Tonto Dike Opens Up About Fight With Van Vicker

Tonto Dike has told her own side of the story about the widely reported feud she had with Ghanian star Van Vicker.
Tonto Dikeh spoke in a recent interview about how the whole issue was blown out of proportion.
Tonto Said “I don’t know where the story is coming from.Van is my friend,we are very good friends.

Yes,may be we had an argument on set but it wasn’t as big as what people are saying.

Nobody has ever instructed me to apologize to Van.It’s a lie.

Seriously speaking,Van is my friend and colleague.If I have a problem with him,we will resolve it.

Nobody actually asked me to prove anything.It’s just the handiwork of mischief makers.”


  1. It’s just 1 tin I need 4rm u which is DON’T Listen 2 wateva dey’ve got 2 say 2 bring u down.Rather u tink of where u’re going 2 $ where u’re coming from;Just keep doing wat is biblically rigth $ I tell u dat wen u are @ d top u won’t remeber u were once involved in all dis mess.TAKIA $ enjoy lyf reasonably!!!LOL

  2. babe! Am d same chysky as always dnt mind dem.even if is true is it anybody’s biz,jelousy go quench one day,for al dose stupid press dt dnt knw wnt lyk to here wat happn before reportn jst to spoil smone’s name,i guess is always lyk dt wen smone is femous bt chill grl cus ur ar stil my best no matter wat am ur fan for lyf.i love u,07032774420 dats my number.nd remember even if u dnt call u mst see me in person one day cus am an upcoming female rapper.staycool

  3. Dem are writting stuffs about u nd saying stuffs about u dont mind dem its bcos u’re somebody most of dem just trying to destroy u but no send dem, dem no get another story i tell u them no holy pass…. ma diva