Tonto Dike Starts Fight With Ghanian Actor Van Vicker AT Movie Location

While some stars try so hard to stay away from controversies, some are busy swimming in it. One of the people in the latter group is star actress, Tonto Dikeh.

It all started on the set of a new movie, the director noticed that Tonto Dikeh and Ghanaian star actor, Van Vicker were rehearsing their lines separately, counter to the normal coming together for rehearsal before shoot. The movie director steps in to bridge the gap between the duo, but is presence stirred up Tonto’s anger as she started throwing tantrum.

The situation worsens when Tonto lit her cigarette and started puffing,Van Vicker told her politely to stop or she smoke outside. Tonto took that to be an insult,and she started insulting Van Vicker by using words like fuck you, who the fuck do you think you are, asshole, motherfucker.

According to source, It took the timely intervention of cast and crew on set, before they could calm Tonto Dikeh down as she threatened to hit Van Vicker with the table by the side.


  1. Tonto Dikeh is a dump ass whore,freaky bitch and a spoilt little brat.I won’t fuck her for free.I don’t know y producers use her 4 movie scenes,for me she ain’t worth a major role.
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  2. Miss Tonto Dike please learn to control your anger.Dont u know that u are a role model & mentor of some people but now & then u keep on disgracing ur self,ur family,ur state & ur personality. If u dont take time,very soon u will loose the respect ur fans have for u.I think what u need now is prayer,guiding & counselling,& a serious deliverance.From ur recent behaviour & character one will be tempted to say that u are possessed.Pls retrace back ur step & go back to God.

  3. tonto you’r a woman for God sake why are u behaving unsophisticatedly, pls try and stop drinking and becos it will do u any gud. Dont u wnt someday to marry and ve kids of ur own, but if u’r behaving like coward whose going to marry rude and spoiled woman like ths.

  4. Y must we turn everything we do in nigeria into a difficult thing we turn politics into do or die affaire now it movie stars Tonto u better sit and reason with ur self what model are u giving to those that are willing to become an actor or actres please be calm for not to be calm

  5. i hate your behaviour and i dislike ur kind of person pls try and change for better becos wen u keepon like ths even ur film will be dislike. Last time i read a story abt being drunk got nicked on location, why? Are u d only actress, behaving bastardly. Take time.

  6. i mait nt no d cos of ha action bt such manners is detastable in d sight of God n Man.She is nt a star 2b idolized n most importantly,she is a bad egg dat if left inside d basket wil corrupt d rest. I tink NollyWood shud do sumting about it. Tonto bhave tym is running out

  7. Most comments here ended up rudely. We ended up committing the same offence of which we accuse Tonto. Tonto you are human and just made a mistake. I believe you can make amends. We your fans still believe in you and we trust God to make you what He wants you to become.

  8. Tonto dike is nothing but an insultive whore who gat no respect & honor 2humanity,no manner of approach…. Gosh!, i detest ha wit passion,she used 2b ma role model,but now…. She can 4uck ha sef 2 HELL 4all i care. I said it b4 n am stil sayin it u dn’t av the qualities of a gud wife period.

  9. hey girl u think u’re doin us good by artin or what do u tink u’re?i only pity producers bcos time is comin whn people publicly advertise dat they dont want u Tonto in any movies.Producers hear me pls steer clear frm dis mannerles idiot dat esteem herself abv directors.Directors pls lok 4 polite n wel culture young n nw stars,after all there are actres b4 her,so .

  10. There is no problem dat does nt hav a solution. Pls lady T, u are wrong but we can’t kil u 4ur wrong did, i beliv d best advice is d one u gave ur self, ask ur self if u are doing gud people are casting u. I no dat no one is above mistake pls apology 2 dat young man, ur producer, ur fans nd nigeria. Pls turn 4rm ur bad manner. We stil luv u. James 4rm Abia state

  11. Tonto dike it is obvious the character u posses in a movie is really ur mode of life i thought it was only an acting oh… Too bad 4 u a girl i was curious about, so u really smoke who taught u dat and how did it start please the whole are against u except those that posseses u habit refrain my dear 4 a more better 2moro

  12. Tonto Dikeh abi wetin.You are just a disgrace to Womanhood.If you are being offered to me for free i will ditch you because you are behaving like a bitch they call you.Better you leave the industry and stop using swear words.

  13. I think its time we quit this bloody relatinshp with these stupid ghanaians. I’m seriously disappointd with all the nigerians who hav previously commentd cos nobody knows what really was the reason 4 tonto’s anger & we’re all criticising her.. The truth remains that these ghanaians are over stepping their boundaries and thats a fact.

