Nigeria Is In A Mess With Jonathan As President – Opposition

Following the President’s chat on Monday, opposition parties say the President lacks a clear understanding of the problems besieging the nation. The opposition parties namely ACN and CPC on Tuesday reacted to the President’s comments on media chat.

The ACN, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said the President’s responses to questions were “patently superficial.” Faulting the President’s stance on the single term proposal and his insistence on carrying on with the proposal despite the fact that it is “ill-advised” and also faulted him on his comments on the crisis in Plateau State and the National Sovereign Conference.

The opposition party stated, “When the President of a nation talks, citizens must take something concrete away from it. Sadly, that cannot be said of our President’s maiden chat on Monday.”

About the President’s comments on the single tenure proposal the ACN President said, “Saying he (Goodluck) has no regret and indicating he will push forward with the ill-advised single-tenure proposal, even at the expense of more pressing national problems of insecurity and lack of economic development, shows he is not in tune with the same people who voted him into office.

“Failing to tell Nigerians how his administration will ameliorate the serious problems of infrastructural decay is a blunder. Missing the opportunity to comment on the fate of Nigerians who are being arrested, detained and killed in Libya by the transitional authorities which his administration has recognised is a serious error of judgment.”

He also said the President failed “to exhibit an understanding of the issues at stake or proffer any innovative solution. In his words “The platitudes about one group not having the right to kill the other or that enforcing the law doesn’t bring the peace in any place until the people themselves agree to have peace are not what Nigerians in general, and the people of Jos in particular, want to hear.”

The opposition party explained that the President should have told Nigerians, how he would stop the “mindless killings” and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The CPC said the outcome of the President chat had shown that Nigeria would be in trouble for the next four years. The party described the chat as an embarrassment to Nigeria and its citizens, saying the President failed to address issues affecting the people.

Fashakin said, “Nigerians would have thought that their President would speak on how to solve the security challenges facing the nation. “They would have thought that he would also address the Jos crisis as a statesman. They would have thought that he would discuss how to address the decay in infrastructure in the country. But alas, what did they hear?

“Nothing, except to listen to a man who was busy rabble-rousing. He did not address any simple issue during the interview. The country is in a mess with Jonathan as President.”

According to him the claim by the National Security Adviser, Gen. Owoye Azazi(retd.) that the security operatives in the country did not prepare for bombings should have moved the President to fire him.

“But because we have an inept leader, that is why he is still sitting there claiming to coordinating the security system of the country,” he added.


  1. The president talked nonsense because he is not the President u voted for, but those of us that voted for him and unfortunately for u we are in the majority; he addressed the issues well. I suggest that u wait for the next 4 years, if u are lucky the person u will vote for will win, then he will address the questions to Nigerian problems the way u will like. For now please be a good loser and contribute ur quota so that ur President will still have a country to govern when he eventually wins in 2015.

  2. I’m in lack for the right words to these so called elder statesmen.
    You dont need me to tell you the common ethics of criticism.Its obvious you have never wanted the government to work,if not you will not sit in dark corners to wait for mistakes by the govt.Instead,u will rise to the occassion of contributing.”He who’s faithful in little,will be given more.Your parties didnt win,u cant contribute from the sides,all you want is for the person at the centre to fail.I’m ashamed of you all.mtchewww!

  3. The fear that Nigeria would divide has become imminent. Going by some peoples’ comments in some Nigeria’s media one would surely agree that the crumbling of this great nation is set on course. For long some people have complaint of marginalization in leadership of the country and now the country is under a ruleship of a southern minority president yet agitations for dividing Nigeria and annihilating one ethnic or religion echoing the air daily. Messages of hatred of one ethnic or religion have increased regardless to the historical excellence achieved in our endured unity. What happens now shows as if the country has never been one. Scorn and curse of our religions and ethnics. Quick and avid condemnation of ideal values enshrined in truth,integrity, patriotism and trustworthness. However, replaced them with barbaric attitudes injected in us by some evil-born elements whose personal interests supersede that of their nation.