Singer Of Osondi Owendi (MC Loph) Dies In Car Crash

Nwaozo Obiajulu, Mc Loph, music star of the Osondi Owendi fame died today in a car accident along the Benin/Ore road some hours ago on his way to his traditional wedding in the east. He was said to have lost control of his Ford Durango SUV which he bought only a few weeks back, skidded and somersaulted into a ditch, he died before help could reach him.

His death represents another humongous loss to the entertainment industry in Nigeria. It is not yet known whether or not he was alone in the auto crash and how many people may have died alongside with him, however unconfirmed reports state that his Abia state-born wife, a medical practitioner was with him and was also confirmed dead.


  1. everyday, it is from one sad story to another. ordinary road, our govt. can’ti’m begging our politicians to host an emergency meeting 2day and send delegates to d british govt and beg them to pls come back and take over nigerian govt. our politicians should also cry in d process of begging them. they should also include that they made a very big mistake by trying to gain independence.

    everybody knws dat nigeria would have been great if great britain were still here. but our greedy leaders have left me with d nostalgia of nigerian history b/4 independence under d british govt. my people, we would be better if they come back and take over. i’m tired of the present day nigeria.

  2. Rest in Peace MC Loph, may God grant you internal rest, and give your family the strength to bear the lost, we will miss you very much MC Loph, rest in peace my friend,
    God come to our rescue, remember us my good God, the rate of road accident in this our beloved country (Nigeria) is much and our leaders are not doing anything concerning it. The leaders are no longer leading us, they are now ruling us, and Please God sends us a leader that will rebrand this our beloved Country (Nigeria) not a ruler. Most of the death that occurs in this our country (Nigeria) is caused by our Government at of their negligence. God please come to our rescue. Amen.

  3. @Oma Mary,u got itall re talkin like a slave.a slave as a slavery mentality.wat nigeria needs is a visionary leader but d problem is dat the seat of gov.t has been turned into a trainning ground rather dan a action ground. So lets hope and peay for 1ne. You can rise to d challenge nd lead Nigeria out of d mess rather dan tinking about slavery.try nd get d leadership mentality.ok

  4. What do you expect when they have turned governance to easiest way of becoming rich. We can never get true leaders in this country until d jumbo pay these guy are slice down to something unattractive. Until dat is done pls don,t expect much from them. They have not come to serve us. But themselves. As for d deseased,God gave and He has taken. Wishing d family d fortitude to bear d loss.

  5. Dear Bilex, u ar even contradicting urself thereby supporting my opinion indirectly. let me tel u in case u don’t knw, u ve been under slavery since 1960 but d only difference in dis case is just dat it is nigerians enslaving nigerians. u said d politians are using d seat of govt as a training ground.all i was sugesting was dat they should ve allowed d british govt to rule us while going on with thier training elsewhere. u knw, d worst tin dat can happen 2 u is wen u allow these politicians to turn u into a coward.u knw d truth my dear. jst accept it.and pls try to knw where u are and wht is happening in this nation every minute.

  6. Mc loph died, fine, dat alright by me, but i pray 4 his soul. Luk lyf is 2 shot 2 displiz God our creator! U may die 2moro or 2day,yes i min u, bt wer ar u goin? Heaven or hell is real bliv me mc is in either now. pls pls nd pls let us liv our lyf 2 pls our creator.say no 2 imorality nd evri form of unclinlines bcos dey ar 2 smal 2 take u 2 hel, i min d plezur u derve 4rm it can nt atone 4 eternati(forever o) in hell. Ignore dis mesage nd u ll rmmemba that i warnd u.

  7. well, such is live, this is to approve what the bible said ,there is time for every thing. a time to born and a time to die. it doesn’t matter how old you are what matter is your relationship with your creature(GOD). friends that alive today, if yuo die today what account will you give to your creature(GOD) how you life your life on this planet earth because the bible said it is appointed on to man to die once after that comes the judgement. repent christ is coming soon.

  8. it is so sad and a pity…A promising life cut short just like that either through physical negligence (bad condition of the road) or other means ( African Remote Control) some time to his wedding… May He rest in peace….and may God grant his family fortitude to bear this great loss.

  9. What a shame! We shall miss you MC. It’s a clarion call for all of us to be ready before these events come upon us, it is said that WE ALL ARE LIVING CORPSES. Live well to the glory of God and the testimonies you leave behind will linger on in the memories of those who know you. God grant the families of MC and all the departed the fortitude to bear the loss.

  10. everyone tinks abwt changing d country but and d state of tins bt none is actually tinkin of changing his or herself. D whole blames r nw bn put on d leaders but i can i assure u guys that both d leaders nd we d followers nid to change 4 gud 4 Nigeria to b a beta place. After all ds is the only place we can cal our own so if we dnt mk it a beta place, hu wil?
    Its a pity mc loph is gone. RIP in d bosom of ur maker

  11. Did he buy the car a new one?A lot of things could be the cause of accident.Either the car was converted from a right hand drive to a left hand drive which they often do here and is very very dangerous because the steering wheel could lock while the vehicle is on top speed or bad road or the youngman could have slept off.Another important cause could be spiritual manipulation.That is why it remains very important that we embrace Christ,the greatest warrior and deliverer who can deliver us in times of danger.The world is getting more and more evil by the day.Only those in Christ can escape the evil of the present day.