Preaching Law – Boko Haram Warns Katsina

The Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, yesterday said Katsina State risked sporadic attacks if it did not repeal the bill that was passed by the state House of Assembly which requires Islamiyya schools, preachers and mosques to obtain license before they operate.

The group said the law was highly selective because it did not say anything about regulating the activities of churches and Christian missionaries in the state and that it was aimed at subduing Islam and propagating western ideologies.

A statement signed by Abul-Qaqa, the spokesman of the group, which was made available to newsmen in Maiduguri yesterday said for peace to reign in Katsina, the state government must retract the law. “It has become imperative for me to comment on the draconian law enacted by the government of Katsina State under the leadership of Ibrahim Shehu Shemat.

“The law said henceforth, nobody should teach or carry out Islamic preachings in mosques or Islamiyya schools without permission. It went ahead to say that violators would be incarcerated for between one year and five years; a fine of between N200, 000 to N500, 000 or both.

“We want to reiterate that this is a grand conspiracy aimed at ceiling restrictions on the propagation of the teaching of Prophet Muhammad. It is also the grand conspiracy of the United Nations (UN) which wants to dictate to the world how Islam must be practiced. The UN now controls the world and various governments have been coerced to succumb to its dictates,” the statement said.

“Even though we are consoled that Prophet Muhammad had forewarned us that enemies will continue obstructing the religion of God through obnoxious laws and that Muslims will continue to remain vulnerable until the last rope that hold them together, which is prayer is obstructed, we want to reiterate that this is time to act.

The group also claimed that Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State had goofed for stating that people that memorized the Holy Qur’an do not deserve any salary unless they have additional qualification of western education.

“We want to ask if there is any knowledge that is superior to the knowledge of the Qur’an. Is it good for a man that claimed to be a Muslim to make these proclamations?” the group asked but quickly add that they are not complaining about the issue of denying memorizers of the Qur’an any salary.

The group said Prophet Muhammad had warned that if Muslims gave priority to worldly possession without taking adequate measures to propagate Islam through Jihad, then Allah will subject them to untold hardship until they repent and do the right thing which according to them is Jihad.

Source: Dailytrust Newspaper


  • hehehehehe……hmmmmmm…..dis is serious oooo…warning legislators of a state??????if care is not taken, these people will stat ruling naija oooo, leaders brace up n wake up before it gets out of hand oo, we all will be told to jump inside fire one day, and all of us will obey just like that ehh!!!!!! wat is nigeria turning into please

  • Boko haram’s threat apart katsinawa and muslims will not succumb to Shema and UN’s conspiracy to change their religion and way of life by enacting laws that are meant to promote secular and christian styled life. we will want Shema to introduce Qur’anic memorisation sessions in our boarding schools in exchange for the introduction of secular syllabus in Almajiri schools.

  • Dats gra8 d law is very gud but what makes it much worse is leaving out christainity which shows d insecurity and injustice in naija we d boko haram or any thing u caled us wil fight 2 no level of finishing

  • If this claim of the so called boko haram is true, I’m supporting them @ 0.01 level of significance because a rational human being will know that the content of the bill is not just. This is marginalization of the highest order against the religion of Allaah. And no body will wage war against Islam and go free. Be warn o…..

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