Guest Post: Life is all about Availability

This was a tiring and highly stressful week for your boy. First; the fake Hurricane that pretty much amounted to nothing here in the DMV took down the power lines and once again I was reminded  of my upbringing waiting for NEPA back home in Nigeria to bring the power back but all to take it within 5 minutes of it running. Second, my crew “Da Kool Keedz” returned home to Naija to prepare for the up coming school year and just like that our “KOOL” summer was over. Finally, getting ready for (2) fantasy football drafts in one week is no joke, especially when you are the defending champ in both leagues and everybody is out gunning for your title. But little do they know, “Big P” is a machine and built Ikeja tough so bring it on boys.


Ok people; let me get focused…


I don’t really consider myself a big movie person but like many of you out there I have my select few of favorites that I watch on regular rotation no matter how old, corny and horrific the acting is/was at times. Off the top let me give you a few you may recognize, Braveheart, Gladiator, Troy, Carlito’s Way, Donnie Brasco, Body of Lies, Belly, The Killer, Paid in Full, Coming to America, Boomerang etc. Oh BTW; (S/O) to the M.A.G. for putting me on to so many of these hits from back in the day.


But one that I caught very recently with the Big Homie “A” surfing the cable box on television the other was A Bronx Tale. So we start to check it out and catch one of the best scenes in the entire movie. The old head “Sonny” was schooling young “C” on a situation and the conversation goes; “I can live anywhere I want to… You know why I live in this neighborhood? AVAILABILITY. I want to stay close to everything. Because being on the spot I can see trouble immediately. Trouble is like a cancer, you gotta get it early. You don’t get it early it kills you. That’s why you gotta cut it out. Nobody Cares, NOOOOO-BODY CARES!”


First things first, we all need a “SONNY” in our lives. Fortunately for me, I got a team of them that always hold me down and break things down for me like mathematics. Ya Heard! Now, I have seen A Bronx Tale far too many times but once again I picked up a point or two from the classic film and try to apply it to my situation. For example; I can start by saying “a FEMALE in a relationship is only as good as her options”, hence the term AVAILABILITY. But am gonna leave the ladies alone this week and discuss something much broader and bigger.


Seriously I want you to ponder and consider the following:


  • How many times have you come across a member of the opposite sex you connected with but was unable to pursue anything meaningful all because you was in a situation of your own already? AVAILABILITY


  • How many times can you recall missing out on a great night of fun with friends all to hear about it the next day? AVAILABILITY


  • How many times have you arrived at a function all to hear about so and so that just left and you were dying to see? AVAILABILITY


  • How many times have you been told that a job vacancy you just got a lead on and was very excited to apply for had just been filled? AVAILABILITY


  • How many Birthdays, Reunions, Graduations and Weddings have you missed out on in your lifetime? AVAILABILITY


  • How many times have you watched a sporting event or talent competition on television and thought to yourself I can do way better than him/her? AVAILABILITY


  • How many times have you kicked yourself in the rear for not saying the important things to those close you? Like “I Love You” before we lose them too soon. AVAILABILITY


You see I can appreciate the universal term AVAILABILITY because it is in our everyday lives. Be it age, gender and ethnicity it is everywhere and does not discriminate. AVAILABILITY to me represents a few things though, staying focused in the present and what is in front of you by taking control of a situation and maximizing your opportunities by NEVER looking back. We all have come across an envious or bitter character who truly resents the success of others because he/she feels slighted for not having the same opportunity as others.


So the next time you somehow find yourself in one of these conversations, pull that individual aside and teach him/her a little about my man “Sonny” and his Machiavellian take on AVAILABILITY.


Don’t Hate; EDUCATE!


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