Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) Admission List 2011/2012 Out

Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) has released its 2011/2012 admission list.
Students who applied for admission into UNIZIK and sat for its Post UTME examinations can now proceed to check their admission status on the UNIZIK website by using this link: http://my.unizik.edu.ng/admissions/add_m_ur_ind.php
After visiting the UNIZIK admission status portal, you will have to enter your JAMB registration number.


  • This result they are talking about is it 1st batch or final because av chekd tru jamb and i was told dat av not been oferd admision yet.i also chekd tru unizik but d site is stil procesing.wearas sum people hav goten theirs tru jamb site.pls i need sum gud explanations

  • Tryd chekn stil in proces @ chekyn are u serious if thats true then i think thatz unizik’s way of selectin students they ofad admsion

  • Mine is stil sayin proces God a need ur help dis is period of FORWARD EVER. @Peterboy no 1 can tell any thing can hapen lets be prayerful…._….


  • Me 2 i want any dptmt @Peter boy abeg check dis 15189804ce in only (my.unizik.edu.ng/admisnstatus/undergradregular) den put reg.

  • Baba God too much! I just checked mine via unizik site and I was admitted. Wish u guys goodluck…don’t panic, d God Dat did it 4 me will do d same fin 4 u guys

  • Magnamity she was admited ,they gave her banking and finance.i thank God for her.God pls do d same 4 me and others. Magnamity wats ur result and reg

  • @kingsly pray 2 God almighty who knos evri tin. @Slimzy yes admisn list is out pray like me. @Chioma na so God did 2me. @Peterboy i finaly see mi own in PubAdmin i scored 288jamb nd 54pume i wish u all admsn dis yr.

  • Help me thank GOD guys i got it. I wish all dose who ar yet t see theirs t excercise patience GOD willing dey will grab it. U can reach me on 08163248950 t celebrate wit me if u wish.GOD bless u all.

  • Hi guys,gudmrn,jst chkd mine buh they said stil in process,God pls,even if its statistics,am ok wit it,dnt wana stay at hme 4 ds yr 2 end

  • K.mag,thanks once more ,well uv sounded nice as a gud frnd,hope to hear frm u sumwhea-sumhow,ar u on 2go,facebuk,u can find me on 2go wit ifypeterboy or use my numbr to add me 07037735421.hpe to hea frm u

  • Poor silly, sick school. Always keeping prospective prospective students in de dark.
    Y not jst say admitted or not admitted. Mstcheww

  • Guys,i was oferd pharmacy.am so apy,chekd mine on saturday.pls,who knws d deadline 4 aceptnc fee?4 dose who didnt make it,merit list’s out,d nxt 1 is jst by runs.so wake up

  • Pls i want 2 notify dose pple dat havnt seen theirs 2 buy the fuoye ekiti form .its aplicable for both dat didnt put dem in jamb,as long as u made up to 200 and above,.we hav not givin up hope 4 unizik but we jst want to hav difrent baskets 4 sum eggs..chek http://www.fuoye.edu.ng.wish u guys d best of best

  • The God that heard the cry of the isrealite shall see us through.. This year we shall sing our songs and dance our dance with our admission granted dont loose hope. Time is not his problem. He is the God of last minute.. Just live it for God dont worry anymore.. Peace..

  • Plz wu knos requaments 4 de o4is o4 de REGISTRA. I need more in4omations. Hbp will not kill any perzn in Jesus name.”””——______.

  • i scord 246 in jamb nd 58 in postume nd i checkd tru jamb sites nd dey admision nt givn yet my couse is earlychildhod educatn i dnt knw wat t do

  • pls fellows i’ve been checking ma admissn but its been telling me still in progress.pls d skul authority shud help me kos i did well.my jamb score is 265 nd my putme is 54

  • Pls i’ve been checking my result and it is still being processed why?Hope if i get to the school and check the notice board the list of student dat will be admitted would be shown there?

  • Pls my gud friends,wen will unizik release d 2nd list of d admitted students. Apply admission in d new federal university ndufu alike ebonyi state nd admission will b urs

  • If u hav 150 in Jamb u may be qualify 2 take dere PUME but i had 1 girl saying dat de 4orm is out last 2days ago i got dis im4 near NIPOST Onitsha. (NDUFU ALIKE EBONYI)

  • Pls any news on acceptnc fee nd clearanc.i read 4rm weekly news dat d clearance started on d 30th dats ystday.hu knws if its true.

  • Pls 4 those of u dat hav bin admitd includin magna,chioma & co its gona b very shamful if u misd dis admsn just bcos u neva new wen clearans started & ended,so wot am sayin is dis if its gona tak slypin in d skul premisis 4 days to kn wea and wen to make d clearanc u guys shuld do so.i beg una well well.i will make contacts about it,& if given any useful info i wil let u guys no.thanks

  • I was admited in mathematics. Anybody in this department call me or follow me on 2go. 07032780774 or phazos. It is well.

  • @Onyek som1 said dat dey may be givin admsn ontil a4ta 1st smsta. He said dat dey did it som pas yrs so u gas 2 be prayerful if u here by runs put body no wait any body.

  • We can’t understand u wel plz can u repeat cleary. Want more im4 about acptns fee i dey colo about all dis perzn don kpeme.

  • Unizik wil nt av enifn kald suplmtry kos doze dat aplid 4dia skul ar meni so dy dnt nid pipl bt rada pipl nid dm. So jst pray hada n wet 4d 2nd btch dat shud be out on 18th October.

  • YoutVilage de requirmens dey nid dey skata mi brain kos is a gud place i wil submit mine on thursday @chiamaka can u giv me ur number b/c am gona be dey.

  • Pls,CHIOMA AND CHIAMAKA. JST pray 4me 4my name 2b amng d 2nd btch. I wish 2mit u pipl in skul jst help me pray. Chiamaka,hw much is d houz u saw at youthvill. My sista purchsd d c.e.p frm and wil liv in skul,so pls chek weda dr is stil vacnt dr. Chy,hw is d houz? Is it self con? Is it bg? Jst help me. And pls kindly snd me ur ns so dat i’ll kal u.rada dan txtn. Pls my dr.

  • I was so lucky gals lourge was fild bt sum1 lft 2 ghana so i was givn d space.50k ,4 2pple.try lukin 4 aus in permsite

  • plz those of u.dat are stil waitin 4 second baj. And u no dat u are 4 economics and pol.science shuld drop u jamb and post ume score hia as well as ur jamb reg.if u lyk but if don,t lyk, ignore massege. It z 4 ur own benefit.4 more info. Cal 08061516985 or u meet me on 2g6 wit d no.God bless u all.

  • Congratulations to every1 of u that has been giving admission into Unizik,i pray that my name comes out in d second list…d GOD dat did it for my friends wil do it for all of us still hoping for admission.AMEN

  • De place is 50ton @ ythvilaj 2pers in 1rum kos is 2big enough. @chiamaka r u hiding ur self giv us ur no 4 more im4o plz.


