OANDO Nigeria: VMI/LPG Warehouse Engineer

Job Title: VMI/LPG Warehouse Engineer

Department: Operations


Job Description

The position incumbent reports to the Technical Services Engineer and is responsible for ensuring optimal availability of all VMI/LPG/Warehouse operating assets OMP’s plants, VMI sites, LPG Plant and Warehouses according to industry standards and regulations at the appropriate time.


• Coordinate and utilize Terminal & Retail maintenance teams (compromising of the BPMs & Terminal technicians) maintenance teams) to ensure hitch free operations.
• Maintain regular service program for all VMI/LPG& Warehouses equipments in order to maintain maximum possible efficiency of the equipments.
• Monitor the efficient and correct use of all equipment within VMI Sites/LPG Plants & Warehouses.
• Ensures that maintenance/projects activities adheres strictly to Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations.
• Prepare FEED document for all engineering projects related to VMI Sites/LPG Plants &Warehouses.
• Ensure adequate monitoring, supervision and reporting of all VMI Sites/ LPG Plant & Warehouses projects. Identify problems that militate against optimal availability of equipments, proffer solutions and recommend the phasing out of obsolete equipments when necessary.
• Ensure the use of competent contractors for jobs.
• Generate weekly and monthly maintenance reports to the Technical Services Engineer & upload same into the portal via http://portal/compnew/marketing/eng/Engineering.
• Advise VMI/ LPG & Warehouse teams on technical issues.
• Certify that all completed contracts and jobs within the terminal or plant meet the required statutory and industry standards & prepare necessary documents for payment of contractor’s bills.
• Undertake hands-on calibration and certification activities for gas and liquid measurement systems for VMI/LPG & Warehouses facilities.
– 1st degree in Engineering
– Professional membership is an advantage
– Minimum of 5years maintenance experience in the oil & gas industry.
– Experience of fluid flow measurement and instrumentation projects, in particular the requirements for metering calibration and verification.

– Oil & Gas Industry Dynamics
– Engineering and Technology — Knowledge of the practical
– application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying necessary principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the process of calibration.
– Ability to diagnose engineering problems of terminal equipment.
– Oral & Written Communication skills
– PC utilization ( Excel, Word , Power Point etc)
– Excellent knowledge of relevant standards, codes and specifications for calibrations of vertical tanks, underground tanks, flow meters, weighing scales, weighing bridges & other equipments.
– Team playing

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Closing Date: Sep 21, 2011



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