NECO Results Out: NECO Releases 2011/2012 June/July Results

NECO Results have been released, NECO has  released the eagerly awaited results of its June/July 2011/2012 examinations.

Candidates that sat for the NECO June/July 2011/2012 examinations can now check their results on the neco website:

– After accessing the NECO website:
1.Select year Examination Type
2.Select year of examination
3.Enter your card PIN number
4.Enter your Examination Number
5.Click on “Check My Result” button

Good Luck!


  1. Oh ALLAH,where are we going in niger 4 dis mass failure in niger exams.i pray dat God should take control of dis.and i want 2 use dis medium 2 call the attention of all education stake holder of govt to find out the causes,problems and better solupions 2 dis bcos education is d best legacy 2 our future generation 2 cumber all sort of problems in,let sit down and suggest possible solutions 2 dis education problems bcos there is no place we can go and abandon our country 2 experience backwardness among their neighbouring country in d prayer is God help niger and bless niger.thanks.

  2. Who is to be blame for the waywordness and mass failure of students ? Teachers,Parents,Students and the Government(the body in charge).It is a pity that despite all the runs going on in the o level exams yet all efforts are proof to no avail.In my own perspective&humble opinion,let the mark that meet up with each grade comes with the question paper.I.E. It should be written at the top of every question paper that:if u score 70 in this subject,ur grade is B2,if it is 65,ur grade is B3 &so on. In view of this,everybody will try to sure of at least c6 mark b4 submiting 2 the invigilator.

  3. Neco why all d tym? Is it nwadays students ar no more brilliant or what? Why is dis mas failure palaver started some yrs back dat nw becomes ur habit of failing innocent being 4 nothing. I bet it wit u dat by next yr it is goin 2 b scrap. No more neco in nigeria, we ar nt interested in neco anymore only waec. Great waec.

  4. It is obvious dat neco people ar jst money makin org they intentionaly fail stdnts cos i wonder why is dat wen stdnt write neco they bcame dullads.this is my third time of writin neco lukin 4 credit in Eng i swear if didnt get my credit in Eng i wil go 2 any lenght to take vengeance on fellow stdnt i av compasion on all of us.

  5. is not dat NECO are wicked but it depends on we the student did. if you can try to check neco news site you will also see that we the students are not serious. cos we depend on miracles we want miracles in all thinbgs we want to do. some of the studengts depennd on their teachers to teach them in the examination hall. this now lead to examination malpratices you can see that many poeple even 75% fails in english and 65% fails in mathematics all because we the student are not serious that is why ……………

  6. Hey martins u have 2 be carefull on what u are sayin,maybe u have maths & eng abi,but u have 2 know dat even though u have maths & eng & exerlent jamb pt d admission 4 d university is not wit u bcos naija is currupted u can have everything & dey can refuse 2 admit u in2 be carefull & watch ur tongue we are not 2 blame bt d neco exerminers & officials bcos we know we did d right things & we do not depend on our teachers &colleague,it is all about luck by chance.mind ur bussiness

  7. see if I could not tell you this then i am a bad guy.. not that all those markers are wicked and bad person but we the students wrote are most matter. take for example if they ask a question e.g what is a noun instead of us to answer the question normal we will first explain the person who bring about English language then we go to the person who define/ bring about noun and write stories before answer the when the maker see this he wil just cross it cos he know what a noun is and a definition those not contain stories.

  8. bros ANAS ABBAS u dey think sey i don get my result, see make i tell you these i have never check my result but i know say God is by my side.see u don they cause me say i wiil not pass abi. i no thjey talk ok……….?.see if u are by God’s side and what you do is sure . see bros i dey tell you pray to God and it will anwer you. make i tell you sebi na person whey de get A1 for everything you no think about DAT. no be say de do something Na be God whey help them U two if you do good and you do not rude to any body including the teachers I am assuring U that the go good. a bi U they rude?…. if not why are you saying what you are saying…… U don’t ave any business with the makers. just do you best and leave the rest for papa GOD he go do am………..OK?

  9. Wel. We don’t need 2 argue. What i knw is dat if God say yes, nobody can say no. Every thing is luck. Some ar api wit d result while some ar sad. All we av 2 do is 2 move closer 2 our creator instead of blaming any body

  10. Dear sir and madam what is all these about neco pls i plead in the name of God after been aware of miss scoring of script by the markers why still there is no change in the grades how can a complete centre fail all together.infact i will say this is twisted heart. You people find pleasure in it that while you keep failing will only keep the country in this same situation of which there is no solution presently.neco thanks 4 mass failure the country is at stake with this.