  • @Magnanimity does it have a kitchen? Pls I seriously need a room. Tell me d requirements too. @Onyeka, sorry I didn’t go again 2day buh I will b in Awka 2morrow

  • @ada,u said u put early child hood education and u scored high,yet no admisn,try and use unizik website.jamb website is fake.becos am a 3oo level student in education so ur name should b out by now.check it nw and go and pay ur acceptance fee or u send me ur reg no.ma 2go name is jullyjohnson.gudluck

  • @chioma yes it has kshn each floor has 2 big kshn 4every 1 in dat floor i hav completed my requirmens include(HIV AND TB TEST, LETA 4RM UR CHURCH, other 1s is personal terms. Chioma dis r im4o 4 yutvilaj.

  • VISA LOTERY ONLINE is available 4 hu wana pushas dat @chioma r u interested on it, Is by luk. I no dey stay 1plas am a deal breaker LAST OPORTUNITI is life stil goes on.

  • If u re lookin 4 a house be very careful n make enquiry about de area first. Al those praying 4 admision God wil do it 4 u bt pls don’t be a hit n run, i mean nt when God gives u admision when u enter skul u 4get Him. Giv ur life 2 Him first n seek His kindom bc He is about 2 cause admissiom explossion in dis forum. U re blest. 2go name PHAZOS. Mathematics department.

  • UNIPORT nid evri student who scored 180 in jamb weda u put de skul or not u r invited 4 PUTME 4 dos dat r interested shud huri nau 2 UNIPORT 4 PUTME 4om is highly sensitive 4 cleva 1s.

  • @chioma how 4a wit da way hav u fil d 4m i had sealed my impact 2day, dey said dat we gatz 2 cum wit our props on 15th oct. Yam me ur own. @Peterboy rush nau 2 any cafe nd fil it wit 2by2 size VISA lotery pasport, i did my own ystday nd dey giv me print out TIME NO DEY WAIT 4 MEN.

  • Beni pls help me to check mine.My reg no 15365008FF. I pray and have the faith dat dis 2nd batch will not pass me by.{AMEN}

  • If u have any problem in ur admission,house result,and many others call me On 07061063747 do not flash but u can send and sms am a nysc menber dept of modern languages u can add me on ur 2go also may god bless you in jesus name

  • According to new developments, unizik 2nd list ‘ll be out before de 18th..
    Infact u shld be expecting de list between tomorrow nd next, cos uploading is in progress now..
    Good luck everyone including myself.. Hope to meet everyone in dis forum in skul.. ‘Cescfrank’ incase u wann add me.

  • @kelly its nt 82,420k rada 72,420k.dts for medical and health science.So PLZ try n get u facts straight wen nxt u wanna post such.It seems there wud be a slash in d sch fees and we wont be payin dat again according to wht i heard.I PRAY ITS TRUE.

  • I went 2 d cash office n dey showd me d list 4 natural science 72420 +10000 accreditation i.e 82420 both wit acceptance fee. Although yesterday i heard deir wil b no increment. So Chioma i definitely knw wat am sayin.

  • @peterboy. Uploading was halted after de 1st batch was out..
    De module is out of reach cos of de uploading..
    Am very sure of wat am saying..
    Check ur status dis nite.
    Good luck..

  • 2morrow 11october there will be skul senate meeting with the v.c and all the corpers working with the h.o.d are to be there the meeting is to finaliz the adimission and skul issues so u can cal me in the afternoon for more detail am corper boumbi of dept of modern languages cal me on 0706106374 remember the skul fees have never change if u need suplementary stuf,cal me also for ur help thanks may god bless u amen

  • @kels.am nt tryn 2 bring u down or wish u bad luck,bt it’s highly impossible 2 get adm wit ur score(datz 46)u av 2 score atleast 50 2 av any chance 4 adm cos i score almost d same last yr n even wit runs my name didn’t cum out.all odas hopin 4 adm.letz kp d faith up n if ur name is out by nw i wld advice u seek solutn as in RUNS cos i heard dat 2nd list wld b d final list.

  • some one help me am totally lost. No admission yet no accomodation nutin! Wat will i do if i get the admission leta. Which i knw i will get by the grace of God amen. Mr and miss populars peter and oyeaka wit chioma and chiamaka pray 4 me.

  • Gud morning Copper,pls..my friend received sms from unizikabmin(not admin) dat her name has been shortlisted for admission in2 d university but her admission status is still admission process in progress..do u think d sms is for real asin,is there anything like unizik abmin n if yes,do they send sms?pls reply cos my friend is curious.

  • My dear adaobi there is nothing here as abmi,they can never send sms.so beware of 419 thanks am corper boumbi from unizik let him that say otherwise should confirm it do u no hw many students are seeking 4 admision? More dan 8000 are we going 2send sms to 8000 people?lies

  • @corper pls am nt a science studen so hw can u help me. I added u last nyt on 2go but u havent accerted yet. But by the grace of God we shall make it.

  • Beware of fraudsters.corper woteva doesnt av any say in admision maters.only profesors nd top lecturers can hlp u dats evn unda probability

  • Chiamaka u must be an illetrate and a fool, am not giving admission.but i will tel u what to do. Am there.am not taking money u go come and 2of us will do it a day with my influence as a nysc corper member.so don’t be stupid.if even u need the apiam way come 2of us will do it am there with the H.O.D so come and we will go work ur admission thanks but remenber a philosopher say(he who risk notin,achieve notin,do notin,and must be notin)thanks

  • Am nt here 2 xchang words cos i bliev mpty vesels make d most noise.i advise u find sth beta 2 do instead of tryin 2 xploit inocent jambites.i mite b stupid tnks 4 dat.iv gotn admision nd i knw many pple dat av falen in2 d hands of fraudsters.

  • Dear chiamaka,pls sorry am so sorry but am not dat type.i want u to no dat as far we follow 4 de skul senate meeting,it mean dat we can also help sorry am not dat type u can confirm me on 2go with my numba 07061063747 or facebook with boumbi prospere thank once again sorry

  • Magna,chiamaka and chioma ,hw far hav u guys gone wit ur e-clearance ,i kn won hea story o..by d way magna hw much did dey charge u 4 d visa stuff

  • If there is any one i gave bad advice pls post it on this page and may god punish me and if no one others call me for more and latest infos at 07061063747 am corper boumbi dept of modern and europeen languages unizik as nysc member may god help u and me in our education in jesus name amen

  • Please am beggin in the name of God i av no oda alternative , i hav checkd d site and its sayin admission in progress am reallyd frurstrated and i put in 4 chemical engineerin nd i dont knoe d cut off mark 4 d cus anybody with a solution can reach me on 07035796257 and i heard the second list is strictly 4 runs ,whatz the tendency of them givin me anoda cus ..magnanimity

  • I got 64 ptume nd 210 in jamb.am 4rm anambra,i optd 4 mascum.cn d give me anoda course in dis 2nd list?any reasonable info,u cn reach me wit dz digits 08130321719.tnx a lot.

