Emeka Ike Denies Beating Up His Wife

Popular Nollywood actor Emeka Ike had denied claims that he beat his wife over a misunderstanding after which she decided to pack out of her matrimonial home with their newborn baby. Emeka speaking with Live Online With Delia said.

The biggest story going around now is that you beat your wife, how true is that?

Where is that story coming from? I’m hearing that story for the very first time in my life, between man and God.

Emeka you know that Nollywoodgossip doesn’t carry fake news, that’s why we need you to clarify this story before we write about it; please kindly confirm or deny it.

If Nigerians are talking what is not real to get back at people, then they are working against the real purpose of stardom and that is evil. My purpose is to encourage the young people, show them how to live a good life and become something better tomorrow.  My wife is in my house, she just had a two months old baby for me. We are happy together, I just left house; if I have to be home, I should have giving her the phone to respond to you.

It is very ungodly, it is malicious, and it is misleading, badly motivated. It is not right to say a thing that never happened. In my life, one thing I will never do is to raise my hand in aggression. I know what aggression is, and I know what temper control mean in the UK, US and even in Africa. I have never been reported in my life about this until now that you questioned me. Whosoever that is giving you that information, go tell that person that is them that is having problem in their marriage not me and my wife.  In fact, please I’ll like you to call back in the evening and talk to my wife; she will tell you that that never happened.  There is this other guy that is trying to run me down, if you go to his site it’s always news about 10 years ago and 7 years ago, I don’t know where they are getting that trash, really. Not that they have information or someone told them anything, they just create it, it’s not right to make money on account of destroying other people’s image.


  1. Dia broda, if u tink ur very inocent, dnt boda abt toks. Kip luvin ur wife. Asof d babi, wo hav nt destind 2sufa n a broken hom, d lod wil kip u 2enjoy ur swt luvly unbreakable hom. Plz Emeka dis child belongs 2God.Train him n d lord cuz u wl giv act ova him som day. Godbles u. Amen

  2. @ Emeka Ike, cn’t tell u 2 beat or nt 2 beat ur wife, or dat what dey said is 2ru or nt 2ru. What am jst telling is dat ur wife is 2 beautiful 2 b tauched. U really ve 2 luv her lyk u never luvd b4 so as 2 protect ur home. God bless ur family.

  3. Mekus i want u 2 no dis if no body talks about u den u ar no body weda tru or lie. Mak u no mind enemy of progres keep on luvin ur wil. A real man doesnt beat his wife bt silent ma guy.

  4. Wat must propel Emeka Ike to beat his wife? I couldn’t fathom.
    I solemnly know, Emeka in his right senses can’t do such a crap, unless he is under addiction.
    It’s mere rumour!!

  5. This article has waited too long go to shangishawhere they use to live he gas been beating her up since their marriage why ddeny it.Emeka like even tried doing same to his school St Nicholas principal by threatening to beat her and brought out gun to shot her cos she wanted to resign your journalist should investigate reports Emeka Like is a woman beater and should seel help instead of denying it

  6. exactly my thought holayemi. if u read dose his narration v wel wt deep undastnding, u’ll surely realiz dat emeka is not sayin d clearer truth. Dias no smoke wtout fire n in evry rumor, dias an iota of truth in it. why soundng as if d wife doznt hav a fone of hers, must it b until wen ur ahome wt ha by evening dat u can proov ur innocence? my advce 2him is 2b vv careful, Emmanuella ur wyf is such a damsel 2b playd wt n mind u shes a half cast, any fuck up frm u, she wil disappear wt ur kids 2Germany n u’ll bcom an Aaron. I stil hv it freshly in my memory hw u got married 2Emma yrs bak n I pray devil doznt work ovatime in ur mrrge. be blessd Emmy.

  7. Thank God this story is finally coming to light,av heard of him beating his wife from my relatives,who are is neighbours.he has been a woman beater from time.does his wife not have a fone?why can’t he call her there and then.he should stop deciving himself,and live a better life,cos dats what his mates are doing.


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