  14. What stupid mistake are u talkn bout? Anger is a spontaneous overflow of emotion, even if u kill her, she will still hav her kind of temper,so everybody should stop judging her and focus on the imminent explosion which is the possession of our boundaries by these bloody ghanaians.

  15. Tonto if u ar tired of acting train another person don’t sit back to tarnish the image of what u have worked 4 all dis year, myself i knew ur screen show where ur real character but when i said it people where like arguing, i believe it’s all abt money can u remember small tonto starting acting hw beautiful and humble u where,remember u where not like dis in school stay far from bad friends tonto this emma ur friend i knw u’ve forgotten 08039184659

  16. Tonto all u need is christ jesus in ur life 4 a real and perfect change in.Accept him as ur lord and personal saviour he luvs u so much and so deep,he passionately luvs u.Ur acts ar worth 4given ,y? b’cos someone has paid 4 and borne our sins.Accept him and decide 2 follow him .I luv u and God luvs most.

  17. Y is evwi body r againt ha.. If anyone wants 2 criticise make sure u r saint.. As 4 me, wht she did is normal but hav 2 appologise… A star is meant 2 b encountering so many fowl talk 4rm pple… Abeg make una leave my Tonto 4 me o… 07036455057

  18. I we only advice those dat are close to tonto to tailk to her on hw to cool hot temper pls let everyone agree dat it was out of anoyance which can hapen to anybody let stop bkaming her and let tailk on ghollywood sudden decision,hw dis can be clear off and maintain peace btw d both side and let always pray 4 our country.

  19. Tonto u rock!!!!! U guys shuld get d genesis of d real act b4 talking all source of rubbish as fr me ghanian movies ar full nakedness, showing d image of God thru bagging. Baby we do make mistakes and amend ok. Luv u more

  20. Nigeria & Ghana are like husband & wife so plss martin stop insultn Ghanaians..I knw Van has already 4given Tonto cos he is humble guy..I really luv to see the two of them in movies..Tonto shud apologise 2 Van & continue de movie makn..Lov 9ja & gh colabos both in movies & music..Lv to u all 9ja pple..Let stop fightn [email protected]

  21. Pls Tonto, i will suggest you should apologise to Mr.Van. and sort things out and be free. Also try and comport yourself a little bit. You are growing you no longer a child so pls behave out there. Am one of your favorite fan but what you did to my fellow Ghanaian Man is not good at all. You need to apologise thank you.

  22. Lets analyze critically:1st its wrong to bear her kind of name: Tonto(whats d meaning of dat, it luks horry nd whory) 2ndly:in conflict resolution it is not who is right but what is right that matters.So its wrong to bhav unruly in d public or workplace so on dat ground Tonto is wrong nd shld apologize.3rdly:wen U cross Yr country to anoda U shld b willin to abide by d rules ova der in orda to rmain in dat place so its against Ghania n ethics to rcv insults frm anoda country so Tonto is wrong again

  23. what is wrong is wrong anywhere anyday anytym. if i wer d Board of Director of Nollywood,I wld giv Tonto a 2nd chance by askin her to apologyz to Mr Van(cos i bliv in 2nd chances) & failure to do dat ll attract permanent SANCTION nd it wil also serva as a deterrent to odas to bhav right. Tonto didnt giv Nigerians a gud representation in Ghana atall nd dat can lower our rating subsequently cos dey ll feel all Nigerians are like spoilt Tonto.her name sef! i tink she shld change it

  24. A shameful eyesore.It’s nt a sin to smoke or take alcohol but ur next action.. Dats why there is curse to the money gotten from cocaine bcos the subtance is causing danger to the society. tonto is tryin to show up dat she may useless.

  25. tonto may be wrong in insulting van but who doesnt insult?check your statements,the truth is that insulting tonto, you have become like her cos you ar calling her names worst than what she called van.That makes you 1.calling her a bitch/whore makes you 1 cos i know most people here aint virgins both male and advise and not insult her.

  26. why do we basically Bring curse to ourselves, by saying what we are not sure of. This delusion story was revealed in other to identify tonto’s enemies. The poor girl pleaded frantically before us in interview by saying this. “why do we basically Bring curse to ourselves, by saying what we are not sure of. This delusion story was revealed in other to identify tonto’s enemies. The poor girl pleaded frantically before us in interview by saying this. “Tonto Said “I don’t know where
    the story is coming from.Van is
    my friend,we are very good
    Yes,may be we had an argument
    on set but it wasn’t as big as
    what people are saying.
    Nobody has ever instructed me
    to apologize to Van.It’s a lie.
    Seriously speaking,Van is my
    friend and colleague.If I have a
    problem with him,we will resolve
    Nobody actually asked me to
    prove anything.It’s just the
    handiwork of mischief makers.” shame to you all that have been insulting poor girl. Go to hell All gossips. Idiot!!!!!!