  • To uju and miracle be of good Maners if u need information u have to Make the cal bcos u Need dat and unizik can never give u anoda course u have to look 4someone in the campus dat work with them and the no him and beg and apply for suplementry am corper boumbi 07061063747 u can cal for more infos and help

  • Hahahaha!!nice 1 @uju.e b like say na runs Corper boumbi cum do 4 here.abeg no dey paste ur number 4 here cos no 1 needs it.we resemble mugu 4 ur eye??pls guys lets jst pray n wait 4 d 2nd list 2 cum out.don’t use cos of inpatiencd n fall in d hands of frauster like corper bombom!!!GOD wld hear us.

  • pls i cnt access the unizik website nd up til nw i dnt knw my admisn status nd wat 2 do..pls fellas help me check my status..my reg num is 15012040ba….my num 07037635736…..nd my 2go usaname is buddy588…one luv!!

  • @buddy u ve been admited.Name Chukwuemeka Samuel.State Ebonyi.Jamb Score:254. Putme Score:68.Course:Economics.CONGRATULATION.GOD has done it 4u.

  • @buddy am no longa a jambite.I was admittd too.To GOD be d glory.U ve to go 2any of d bank in sch to pay ur acceptance fee.All d best buddy

  • 4 doz of u who chose pharmacy and r yet 2b see their admision confirmation(stil in process). u r free 2ring me up if there is any devlopment.08062487688. pharmacy 4life !

  • uju is jeff d guy dat called u last nit. beliv me no shakn.but pls,grab what they ofa u now.is beta 2wast 1hol year at hom.u can stil stay in 100 level 2rit anoda jamb 2study d cos of ur chois.do u grab or r u not tird of sein d sam old faces at hom evryday.

  • 4 doz of u who hz ben ofad admison but r lukn 4 acomodation,date of e-clerans etc,all of u are 10 x 10s crazy more dan a mad man. if jeff were u all,i wud hv pack all my belongis 2unizik.when get ther,acomodation,e-clearrance etc,wudl provid itselt. do u grab !!

  • Hi,really love wat u guyz are doing here.I applied 4 food science technology under d faculty of agric yet their admission list av nt been released,plz who has any info when it will be released to plz tell me.tanx and remain blessed.

  • @uju and Her friends am 23 years am a nysc memba in unizik dept of modern and europeen languages i was there at the skul senate last wednessday as my h.o.d secretary you guys said am doing runs and i have never ask someone for one naira if yes mention it on dis page ur problems is u no want hear the truth unizik is not what u think but what the do.am ok with my federal allawee from fed gorv and the skul .some people are happy of me i have help them check de list if their name is already there.free they just said thank u and am ok with dat am not doing runs but am helping bcos of my faith once again my number is 07061063747

  • @ corper, do u mean dat u do chek names on d 2nd list dat ar yet to be published? Nd wen actualy ar we xpectn d almighty list?

  • I ‘ll creat de page myself
    give me some munites

    or better still add me on facebook so i can send u an invitation to de link.. Cescfrank chimezie Nwafor

  • @ Apostle ck. Thanks those who no no what de want say am fake but no one can post here dat i ask him or her money am not here for dat they cannot pay me i have mor dan dat 4 their informations i did my first and 2nd year in toulouse(france)so am just helping but let dem no dat it is him dat finded who will see so if they want to enter skul,work 4 it am here 4 u if u need my advices as a corper here

  • 4 dos of u dat r interested in d skulfees, d deputy vc came 2 my church n was askd abt d it. He said dat d fee is stil dsame no increment.d only increment is 10000 4 accreditation n wil b paid by al wheder new or old

  • hi every1 i lky d gud work going on here, wrote dis year postume nd ma statue is saying admission in progress, nd i want 2 knw if d second list is out

  • Thanks Corper Boumbi, I realy do appreciate ur good work but pls. try to understand Uju and co. dey ar making does statements because of the level of scam going on . Bad ppl. has made it soo difficult for us to acknowledge good ppl. like u. But please my big bros., apostle ck asked an important question I don’t know if u can answer it.

  • Corper u b complete scamer wit higher rank..d question wey apostle dey ask u since,y u neva fit ansa ram.u dey tak say u dey close to skul admin office and u dont kn any atom of idea concerning wen d 2nd batch dat u ar claimin to help people wuld come out.mak una wise o.if na true say corpa na beta pesn e4 kn wen 2nd batch wuld b out and tell u peole who ar intrsted to time up.

  • @apostle c.k. Yea i can do it and am use to do it.by the help of the corpers there it is 2different block but i did it 4 others ok.the reason i no want to answer since is bcos the skul staff members will see it and no what am doing

  • About the date of sec list it is a very long story but u guys outside there believe dat it is just take pen and do it 1 dat sec list is under probability 2 many body works on dat 3 acording to the v.c it must be ready bfore novemba 4 acording to Mr okeke the registrar it will be ok before de date line given by the v.c 5 and from outsiders spaculation about 18.yea the admir deputy say dat 18,19,or 20 but he said that day that only if it will be ok by Mr okeke. Thanks

  • @my guy peter boy, abeg mak u no dey vex lyk dat cos i beliv dat God dey ok, just relax ur body nd soul cos nofin dey hapen atall. ENJOY MY GUY!!!

  • @corper,weldone! pls help me nd chek mine out 2day. am ABONYI KINGSLEY CHIDUBEM, am 4 pol sc nd my reg numba is 16138936GD, my aggregate is 252. Am waitn to hear bak from u soon. ENJOY!!!

  • Am adrian.mine adm status is still in progress but something tells me dat by 2moro i will be smiling.guys all u need do is have faith in God.runs can fail,u can get 270 in jamb and still wont get adm.is what u blv uu have u will have.i put educational magement and policy.am sure i will be back her 2 take numbers i will call and see in skul and pls stop using abusive words on corper,he just trying 2 help,atleast he said he will show u guys 2 de HOD.it is said when u respect a king,kingship will reach u.gudluck all and one love


  • You guys are making me seek, there is nothing like cut off mark in unizik, what they do is,for example assume there were 5000 candidate that sat for economics, and they want to admitt 25 student in the first batch, they will start from highest score in jamb and putme, until they got upto 25 student, and again my girl friend, her name came out in the first batch in statistics she scored 200 and 50 but because they were few candidate that sat for statistics, so stop saying that you score this or that and yet admission is in progress, what you need now is check how many student that sat for your department and their jamb score and pume because am the awesome guy, if you have any question just drop it

  • I had 221 in jamb nd 58 in pume,i filled in microbiology but put my second choice of course is food science and technology,any hope?

  • @Awesome…….I lyk ur dropins pahap u mek mani sens som dn’t kn wen gud or bad stuf wil hapn but Corper is lyk a neutra man is here 2 help doz dat mised d laz chance bsyd he is not a God. Plz u ppl shud alau his magnanimouse @Apos-CK trust almighty 1 God he can du any thin.

