Moral Inequality: A Guest Post On Gender Inequality

We keep hearing stuffs about gender inequality, women empowerment, how women are been displaced and how they should fight for their rights and have a place in the society and all those kind ish…. but in the true sense, we…. talking about you and you….all do it…talking about the inequality ish… no matter how much we preach it, and the women themselves are not left out. This for example is some the reactions one might hear in certain circumstances:
         A BOY (17)… WITH A SON
·         He give girl belle
·         He is a father O!
·         No be small pikin again
·         That boy can do and undo
·         He is trying sha, shebi he has a son already?
        A GIRL (17)… WITH A SON
·         She don carry belle
·         She is mama baby
·         Useless girl, I knew she would turn out this way
·         That girl is a disgrace, I thought she was sensible
·         Mstchw! what a waste of education
      YOUNG GUY (20-something)… WITH TWO KIDS (UNMARRIED)
·         Nawa o! that boy is strong
·         Don’t joke with that boy o! E easy to get pikin?
·         …. But sha, he has two kids. He is trying joor
·         Two boys?… Ah! I knew he wasn’t a small boy
      YOUNG BABE (20-something)… with two kids (UNMARRIED)
·         Nonsense, I have always known that she was a useless girl
·         One wasn’t enough for her; she had to go for more, now two bastards…Tufia!
·         It’s in their family jare, like  mother, like daughter
·         …. and she still has the mind come out…just wasted her fathers money
·         Eiya… see how this boy has played with his life
·         He would have used his head nah, chai!
·         ….and he is a fine boy o
·         He just allowed all this yeye girls to deceive him
·         …but sha let him manage. Shebi they say e no dey show for face?
·         It could be from all this their barbing things o… happens na
·         What a useless girl. See how she has destroyed her life
·         She is just fine but sense…zero!
·         When she would be dressing anyhow, jumping from one place to another, it’s good for her jare
·         As far I am concerned, na ashawo she be
·         This one is showing her true colour… shakara don end o!
·         Nothing like transfusion abeg! we know how she got it
·         Kai men sef, but who knows what really happened
·         Don’t mind him, that’s how all men are
·         He did not try at all, but that his wife sef!
·         Don’t blame him o, its that his wife that foolishly brought a fine house-girl into the house
·         He is only a man and the girl, is she not his in-law?
·         Tufia! Abomination!!
·         Even if her husband is poor or acid cover his face…
·         I am sure it’s a spiritual curse
·         Who knows if all those children are for her husband sef?
·         She be ashawo, she just marry; that’s all
The list of circumstances could go on and on and peoples talk would most likely not differ from the discriminating pattern it has being taking. It only makes one to wonder what it is about the male sex that makes it not to look so bad as compared to their female counterparts. Like a male thief is bad, but a female thief…chai! A male ritualist is terrible but if it were to be a female…Mehn! A corrupt male official is …whatever…but a female corrupt official would be …whatever times three.
Well, in my next life, that is if that kinda thing really happens, it might not be a bad idea to come back as a man…Oboy! No dulling…hehe!!