Robbers Raid Bowen University Banks, One Dead

<h3>Armed robbers stormed the banks located around Bowen University in a deadly operation which lead to the death of a policeman.</h3>
The armed robbers numbering over 50 arrived at the banks in three buses and a car, they then killed a police inspector after the other policemen had dropped their weapons and ran for safety.
The robbers robbed the banks freely for thirty minutes while the students of Bowen university were struck with deadly fear.
According to an eye witness, the armed robbers divided into five groups of which four groups attacked the four banks around Bowen university, gaining entry by the use of multiple explosives, the fifth group attacked the Secretariat of Iwo, Ayedire and Ola-oluwa branch of the Nigeria Patents and Medicine Dealers Association.
Students of Bowen university after hearing the blasts thought that the attack was being carried out by members of the Boko Haram sect who had earlier threatened to bomb 20 universities in Nigeria, many of the students called their parents and resigned themselves to fate.
The robbers esccaped with millions of Naira and were gone before police reinforcements arrived.


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