  • @hapines, am not the one to tell you if you can be admitted or not, just calculate how many no of student that sat for your department, and their pume and jamb scores and kown your faith, but just pray your name might come out in second list, as for 2nd list it will be out by end of october or first or second week of novermber, as i said early, they have started doing the mathematics for each department, starting for were they stop, from highest score to the number of names they want in each department, but some people might be luck to see their name in another department,
    @hapines , i know i dont have the power to tell you which course you should have choosen but if i were you i would go for geology or statistics is a nice courses because there are leser candidate, my cousin got admitted with 225 in jamb and 52 putme

  • @hapines, am not the one to tell you if you can be admitted or not, just calculate how many no of student that sat for your department, and their pume and jamb scores and kown your faith, but just pray your name might come out in second list, as for 2nd list it will be out by end of october or first or second week of novermber, as i said early, they have started doing the mathematics for each department, starting for were they stop, from highest score to the number of names they want in each department, but some people might be luck to see their name in another department,
    @hapines , i know i dont have the power to tell you which course you should have choosen but if i were you i would go for geology or statistics is a nice courses because there are leser candidate, my cousin got admitted with 221 in jamb and 52 putme

  • @hapines, am not the one to tell you if you can be admitted or not, just calculate how many no of student that sat for your department, and their pume and jamb scores and kown your faith, but just pray your name might come out in second list, as for 2nd list it will be out by end of october or first or second week of novermber, as i said early, they have started doing the mathematics for each department, starting for were they stop, from highest score to the number of names they want in each department, but some people might be luck to see their name in another department,hapines , i know i dont have the power to tell you which course you should have choosen but if i were you i would go for geology or statistics is a nice courses because there are leser candidate, my cousin got admitted with 221 in jamb and 52 putme

  • @magnanimity, apostle dey hail sir! my guy is not dat am over anxious but i just want him to chek it 4 me since he said he can. 10ks shaa nd i knw say God dey. ENJOY!!

  • Awesome my broda,abeg no vex.hw am i goin 2 knw dat d numba od ppl dat wants 2 study mascum z enuf.coz,i optd 4 mascum,nd i got 210 in jamb nd 64 in putme,4rm anambra.cn d give me anoda course or d same mascum?

  • @ Corper, please my dear, did I hear u say dat d VC list will b coming up on January? My result was submitted to d VC so am curious to know if that is actually true.

  • @uju, ok just go to http://www.jamb.org.ng and click check statistic and then put unizik, then you will see the total number of candidate that chose unizik as first choice for mass com, am with the list, what i saw is 5,403 candidate but you know maybe 500 didn’t reach the unizik putme cutoff mark for social science which is minimum of 200 in jamb, so it may be 4500 candidate

  • hey,mawning y’all. You guyz are doing a great job here. I and my sibling still hoping and praying that we get admitted cuz ow admission status still say ‘still in progress’ God help us.

  • @UJU pray hader in unizik each dptmt can’t b neglet radar more pa4mans cos no 1 can juj kip on seekin 4 ambition-destiny. I pray dat God him sef wil giv u admsn dis yr. U did wel as wel trus Almighty 1.

  • @chioma….d requirements 4 d physical registration includes..ur o level result computer printout,ur jamb nd pume results,ur admission status printout,ur e clearance printout,8 passport photographs,birth certificate..

  • Pls i’ve chekd mine n dey said itz stil bin processd. Dnt knw if dey’r tru wif 1st batch, if yes, den wen is 2nd batch cmin out?tnx

  • No time left evri 1 gatz 2 be veri kful dis iz an injury time. If u lyk u hear if u kn lyk na u sabi. On mondi u r ezpekted 2 check on skuul abaut d sec baj. Don’t stay 1 kona askin 1tin n d oda if u r seriouse.

  • everybody is saying dat there own is saying stil in progres bt my own is different ,cuz it is showing me pending. Pls i nid your help pls

  • i put electronics/computer engr 4 first choice and civil engr 4 second choice. Pls am dying in patience. Nid ur helps ooo,

  • Almighty God,creator of heaven n earth d evaslastn livin God,pls hear d prayas of we yo children n grant us admisn so dat at d end of everyfin,we wil v d guts 2 bles yo name 4 yo mighty works in our lives….Amen.

  • @mag.guy pls eeh! Is it d original jamb print out d required?4 d e-clearance print out,as l printed it out,most of my informatn were cut.wot culd be reason my guy abeg.is it 4rm d site or d printer which l used

  • @Prinz som1 had tot abat d prob b4 if u get de plas again tel d pezn nchaj 2 deduct or reduce d im4o 2 A4 size or Fulscap sheet. REQMNZ-Orig jama slip, jamb resut, Putme resut, E-Elec print out, Birt cert or Baptz cad.

  • No other list dat is what the v.c said on thursday.as from now,he is the only pers dat can say sometin.if you need his(v.c)number,cal me on 07061063747 or add me on ur 2go with my number and i wil give u his number thanks and goodluck

  • Abeg corper bumbi or wat ever ur name is.pls stop post here again infact as 4rm nw on u r barrd 4rm port here.am bn followin all ur post n none of dem makes sense.u r jst d destroyer sayn wat u doin knw.which 1 b dat der’s no list again says d V.C!!whr u get dat mumu talk 4rm.abeg we don’t need ur help again plsssss stop postn anytin info here.

  • @corper, weldone sir! we ar confused with dis ur latin language. pls do u mean dat d vc is saying dat there will be nofin again lyk 2nd list? Abeg clear us ok.

  • pls some 1 should assist me in checking my admission status.with my reg no.16140554fj. I can’t check it with out the aid of google.thank you!!

  • U outside u don’t understand what is happening here.the v.c said until futher notice,no admis.dat the registrar mr okeke should stop and close the webside.until…;so dan for u chalenging me,u have to pray i have the v.c numba if u want to confirn from him.so don’t be an idiot to chalenge me am working with dem

  • @ corper boumbi.Nw i knw dat u r a big fool n a scam.stop dos ur mumu lies.no b only u knw V.C av got sum1 vry close 2 him n he said notin of such.n nw u r telln us 2 call u so u can giv us V.C number 4 wat?so u go find who u go work ur charm on.if it’s true u av V.C numb paste it here nt nt say we shld call.plss corper wateva.go spread ur scam sumwhr else.u dey fuck up oo dude,BIG TIME!!

  • Wat de copper is saying is de truth..
    I jst confirmed frm a lecturer.
    It’s second choice now or poly..

    Let’s move ahead, it’s not de end of de world.. Shit happens!

  • Stop calling him names cos he said de truth..
    But i still urge u to keep faith nd never loose hope cos God does de impossible


  • You guys should take it easy, nothing on earth can stop unizik from release supplementry list, i advice you guy dont call anybody, if they have info let them paste it here for you guys to see, not to telling you guys to call for details, please guys also be carefull scammers are everywhere, i will go and verify for you guys and come back here and post it

  • Since dz corp memba has bin talkin hia,he has bin spellin out doom….lyk i said earlier corper,u r of no use 2 us,whr r d propa advicers!gosh!u r so annoyin.

