Ijaw Militants Challenge Boko Haram

Ijaw militants recently released a statement challenging the Boko Haram terrorsit organisation. Read the full text below

BOKO HARAM:  Enough is enough and No Basis For Unity.

We are compelled by the present Boko Haram merciless bombing in the country without verifiable developmental agitation.  The continuous killings of Christians in the north should be stop forthwith. Those foolish and irresponsible enough to assume or pretend that it is possible to run Nigeria by sectarian dictation do no more than reject a natural phenomenon, which is that when it hits, it reverberates.

The tsunami of Boko Haram will not, in its sweep, skip the homes and interests of it promoters, active or passive.  Boko Haram has been leaving bombs around churches and other places with clusters of the innocent.  In the event of a failed state, all those Nigerians pretending to possess two heads, and currently cruising around in limousines and jetting about the globe will be grounded.

Why can’t we live in peace?  If peace is pronounced a war, why can’t we go our separate ways by amicable agreement?  Boko Haram may have its origins from wherever it likes.  Its wild excesses are essentially a reaction to the Presidential ascendancy of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.  It has its sponsors and financiers.   If we are actually one Nigeria, why won’t we allow other Geo-political Zone to rule the country?

Saudi Arabia is the centre of the Islamic faith, yet, there was not even a single killing of Christian faithful in that country.  why all these killings of National Youth Service Corps members and other innocent citizens in reaction to Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential Victory?

“NOTE WELL, if further killings by Boko Haram as a result of Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidency in the country within fourteen days of this statement, we shall without hesitation commence sending every Muslim in the Niger Delta Region to their various homes and ask our people to return home.  No section of this country is an embodiment of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta) while they will be killing our people in their land. If they don’t want peace we will meet them were ever they are. This is our message.”

No Muslim has condemned the killings of Christians by Boko Haram in the North.  Is it only the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria has witnessed major security lapses as the northern elites want to ridicule him as incapable of protecting the territorial integrity of the country?  we have tasted blood war.  That Borno and the entire North are guilty of harbouring and protecting Boko Haram.  If they don’t want the terrorist organization they should push them out of their midst and give them up to the military after all they live amongst them and probably pray in the same mosque.   So they can’t claim that they don’t know where the Boko Haram are.

The emergence of the notorious Boko Haram was premediated and designed to blackmail and undermines the authority of President Jonathan. The Sect is suspected to be affiliated with the Yemini version of Al Quaeda.

We urge the President to invoke his powers as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and give his security chiefs an ultimatum within which to use every strategy to dislodge the notorious Boko Haram and other perpetrators of attack on the Nigerian people. The Truth is that no dispensation will ever be good in Nigeria except from Muslim North. The release of Boko Haram Co-founder, Alhaji Ali Tishau by the Police on request by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and later vanished from detention is clear demonstration that the North is out to fight the President with the Islamic Sect. Enough is enough with this Sect to worry Mr. President.

That if further attempt to distract the developmental attention of Mr. President in the country, we the Egbesu Mightier Fraternity will earth the so called Boko Haram in the North. This is our word. We have killed and we will not care to kill again.

This is signed by the joint Revolutionary Council.


  1. Look not 14 days but any further bombing of innocent Nigerians,all muslims should leave d Niger Delta. My brothers,wat’s happening is bcos of our Bros being president. Now lets look at dis,if Buhari or Nuhu won;would all dis things be happening? Enough is Enough!

  2. Yes,i support whateva action d niger delta has decided to take.the muslim should start pakin to their original homes,since the stupid bokoharam tink they r the only ones wit guts.

  3. i think enough is enough, the killing is too much nahh, if we should keep quite islam would take over this country, they have introduced islamic banking (banking for the muslims) who knows next, abeg oo, i no fit shout

  4. Ride on guyz,i support una wit 100%,even 14days is 2 small give dem 7days.al d northern muslims should leave west,south nd east.enuf is enuf

  5. supported 100%. What the hell is wrong with this stupid islamic set called boko haram? They think only them knows how to kill? Enough is enough!

  6. A 100% support, this issue of boko haram is getting out of hand & i’m sure is becouse Mr president is Christian. If they don’t want Christian to rule them, then they should bether leave Nigeria for us & go to where muslims are rulling or they can go to hell & burn to ashies. Even goat self if you distabe am too much e go bite you

  7. Easy easy my good people of N/D, don’t let cause fraca in the country or division, shelding of blood is not the best solution to the identify problems but my advice is that, let Mr President invite all President contestants for about 2week for neccessary investigation pertain Boko harram issue, to this end true picture of this sect will be manifest. They are not real Muslims as you thing of, (MUSLIMS ARE FORBIDE TO KILL UNLESS OTHERWISE) but the true behind it is that Northern President Aspirants are the sponsorers underneath. Saheed from West

  8. If the Northerners are, all, in support of Boko haram killings,why did the late Baba Kura Fugu,in law to the late Boko haram Leader grant audience to Gen.Olusegun Obasanjo for which reason he was assasinated about 2 days later?Was the withdrawal of co-orporation with security agencies by Northerners not out of fear for Boko haram?Above all,why would’nt the Ijaw militants help all Nigerians including innocent Northerners fish or smoke out only the Boko haram elements for any appropriate action?

