Guest Post: Praisers and Raisers May Be Stabbers Afterall

Right from childhood we see big and over time share these stories and dreams with friends. As time jags into history paving way for memories, friends lose faith, while dreamers get caught up with life’s reality of a 9-5 job, parenthood, or ‘life.’ As deferred hope make the heart sick, the nights of dreaming give way into life’s days of reality.


For a few, they keep dreaming, keep believing though everyone now goes about business as usual. As realists they accept what life deals them and work with it- they go to work, take care of their kids, but when the day once again turns over to night, they realign themselves to those dreams, they’re the ones truly burning the midnight oil.


When they finally break through, madness starts! It is therefore conditional to say “everyone wants to succeed… while your success doesn’t bother mine.”


We are not disturbed that Jim in America is now the State Attorney, I am not bothered hearing it is Nguyen in Vietnam starting his company, neither does Dmitri’s success cause me jitters, but as it comes nearer home, to people we can relate with it’s hard to look at their success and let them pass on by. Why? Success hurts more coming nearer home.


Though wealth, success and achievement is in surplus for everyone irrespective of geological space, I realize that those who praise you may be the ones who stab you should they have something to gain or lose as they are the ones much closer home. Think about it.


Folu Popoola

twitter: @lifekulture


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