  • @corper, i advice u to witdraw d rate u use to giv us info concernin dis list. If u get or receive any negativ info,just keep it to urself unlessom1 called u to giv d latest info but if recv any postiv info dat u knw dat wil yield fruit or help d aspirant, post it here so dat pple wil stop layin all dis abusiv words on u cos i hate all dis abusiv words dat 98 percent of dem ar usig on u so tak note.

  • Pls guys.i wld advice y’all nt 2 waste ur time n call any1 here cos r all d same.SCAMMERS!!if they truely want 2 help n got useful n latest info they shld jst paste it here dat lookn 4 way 2 scam pple.well,d latest i knw of is dat d list is ready bt nt out yet.datz wat d man helpin me wit my adm said.so letz jst wait n pray.bt as 4 d 2nd list,it’s definately goin 2 cum out.cos unizik can’t jst releast only 1 list.datz wat d man said.

  • Me i dn’t ndaztand wat d critisizm nd violenz spikin al abat, plz @Raw-Postaz stop turnin dis gaiz upzad down. If i hear dip-shit again i wil say tu boyz 2go 2 HELL WIT URS DAWMZ. @Prinz i had accmdated my sef offkam.

  • @Prinz can u du d deal coz iz a hard-deal @ yutvillaj no viztor iz alow 2 visit u dia infat if u rech dia dey wil show u dia rulz nd regula. Is hard enough if u want more im4 scrol up u wil see chioma no. Den cal ha bcoz i tod ha abat dia nd she went dia nd said dat she cant aford dia rulz.

  • @corper,stp sayin wat u knw nothin abt. Who told u dat there wil b no 2nd lists? Stp deceivin pple cos God go punish u one day. Dnt u knw u r tramplin on pple’s emotions. We no longer need ur post, jst b keepin dat 2ur slf. To al my gud frnds, d 2nd list wil soon b out. Al we need is prayer nd patience. I pray dat u al wil stil come bk here 2testify. ITS WEL

  • A big AMEN 2 dat kene…..bt hei guys,u all shud take it easy on copper,every1 is entitled to his or her own opinion.copper is now a graduate n there is no how we expect him 2 feel d way we aspirants are feeling right now..d tin is…claim d gud tins he has said n throw d badnews to trash.

  • Yez Ada u r right but d so caled boumbi or wat eva is taminatin d gudluck of pples here. He sound lyk a falsify nd he had been bared 2 post here.

  • GREAT ZIKITEZZ !!!!, heard dat d 2nd list would be out dis week.No cause 4 alarm coz itz well

  • Hahahahaha fire on the mountain in this tread. When problems/crisis like this come, those who re in CHRIST will break2ru will others will breakdown

  • Lord u answrd Elijah by fire,answr us by givn us admision at least ds week,2ease d tension in our hrts. U r a miracle workn God nd we blv u hv done it, in jesus name we pray… Amen!

  • The suplementary form is out and available people are rushing it.so to multiply ur chances,rush now and get u a place into anoda dept and course thanks 4 more infos about it cal 07061063747 just pray god can do sometin 4 u.pray let him touch the v.c mind

  • @onyeka yes u can get anoda with 219 but 4my help i wish to help but am sick am in onitsha in hospital 4over4days now.it is de h.o.d am serving who came 2 de hospital and ask me to give him the name of my 2sista dat he want 2 do suplementary for dem dat is hw i no dat it is available and i call de regitrar ofice de confirm it.

  • @all, i warned you guys to say away from that corper, he is a big scam, listen how can only registar be selling form, since i am a student in international study department i have not even for once heard that unizik selling supplementry form, @corper your are fool, how on earth can a h o d visit you in the hospital, you be vc or dean of faculty, guys i called these corper last night and where he was there was a big sound and also music was playing there, so dont fall for these common criminal, nothing like supplementary form, just pray and wait for second list

  • Me2,i’v nva heard anytn lyk supplementary 4unizik. All dz false information carriers shud stop posting here,stp confusing ppl. Copper plz plz nd plz,if u dnt knw wat 2post jst shut d hell up! I’m sick nd tired of dz ur informations dat r as fake as u! Gosh!

  • @awesome, 10ks 4 clearing us bcos wen i saw it yestaday, i was shocked nd was put in a state of quagmire. 10ks 4 d release.

  • @uju, you dont need to be in the state of pandemonium, how i wish we started these thread early before appling for jamb, two of my guys have been looking for admission in unizik for pass 3 years, i called them i adviced them to forget about unizik because they always have a big number of candidate but at the end they will admitted few, i told them to chose ansu because as a psychologist i know that for this year admission ansu will have a few candidate because of increment in school fee, they listened to my advice and choosed ansu both of them went for law and the first one scored 205 in jamb and 200 in putme and the second one scored 200 and 195 in putme and guess what there were to upto to 300 student that sat for law and both of them are now admitted in law department, so if anything unexpected happen to some of you but am not praying for that, i advice you to start a new thread early before applying for jamb next years for awesome advice, but i pray all of you will be admitted this year in jesus name i pray Amem, am the boy MR AWESOME THE PSYCHO

  • @uju, you dont need to be in the state of pandemonium, how i wish we started these thread early before appling for jamb, two of my guys have been looking for admission in unizik for pass 3 years, i called them i adviced them to stop chosing unizik that they usually have large number of student but at last they will admitt few, i adviced them to chose ansu because as a psychology i know that for this year admission ansu will have a few candidate because of increment in school fee, they listened to my advice and choose ansu both of them went for law and the first one scored 205 in jamb and 200 in putme and the second one scored 200 and 195 in putme and guess what there were to upto to 300 student that sat for law and both of them are now admitted in law department, so if anything unexpected happen to some of you but am not praying for that, i advice you to start a new thread early before applying for jamb next years for awesome advice, but i pray all of you will be admitted this year in jesus name i pray Amem, am the boy MR AWESOME THE PSYCHO

  • @awesome in fact you are the real awesome guy, keep it up, you should have study psychology, my friend also got admitted in ansu with 180 in jamb and 120 in pumte in engilsh, i respest you awesome your are the best psycho

  • Infact awesome i feel like commiting suicide, i wanted to choose ansu but i was decieved by my friend, and later run that my friend boughp change of course form because she couldn’t reach 200 in jamb and change to ansu, as i am telling these post the girl has been admitted in economic and here i am dying, please awesome help me

  • @awesome you have put tension on all of us, please moderator we dont need awesome post anymore, because as am writing now i am regrating the mistake i made early for not chosing ansu

  • @Awesome, its true. ANSU even permited those dat did nt put d skul at al 2 write postume wit d 2nd choice pple, Guess wat, i wnt 4 d exam nd as i’m writin dis nw, i hv been admited 2 study BCH wit postutme score of 216 after 3yrs of focing on unizik only. I really tank God 4 wipin away my tears. I even heard dat d skul fees hv been reduced