  11. please wats d meaning of all dis?does it mean dat d students are d root cause of all dis or d markers or d teachers,Neco u beta repent because if u die no body wil cry for u.pls great Nigeria students everybody should take heart,lets hope on God,Gods rime is d best.

  12. Hi encounter problem in checking my neco result June/July 2011! If i check the result, instead to display the result, it will complain that: ‘invalid candidate registration number no recod found’ Please help me, I need this rusult very urgent. These are my examinatio details: Candidate Name=Ogungbenro Azeez Isola School Name = Ofiki Grammar School Ofiki Centre Number=0250047 Examinatio Number 21597616FB I will be very glad if you respond very quickly. Waiting for your respond!

  13. May be just becaus most people are not pay for the NECO so that is the reason but me i have not check for my owne. And i belive that i will pass my owne. But neco u just want to use a student as ur customer.but GOD will not allow u.

  14. (ENI) Neco wen ure r purnishing d guilty ones, dont u know it’ll affect d innocent ones. Jus kno uve tarnished n still tarnishing d dreams n career of innocent ones. My advice 4 u frm now on is 2 screen d ans sheets thoroughly so as 2 b able 2 diff those who cheated frm those who didnt cheat. Also d level at which dey cheated shld b proportional 2 d level of purnishment given

  15. My name is Nkata Godwin Alex. Am a science student an i wrote all my science subjects complete. Hopefully waiting 4 my result 2 come i could’t find any of my sci. Sub. all is act sub. and all d subject cancelled and my name was spelled wrongly why after pending #600 in buying sratch card all. Am frustrated. pls Neco sent my real result 2 me b4 jamb form comes out if nt so anything u pple see u pple should take it so. Bcos i will neva 4give u pple at all. Am really disappointed in u pple una go die if una no sent my correct result wit my real name. I ‘m pleading now niaja hear me now b4 i do bad things. Am waiting o o o o.

  16. well so far abt dis NECO 2011 result, i’ll encourage our students to read their books becos i 92% of students run after what is not real, some yrs ago i encounter such during my o’level exam, pry sch teacher solves our question n sell d solutions to students n it spread rapidly, what is dat MASS FAILURE, during dis period i saw a solution dat has option E, meal while real dat yrs options is A to D, what is dat MASS FAILURE. On d issue of WAEC sec sch guide dear sch n prevent any trash frm unknown source.
    Students pls focus on hr studies n mind u 82% of ur income in future is urs b4 rememberin ur parents, guidians or what hv u?
    IM NOT A TEACHER NEITHER ACCADEMIC BOARE OFFICIAL, i’m still a student like u. All the best

  17. i wnt to see my result,i avnt set my eyez on it at all,pple ar cryin 4theirs but av nt seen my yet wen i check,i’ll shown “invalid candidate number,pls mummy&daddy in neco pls help m,bcos i workd &sweatd 4d money dat i use 2 register myself even when i dent av anyroof over myhead,pls mummy & daddy pls cn i just se it wit my i strongly believ dat i mak it cos i was prayin 4 a scholarship,the God that i serve never fails,merrychristmas & a blissful new year 2 all neco staffs&boards of directors,God bless u all,amen!!!!!

  18. pls our great mummy &daddy my name is Deborah Ezenwa,my examtype Nov-Dec, year 2010, my exam no 15107365ll,my center no 020201, my serial no 0101,pls my parent hw cn i see it,it hunt wen pple around see theirs but am nt allowd 2 see my.thak you so much once again God bless you all amen…….

  19. Neco should try and upgrade their stardand of making bcos their making schem is to hard,they should also try and be uploading their result faster than b4,to their gce since last year it has not been release u re disgrased to human rech,don’t u see waec gce as fast as it can is only ur own dat as dis problem do suntin fast ooooooo.

  20. I can now understand the reason for d mass failure in English the educational system is @ zero level because even teachers can’t speak or write good English and after reading most comments on this thread I wonder how this pple expect to pass english. So sorry for the future of Nigeria

  21. itz actully quite funni and obvious y ppl fail english and can evn b seen in some comments. well it waz the computer that marked our papers and the only problem would av been the recording. i actuali think they jst record the scores acordin 2 wat dey think some ppl even get results 4 papers dey didnt sit 4

  22. It is very sad to note the frivolous award of F9 in all the subjects I took in Nov/Dec. 2012 NECO Examination in which you scored me F9 in all the eight subjects I entered for including the ones I did not sit for, except Mathematics.My request is for NECO to remark my papers or it will be made to present them in the court within 14 days of this report.I will not only sue the body for what I described as a serious anomaly and abuse of examination process but demand for compensation if the results are not re-visited. My center 0040013 and registration No. 16003813GJ, while the serial No is 008.