  9. Hi audience, let actions start from Northerner Presidential Aspirants they are the first suspect. I know true will manifest if they are detain thereafter, even if Westners/ Obasanjo is among intruders he will be caught, but note that Obasanjo is a Christian how is it possible for him to sponsor any sect to slain his Christian Brothers? It is very hard.

  10. yes Brothers,let chase all the rams back to their origin,if no one stands up against them,they’ill beleive we’re nothing.pls let the action start now,i even read from a write up on this site,that they plan bombing on oct 1st,lagos etc

  11. Mr president stop behaving like a female…..just go ahead and divide this country….all the ibo’s are at ur support….if you dont want then get ready to rule for another 4 years….cus the north have rule finish

  12. lets see our selves as people from one origin and stop the killing of innocent Christians in the North.I think the proposed Islamic Banking will empower the Boko haram, to promote the bombing activities, it should be discouraged

  13. Yes, there are activities of boko haram in the north but i have so many reasons to demonstrate that they are not MUSLIMS as so many people have mentioned here, they are not all from the north. Please visit this link http://twicsy.com/i/wAJHP these people were caught in uniben trying to plot a bomb.They were tagged as boko harams, their name were revealed by the police and they are all CHRISTIANS. We have so many incidences here in the north, like Bauchi and Abuja.
    Common sense can understand that whereever there is bomb incidence now whether is boko haram or not it will be latter push it on them. There was incidences of bombing even before boko haram in the country. In Lagos there was so many, in Port Harcourt and even Abuja. was those people that was plotting bombs then repented or retired from bombing? You are in the country please asked for reports about all the incidences.
    Common sense can verify that since the incidence of militant, OPC and other began no any MUSLIM in the country ever pushed the blame on CHRISTIANS but you have have unreason people saying that without numbers.
    Please think good, speak good and act better for the country to have peace and development.

  14. If dis is nt targetd 2ward creating tension in d christian n Niger Delta Sons Regim (President Jonathan) y ar they nt bombin mosques?? Ar dea nt mosques in every state in dis country? Y d Church always…. We’ve had it up 2 d throat we cant take it any more…. E DON DO eeeeeeeh… No muslim condemns d killings dat means they like it….Northerners pls u can excuse us oo, Thank

  15. Great Ijaw people lets fight dis fight of Fate… we hav 2 Decide our FATE…. it Our decision 2 make wether 2 live Or 2 die, No turning bak b/cos Boko or watever they call dem selfs will neva stop oooo…. we all hav been waitin 4 dis 4 so long….. 2 weeks altimatum makes no sense 2 me ooo.. wat if afta d 2weeks anything happens?? ar we gonna keep warning??

  16. It is very unfortunate this Mala ms know what they want,honestly they want to chase away Christians of other tribes in the north so that they can close every thing call Christianity in the north because they believed that only the Christians in the north voted for GEJ. So while my Ijaw brothers, the MAS OB,and other southern interest groups are sharpening their cutlasses I urge the Mr. President to do us proud, and come out from his shelve, enough of this womanish act, Ijaws, Easterners are not born of such.we voted for you and now we are being eliminated one after the other in the name of boko haram, remember if they succeeds in weakening your supporters you will just be caught like a rat (may God forbids)You know what to do,If by now your intelligentsia can not dictate the men behind this deadly acts…hm If you are bound by their evil powers I loos you and set you free In the NAME OF JESUS Amen

  17. it is good to know that our militants (freedom fighters) of the Niger Delta have decided to act accordingly before these people believe they are unstoppable and then enter the south. we need do all we can to protect them ourselves from them at all costs. its unfortunate, but even Convenant University has refused to give muslim students admission, but why blame them, they are acting on happenings around us plus threats here and there. To our southern militia than have given a 14day ultimatum, i think we should revert the warning to the next attack by this boko haram sect then all notherners in the south should leave and southerners in the north should come back home. i never thought i would agree with this, but yes, inevitably, division is becoming an option, because most northerners, up to the educated ones are in support of this boko haram rubbish. i know what i am saying because at a general meeting of NIMSA(Nigerian Medical Students Association) just recently concluded in lagos, i spoke with some fellow northern students that were in attendance and to my dismay, the spoke no wrong doings of the boko haram, however they neither supported them, but they simply saw no wrong in what they were doing, and this guys are supposed to be future physicians and leaders tomorrow. This boko haram sect in a menace that needs to be curbed at its budding stage, and the militants should do whatever action necessary to stop these jobless idiots from getting into the south. plus i must add, this has nothing to do with religion, because the Yoruba Muslims are very peaceful and accommodating, these useless sect are just indirectly giving all other Muslims in this country a bad name.

  18. STOP IT!!! Do you know the main causes of Biafra War? What are the disadvantages country derived from it? N/D be warned dont cause fraca in the country again, don’t give the country a setback, we are three in One. Mr President is showing his Professionalism in ruling the country please don’t discourage him with your future proposal. A msg from West

  19. If from my small opinion Jonathan is been work on by anti-Nigeria to kuku ma divide the country, so the country will be divided just the way Russia lost it all, e pe le, ko buru, Ko wa am je oruko baba won,

  20. Carry Go but if there be any reason to give them i4days its just to fulfill all righteousness and for the battle to begin now it is the very necessity .
    as we all know that God will never come down to pull triggers. they are the worst animals in human skin i have ever seen in the history of Nigeria.
    one love one people one nation one Power house (Ijaw )
    with one voice we say carry now!


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