  • My own is dat am tired of Unistress..i kn i neva liked poly bt i did well in there postume so,if poly releases name nw which i kn my name wil b there..i will go immediately cos am fucking tired of unistress

  • @chidi thanks for your posting, you see for those of them that didnt chose ansu as their choice and scored 200 up in jamb and 200 up in putme all of them will be admitted just watch and see, if you have question just drop it here, awesome is here 24h to attend to it,AM MR AWESOME THE PSYCHO

  • If u need suplentary form,go to the registrar or rather,see people working with the registrar and ask dem.the h.o.d were am serving came and visited me in hospital and he told me. And i have called and confirm.go to the registrar ofice.i wil not say lie.bcos i no ask any1 to give me his or her money.go there and confirm.go there and after u go tel me what dey say.keep on trying

  • Plz some1 shd tell dis awesome or wat he calz himslf 2 stop postn hr 4 he is worse dan coper…y talk abt ansu at dis time…mind u i got admsn in ansu sec chus but ovr 150aspirant les dan 12 were admt u can confrm@www.ansu.edu.ng evn doz who scd high were nt admtd,sti intrsd in unizik my fst chus

  • Mr corper u r a big liar,i just kald d hod of english dept,he said dt diaz ntin lyk supplementary form,so whr r al dz ur lies cumin 4rm.guy u don pass bullshit o.nd my fellow aspirant,dnt listen 2 him,talk 2 God,he wil listen.i wish we al wil meet durin our matric.hv a nyc dae ahead!

  • Dawm it, @Cup or Copper wat eva u cal ur name chaze ur shado in dream 2 ur las lyf. @Prinz i went n mondi dey said thurzde i hard no choice.

  • Uju u r right,i also called ma aunty who is a staff in d skul 2 confirm for me cos i also wanted to go buy d form,she went n she was told dat there is nofin like supplimentary form….copper…. Y na?wat do u gain by hearing n giving us d wrong info,its nt good.oo

  • I hv been believing wot corper says not because am stupid but becus am desprate but know I am convinced dat he hv no good intension and looking for wo to dump.

  • Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Unizik

    On behalf of the V.C, the Registrar and the school admission board. We, THE PAGE ADMINS wish to plead with all the qualified unizik aspirants who ought to be in the supplementary list, to exercise more patience and bear with the school’s unusual delay. There is certainly no calls for alarm because admission, acceptance, registration and clearance …will continue until mauriculation day. So time is still yours. The information reaching us from our sources in the admission board suggests that there may be 3rd and 4th lists, which means that your admission status will only change whenever the list with your name on it is compiled. So my dearies, please quit complaining and keep on checking your admission status, untill the “ADMISSION PROCESS STILL IN PROGRESS” on your page turns into “ADMITTED” or “NOT ADMITTED”. Furthermore, we seriously want to sound a note of warning to those of you who think a mere student or a non staff can give you admission into NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY. Please desist/withdraw from such stupid transaction. It is pure fraud!!!!(419). Hope on GOD or better still study hard for next academic year. GOD BLESS


  • I hardly make coments hear ,i only make 4 reasons.but i dont kn if dat stupid coper abi na cobra and apostle ar workin hand in hand.even d way d corper talks on phone sounds lyk a foolis 419 .if u tink am lying call him on phone ,he must tell u dat he is either traveling to awka or traveling out of awka or sumwhere else .jst to make u beliv his a genuine busy guy.who dash am corper self.una 4 ask una self dis question IF I WAS A CORPER WILL I BE SEEKING FOR BIG JOB OPORTUINITIES OR WIL I BE COMUNICATING WIT JAMB BITES .abeg mak e no yan 4 dis forum again make i no injure am. U apostle u kn d trut but u dey do fyn face make corper 4 help giv u admisn.corper kn wea unizik gate dey.rubish.abeg my felow aspirants we stil hav fait but pls pls and pls wyle we ar waitin 4 unizik lets cary our buks and start reading.dan staying idol at home .at list all of us get subjects wey dey worry us and myt hav afectd our scores bot in jamb and pume…i am not am exception my own na maths dey giv me problm even since i was a child. so am workin on it now at home.anoda tin is dis unizik wea very unfair by takin us unaware to set curent afairs 4 us and non of us new it was goin 2 com out .at list frm dat past questns u wont see any atom of curent afairs.so y our turn?..imagine i was askd wen was nnamdi azikiwe born? And am just in my 20s..well gud luck 2 evry one bot d admitd and unadmitd.u want to b my frnd on 2go ?fil free to find me wit IFYPETERBOY .thanks

  • @peterboy, u ar getin it all by tryin to say dat am workn wit d guy pehaps i hav neva called him 4 admission help but i hav him as a friend on 2go so my guy APOSTLE is more dan wateva u ar suspectin he is. well i knw how u feel shaa pehaps evri oda person.But my guy, am a simple man nd dats just y i knw wana lay abusiv words on d guy although i knw dat d guy is remagromoging wish i hav givin him advice to desist from.well 10ks shaa my guy nd always be opmistic dat it mustbe well. I LOVE U!!!

  • @peterboy, u ar getin it all by tryin to say dat am workn wit d guy pehaps i hav neva called him 4 admission help but i hav him as a friend on 2go so my guy APOSTLE is more dan wateva u ar suspectin he is. well i knw how u feel shaa pehaps evri oda person.But my guy, am a simple man nd dats just y i knw wana lay abusiv words on d guy although i knw dat d guy is remagromoging wish i hav givin him

    advice to desist from.well 10ks shaa my guy nd always be opmistic dat it mustbe well. I LOVE U!!!

  • I wana kno if government in O’lev is it a compulsory in management sciense bc i wana sit 4 anoda jamb nex yr am tired of big cus. Any 1 can tel me d compulsery subjet

  • hello fwends!
    I got 219 in jamb and 44 in pume my 1st and 2nd choice are law but i changed my course to education on that day of pume. The big query now is
    can i still be admitted and when admitted can i change my course?

  • @Nuel.am sorry 2 say bt am nt sure u wld get adm wit dat ur score cos unizik made it clear u MOST av up 2 50 n above 2 even b considerd 4 admissn.so i suggest u start preparin 4 jamb or beta yet d diploma form is still on n am planin 2 get mine jst incase am unizik fuckup bt i av faith im God dat dis year won’t pass me by.advice 2 every1.letz start considerin diploma while waitn 4 d 2nd list jst incase cos 2 dey house 4 a year again.omo!!na die oooo!!

  • Listen my dr,diploma of atin is lyk pre sci.4 sc. St. Diplma is 4 arts studnt. If u shud purchs diplma frm dat mins dat u wil be ver veri veri serious wit ur studies. Kos veri few do get admisn tru diploma. Lyk pr.sci. U myt be 6500 2 aten pre.sc bt kud u bliv dat only 500 myt get admisn at last? Likewise diplma. As 4 me,purchs c.e.p frm also kald partime or wikend programe. Be doin it. Ur main lectres wil be on fri.and sat. Bt u kan liv in skul and b goin 2lectres wit studnt regular of ur dpartment. Bt is wil last 4six yrs bt just do it and wet til nxt yr jamb. Bt if it is sum1 dat wnt 2finish wit it,u wil get dsame cert.regular studnt get and wil go 4 yut serv.wch dy startd goin dis yr. U wil b gvn matric numb.wen u purchs it. Dats a litle i knw. If u av eni questn,u ask. I knt dciv u.

