.

  • i think this is going beyond level,why would someone ask me to recites what i dont know, Igbos i think is high time we face this housa men,and start taking them down,they use the name boko haram to kill our people,its

  • I believe this is a sponsored site designed principally to destabilize this Country, Nigeria. Readers attention is hereby drawn to note that:
    i. It is clearly stated in the Qur’an (The Holy Book off ALL Muslims) that “THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION”. So why should any TRUE Muslim force some one to recite any portion of a book one is totally ignorant of?
    ii. In the same vein, in Christianity, “THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION”. So why should any TRUE Christian force a Muslim to recite any portion of a book he/she is ignorant of?
    iii. 5 people are said to have been massacred in cold blood without an eye witness, yet this site has the audacity, wherewithal and clear intention to cause more havoc to Nigeria through narrating what transpired before the killings. Where was the writer at that material time? Unless, of course, he was part of the crime, nobody would be anywhere near the source of gun shots!
    iv. Readers and Security Agents to note please. Publishers of unauthenticated stories aimed at destabilizing Nigeria, operating from within or abroad, should be brought to book.

  • Why should God allow this to happen’ Igbos are like the Isrealites in the middle east hated and dipised by all…Only God will judge this people..

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