Guest Post: Zuma Rock, The Dome with a Human Face

Zuma Rock
Zuma Rock
Zuma Rock Abuja
Zuma Rock With The Face Marked Out

A dusty veil hangs over Zuba. The Sun had just slipped into her night gown of romantic crimson, saying goodbye and goodnight over the jagged skyline of granite inselbergs. A mighty rock stands bold, undaunted by the coming dusk. It bears a face: one that looks straight ahead, starring at the setting sun. It is never distracted. Since centuries past, her gaze has remained unchanged; a gaze that threatens to swallow its admirer, one that looks you in the eye if you look it in the eye’ and with a slightly opened mouth, it proudly wispers its royal location.

This is Zuma Rock, the ‘monolithic’ rock that marks the center of our Nation’s landmass with a human face. The massive inselberg which is depicted on the N100 note, is located in Niger State, just north of Abuja (F.C.T.).It conspicuously appears to swallow the Abuja-Kaduna express way, rising ostentatiously to an height of about 700m.

The Zuma Rock Nigerian village constructed behind the rock has constitutes a vantage spot to servour the the wonders of Zuma; it’s also fitted with chalets and other facilities for relaxation.Zuma Rock remains the unquestionable watchman of the F.C.T. as long as her face remains.
By Folarin Kolawole,


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