  • Diploma or no diploma jamb or no jamb prescience or no prescience .if u read well ,avoid and ignore distractions u will pass and get admision.jst do wetin cary u com skool and u wil get wot u want.NUEL if its diploma u want to do go dea and do it wit seriousnes .and d sky wil b ur limit.dose dat ar waitin 4 d next jamb stat 2day to prepare dont say next year i wil start readin becos u tink dea is tym kn.stat ur readin 2day burn candles and see wot wil hapn.lyk i always say i am not an xception am into reading now cos na maths put me 4 d one way i dey….dea is a law dat says. THE MORE U SAY I WILL DO IT,D MORE D CHANCES OF U NOT DOIN IT.So stat imediately u tought of it.thanks to u all.luv u all

  • owk; i’m really g8ful 4 ur concern.a big thanks to u all!!
    So wot steps do i ave to take first and wot and wot do i bear on mind? To avoid malicious mistakes and regrets?

  • Pls guys does it means unizik do not have any oda admission list? I don’t want 2 miss my friends Onyeka and Peterboy in sch. God pls change d hrt of our VC

  • Pls guys does it mean
    unizik do not have any oda admission list? I don’t want 2 miss my friends Onyeka and Peterboy in sch. God pls change d hrt of our VC

  • Am a woman now. But an old unizik graduate. So i did 1st class den.and unizik gave me direct employement so am a lecturer2.in faculty of social sc.so u can can cal me only 4 advices.but no help i said only advices as a parent and staff 08095457953 if u want to get de normal infos in skul fees,clearence,house,and admis,and many orthers.may god bless u.and do not loose ur courage my children

  • Guys please be carefull dont call anybody, there is no way a lectural can leave his or her work and come to this forum to post non sense, guys be carefull these is a scam, someone might be using two different user name to post here, am suspecting corper is up to something, dont even try to call anyone, 2nd list will be out by two weeks.

  • Unizik,i dnt rarely knw wat is wrong wit den,dey use to b fast in al tins dey do,bt very slow and sloggish nawaday,,4rm 18th of october to 15th of november,

  • Awesome, u r right!. I’m suspectin dis MRS EGBUNA 2 b CORPER, dat may b his female scammer. Guyz pls b vry careful nd dnt ever call any number. Hw can a lecturer leave her wrk 2come here 2 post? Lecturers r alwayz busy. Jst knw dat pple can even post here wit more dan one username. Guyz jst reason wit me.

  • Na real wa 4 di mumu corper oo.na forcd 2 dupe person again??na wa oo.corper boumbi or wateva.guy abeg!!
    Infact we no need ur advice again.we go find our way.pls don post anytin again u n dat ur so called mrs lecturer.ttttsheeeeew!!u look finish na here u won do 419.ya HEAD der!!!

  • THIS IS WAT I FOUND OUT ABOUT Corper boumbi prospere
    Boumbi Prospere
    If u need admission into unn,unizik,ansu,esut,futo,imsu,delsu,call thechristian NYSC corper asstiation (even without jamb)call the leader bro corper boumbi 07061063747

    U are taking ur waec,jamb,gce,neco.or u know someone dat will write it all the NYSC member in umuoji open a center for lessons for the exams from 1october from 3pm to 6pm in umuoji oposite ANYI O bus stop or call the corper cordinator 07061063747 if u are looking for admission into unizik,ansu,imsu,unn,futo.nekede,delsul,esut,delsu.call also dat number thanks.read luke6.38,prov27.11,mathew6.33,hosea4.6.amen
    source: Corper boumbi prospere on th facebook forum “Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Unizik:



  • @shone, yes your name should be in the 2nd list because your score are ok for the course,i think you guys are not even upto 300 that sat for the course, so dont panic

  • Awesome and chidi i thank God 4 una 2 well well becos is as if we three hav d same spirit .u guys just said xactly wot i had in mynd about cobra bunmi or corper wot eva… Lets ask our self again Y IS D WOMANS COMENT AND BUNMIS COMENT FOLOWING EACH ODA?.Dnt u tink dat corper transformd to a woman,and promotd him self frm a corper to a lecturer.nawao .corper i wish i culd stand wit u one on one .if i dont bit u up unda ten mins den sumtin must b wrong.see ur head lyk unizik-junction.

  • @shone, i dont work in admission office,am only a student like you, i have told you what i know, or do you want me to give you wrong date,after you will start abusing me if it falls to come out just cool down,everything will be fine.

  • Guys, these unizik admission is getting out of hand, my friend who finished pre degree, just called me now and told me that his name came out in the 2nd batch, am confused please has anyone yet comfired, awesome please is true

  • @all ..is there anybody dat applied 4 building here?pls need to ask u sumtin pls .is there anybody hia hu lives inside sukul hostel?,pls any ur help

  • 4 over 3 weeks now, i ve been checking my own all i c is admsion process is in progress pls check back, 4 how long? Pls d should come out plain an tel us if admited or not so we kwn wat 2 do.

  • If u dnt want 2 stay at home 4 anoda 1 year u beta go and buy d diploma form so u wont b at home wastin. Unizik is seelin d diploma form now.

  • Onye,i cant tell but more batches myt com up ,which myt b d vcis list.pls am not a lecturer 4 dose dat wil stat asking me dis and dat.

  • @Ify,hw did u chek ur own.pls tel me. Am wetin kos i wnt 2chek mine. And wch kos wer u gvn and ur scores. Do u wrk it wit unizik staf or is ur mum wrkn dr? Pls ansa me.

  • Pls am sorry o .d list dat came out like i said ealier was STAFFS LIST. not 2nd batch.i dnt kn y unizik shuld b having dat kind of list small tym dey wil tell us security list or anticult list .so pls dnt misqoute me.i repeat STAFFS LIST not 2nd batch list.so we stil hav hope..and 4 dose askin me 2 chek dea result i told u i wasnt a lecturer am jst lyk u.av not gotn admsn 2..but i dea is any new genew improvmt i will tell. The module isnt working now sow i cant chek admsn status..want 2 b my frnd on 2go just search wit IFYPETERBOY

  • How can u guys be confusing urself here. The 2nd list list is out which includes mainly the pre-science and diploma students. Look believe it or leave it, the only list that is left now to be released is the Vc list. Which is gonna be released dis november. The reason while the site is not going is that they are trying to upload the result once and for all. For more information, add me @ 2go with sahareal or call 08066133320

  • It happens to be very bad dat u guys extract wrong information and do paste it here. Pls no lecture is going on for the new intakes till all de list are released@ antonio

  • pls cn sum1 hlp me check mine…d reg numba z 15612431da…i tried checking mine buh if i type in my reg numba it becum blank again am jux tired of all dis trash…pls sum1 hlp me check b4 i die of i B.P oh..nd if any1 cn hlp me out 2 summit my result 2 d vc or rada hlp me wit d admission call me on 08138932945 or add me on 2go wit Angela626

  • Corper abi na cobra bunmi if u lyk colect PRIDY ANGELS phone number and 2go i.d and dupe her.angel no one has d power 2 giv admision.so if u lyk pay-waste ur money to fraudstars abi na scamers

  • @Coper, u wil die b4 ur time if u dnt turn a new leaf. Hw can u b tramplin on pple’s emotions? We hv warned u 2 stp postin here cos we no longer need ur post. U r a big disgrac 2 humanhood nd GOD mst surely purnish u 4 al d pple u hv duped. BIG SCAMMER Nd THIEF!

