Guest Post: My Life……Yours Too

“When a chic says the soundtrack to her life is Rihanna’s ‘RUDE BOY’… you’ve got to wonder.”

I came across this tweet on one of my scrolls through my Timeline on twitter and while it made me chuckle… it got me thinking and asking myself two questions.

  1. If there was a movie being made about my life, what genre would it be in? Comedy, Tragi-comedy, Thriller, or just a plain old sad movie without a happy ending?
  2. If a song could describe my life… what kind of song would it be?

Hmmnnn… These questions carry weight small sha, because I definitely would want nothing but the best for myself but what if from people’s view that is not true? What if I lived my entire life in a shadow?

Would you be proud watching a movie of your life if it is ever done? Can you thump your chest and say “Yes, I did all that and would do them all over again?”

Whenever I think of my life I have conflicting emotions. Sometimes I find myself grinning in self-satisfaction and other times I am sad at some aspects that I either lost or let go of. However this may be, I am quite confident that just like Frank Sinatra I will smile at my final curtain call and say “I’ve lived a life that’s full. I’ve travelled each and every highway, but much more than this… I did it my way!” Can you say the same of your life?

I am quite certain that like a drowning man I seem to be thrashing about seeking for land right now and it must be evident in this post though I am sure that in all my randomness and questions, I will make some sense to you. Maybe I already am… or not. Does life even make any sense? Try to follow my wandering mind as it seeks answers to questions I hope you also ask yourself.

I love to write. It is a passion that has always lived in me. I used to write essays back in elementary and secondary school for competitions that I almost always won. It has always given me the kind of joy that cannot be described, but has to be felt. I let go of this passion a great deal once I got into the university however. It was limited to the random poem now and then and analysing other people’s works when I read them. Then I graduated and out of boredom while waiting for the National call to service, I wrote a few chapters for a book which I lost in transit from Abuja back to Lagos. Once again, I let the passion dwindle. Until recently…

I started a blog that had people appreciating my work and style of writing. A lot of people asked me “do you write professionally? You should. You are quite good at this.” I toyed with the idea but let it go because I had a full-time job that did not allow me any time to myself and I had plans for my MBA that had nothing to do with writing. After all, there is supposedly no money in writing ba? Then I quit my job, put my MBA plan in the oven, and was faced with more people encouraging me to further explore my writing skills. After some time spent trying to run away from it, I realised that I can only deny myself the joy I get from it for so long. I decided to do as I had been encouraged to. Then out of nowhere, I got an email from InformationNigeria asking me to be a guest blogger, and this because they had taken note of my blogging activities. I was excited!! And thus began my journey here, spent talking about different issues as they concern me and getting positive feedback from people on twitter and facebook who tell me- “Great article, Theo. When are you writing another?”

I have started work on a book that hopefully would be appreciated by most of you and I am trying to get contracts where I get paid to write.  You must wonder what the story I have just told has to do with the price of carrots, right?  In my own haphazard way, I am trying to let us all know that at the end of the day, living our lives doing exactly what brings us joy is the ultimate route to fulfilment. Writing is just one of several things that give me joy in this life and while I am no saint, I would like to think “REAL WILD CHILD” by Christopher Otcasek will not be the soundtrack of my life neither would it be “WHO AM I” nor “THIS IS NOT MY LIFE” by Lily Frost and Fastball respectively… no sir!!

I have made a conscious decision to live my life exactly the way I want to. Live each day to the fullest as if it were my last and make sure that every day I can find a reason or two to smile at the joy I get from the life I live. I intend to live a life worthy of a best-seller. So I guess I have answered my questions. “My Way” would be my soundtrack and my movie would be an entertaining best-seller filled with laughter, and challenges that would be overcome.



Theodora Chimonez





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