  • Information flying around suggests some names or probably de last, ‘ll be uploaded dis week. Jst believe dat God can still do something.

  • I did my dip and finishd in unizik buh seeing d populatn in unizik i changd 2 unn d day i wrote my final xam 15th july .Thnx 2 God i av bin admitd in2 UNN. Am now a LION!!! .Gud luck 2 my frndz dat re yet 2 be admited..Add me on twitter wth AKTIVEIYKE.. till we meet on TWITTER. Luv u all.

  • am desmond i i scored 204 in jamb 54 in post ume accounting do i hv hope.cuz my uncle dat is a subdine told me nt 2 worry dat my name wil cm out am scared oo.diz my num incase u guys hv news 4me 07032411095.or u add me on 2go desmond84 God bless u

  • @solomon “admission still in progress” .Tnk God dat i saw wat was abt 2 hapn and changd 2 unn. I av bin admitted evn as a 2nd choice candidate.Cos i chose em’ as my first and 2nd choice skul. Wishn u all succes.

  • Aweson u are right de last list is gonna be v.c list, as it was discussed @ the just concluded senate meeting. So guys dat dont have access to de v.c, my advice 4 u is to look for another alternative..

  • Is not over, until is over so dont ever lose hope because some of you guys that scored 235 up in jamb and 66 in putme depending on your department and number of student that have been admitted, like puble relation, linguistic, sociology and so on except law, economics, pharmacy, accounting,medicin might still be admitted in v.c list because it happened last year, v.c list is a list comparis with prof slot or quotas, senior lectures slot, governor slot eg peter obi, Guo, ifesinachi all these guys have their own candidate it will be combined together with prof boniface egboka’s candidate, please dont give anybody money for runs because am one of the victim, if you have question drop it here

  • @arinze v.c list usually comes out in novermber or begining of december
    @vincent i dont understand what you mean by that 2nd list is out and is on net, i advice you guys to continue checking your statue on line

  • nawaoo 4 unizikooo pls sombody shoul help me continue checking my own 16137376ih they should release the v c list sombody is dieing.

  • peterboy pls u guys should calm down, bcos dis dia unusual delay may turn out 2 b 4 our favor, my bible made me undastand dat all tins work 2geda 4 gud 2 dem dat love God, an 2 dem who re the called according 2 his purpose, Romans chapta 8v28 so hope on God bcos him alone kwns d best 4 us. My jame score 225 am ptume is 40, i kwn is poor but am stil belivn God 4 a testmony. U can me on 2go Cheta4real.stay bless.

  • Nawaoo for unizik person talk say n january wey the V C list go com out, person don tyre for dis kying thing self, who no weder if na true sombody should reply.

  • Oh frank tanx i found out dat i ws checkin d rung portal bt i’ve seen it nw, same old “check back soon” story, me am jst tired of d whole thing sef, we’ll kip hoping nd prayin dat our prayers wud b answered. U’al shud kip us posted on dis thread u cn add me on 2go with didichulam. Tanx

  • Awesome. Wat ur sayin is it dat 2nd batch has nt finish. Cos our family friend teachn dr was tryn 2tel me dat 2nd btch is nt out. Dat its dis wik. Bt av u bin admitd?

  • For those of you who are hoping for their name to come out just make sure your aggregate is upto 248 or 250 up for social science and management science except economic, law, medicin, pharmacy,
    for geology if you know that your score is upto 218 just have hope , for estate management if you have upto 220 up just have hope, the same goes for public relation if you have 205 up

  • pls can someone help to check mine if it is out ma jamb score 223 nd pst ume is 56.department english and literature.reg number16071525fb.pls am dyin here

  • @airboh you know wetin good for you now, tomorrow morning go to admin block and lay your complaint or pray and wait for another list if there is any except vc list

  • God In heaven knws i hav waited for so long ,am really tired i got 249 in ma jamb and got 64 in d post ume which ma cos is busadmin but nt yet admited am really in a stat of trama am dyin in silence,pls can i knw when second bach is comin out pls someone should help me out.. Here is ma reg 16212329HE.tanks i ned an answer

  • pls if d second list comes out,i want to be notified.u can add me wit chiomaiyke@2go,am also lukin for a house at ifite.I wnt all my fellow jambites to continue trustin God for his miracles.

  • @ ify..u make me laugh…does it end in committing suicide?my dear,dont lose hop ok? GOD is in control.even if u dnt get dis yr..jus write jamb nex yr n jus b careful nt to chose unizik again,dis is ma 3rd tym n i must tel u,av lerant ma lessons,jus av hope like,i stil do..ok..?

  • Second batch will be release by the end of these month, it has been taken to jamb office for ratification from admin block, @ify no need to commit suicide, you can join boko haram or al qadar or hug transformer

  • Mr anderson hasnt d 2nd list bn released alredy, i dnt undastnd o, u guys r jst confusin us here, 2day dey sed its bn released 2moro dey sey it hasnt, pls if u guys aint sure dnt confuse us here o
    chidi dat coloumn 8 ws 4 dose dat chose unizik as bt 1st nd 2nd choice nd nt 1st candidates alone

  • Pls my fellow friend,we all hv 2b serious in prayers in ds admission,i pray dt God in heaven wil see us through injesus name.AMEN,no weapon wil come against us in jesus name,we shall all testify his Goodness n powers over us,pls lets jion our hands 2gether n put it in prayers,my jamb score was 217 n pume was 50,accounting,i pray God helps.AMEN

  • Imagine dat i scored 294 in jamb and 56 in post utme for economics and yet no admission, my reg is 16137376IH any body dat can help pls cal me on 07033254713 and wen the V C list coming out? God i dey for ur hand.

  • I checked my siblings result tru jamb but its stil in progress i help dem tru d registra nd he told me to chill,d second list is out but i dey hav nt been given admision,so he submited it among vc list,d problm nw is wen wil vc list b out?

  • Pls o, dis 1 dat am hearin dat matric is dis wk, is it posible 4 matric 2 take place b4 vc list coms out, r dey going 2 move d matric date cos i dnt c hw matric wl take place b4 vc list comes out