Tonto Dikeh: I Didn’t Attend Mercy Johnson’s Weding Because She’s Not My Friend

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh explains why she was absent at Mercy Johnson’s wedding despite the fact that shortly before the wedding the Actors Guild of Nigeria under the leadership of Segun Arinze appealed to all members to put up an appearance at Mercy Johnson’s wedding except it is unavoidably impossible.

Tonto says:

‘That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedding, it’s surprising,why people think you just have to be everybody’s friend’.

‘In the industry, I don’t know half of the producers and I work for them, I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them’.

‘I kiss and hug them on set. We flow,we enjoy the friendship on set based on the energy and connection that exists between myself and the next person on set but that does not mean we are friends in the real sense of it’.

‘You can’t just be a friend to everybody,it’s a normal thing. Mercy Johnson is not just my friend’.

Asked if she had a serious quarrel with Mercy Johnson, she said; ‘Even if I had,I had let go everything.It doesn’t really matter to me anymore’.

Everybody is doing well, It’s just because we are not close,we only did about two or three movies together. We have never been close friends.


  1. So wat tonto dikeh r u now saying other stars like Genevieve Kenneth okonkwo Jim iyke mike ezuronye shan George patience ozorkwo etc r her friends? Grow up & stop hating but support each other as colleagues & females. Most times u sound like a rude child whining be humble cos ur not d first 2make it in d industry but dey r so humble.

  2. Tonto Dike, I don’t think I like your personality. As far as I am concerned, you enjoy been in the center of media gossip. I suspect a self assurance problem some where. I have been following the gist about you and man, it stinks to high heaven. I wonder whether you will be giving us an update of the color of your undies soonest.
    Please, we are not interested in your p life, so there. Have you ever heard of “no comment”. You don’t have to say everything to the media.

  3. tontoh dikeh,’jelousy is a terrible disease get wel soon dear’ nt lyk ur awful presense wud av chngd anitn doh, xo stop hatin on d sweet sexy glamourous star actress hu got her self her mr ryt, babe do ur slf 1 gud favo, go do marry, even f na truck pusher, @lst u get d mony 2 trans4m hm in2 wad u want ryt? Lmao…abeg oh b4 u mary urslf by urslf..

  4. Tonto abi? Am not surprised at the comments you made, its a reflection of who you are and the kind of friends you keep. People pray to get to a higher level in life but you are retrogressing. Please, free yourself from those chains of jealousy, GROW UP!

  5. u so fucking jealouse in acting, and i think that’s d way u are in real u have to grow is not everything ok? the elder’s…the beautiful girl with out charater will soon get married, but will not stay long..i don’t think tonto can settle down with one man :-)

  6. Tonto..u ar notin bt a prideful fellow.u hav 2 humble ad bring urself down so dat God wil gve u ur own man cos i no u ar jeolus of d princes dat y.anyway am nt angry cos i no dat d people dat wil atend ur marriage dat is if u wil see wil be.rats,dogs,monkeys,ad all d mad people in d whole world includin al dos ur fuck mate ad grey head sugar daddies.

  7. Tonto u are jst a cheap bitch who has got issues i hate u on set and i hate ur off set life style u are a jealous whore who deserves 2 b flogged i wonda if any man in his right sense wud marry a prostitue and chain smoker lyke me u will die single.

  8. Babe buh u kn try at all,u guy’s shld stop insultin her she gat her own flow to do.babe arrange urslf so u go fit get better man marry oo,mak e kn be say waitin pple dey tlk go be tru,buh dat babe wey u kn attend her wedding dey vex me.dat babe l love her lik honey change frum ur attitude dat kind tin no fit chic lik u,

  9. ….Tonto,..I wish you could read this. I like your spirit…and all the truth. I don’t mean to call you an angel,..but you don’t hide anything. Keep it up! Forget these tongues that speaks nonsense here just because they have access to the internet…Once,I used to dislike your character in movies but I didn’t allow prejudice to becloud my reasoning…you are still one of our very best! Congrats on your successes.As for Mercy Johnson and her dubious wedding,let her go to hell and rotten! She can’t even make your friend because she lacks respect and decorum. She is a devil in vogue….just saw the devil in her. She would reap accordingly though….Ride on Tonto..,the sincere one’s are solidly behind you…and remember,do not disappoint us! I love you.

  10. If men were God…..U guys passed judgment on Tonto lyk u are her creator.Even if u’re gonna rebuke her,it shudn’t get 2 d extent of calling her a bitch.You people talked lyk u are perfect.As for Tonto,i wud say u should try do wateva u feel is right & keep up wf sincerity cos u cn neva satisfy humans.

  11. all u ppl with loose tongues, cnt u find something beta to do? judgin tonto lyk y’all are stainless and flawless? check urselves and know if u deserve to judge sm1 else lyk dah… tonto, wat u did was wrong, buh u just have to check if it’s justifiable, if not pls pls pls change… be good to ppl no matter wat u think of them! tonto, i think u hav a ryt to make ur own choices

  12. Tonto i hate u.u have an overdose of every thing,u re filled with jealousy,pride,u’re a bitch that hops from bed to bed including d bed of underaged boys,u a f**king addict.i personally like d fact dat u did not attend d wedding cos it was a gathering of matured minds not for toddlers nd guess what ur pathetic little self was not missed so just shut up nd remain overdosed with stupidity.

  13. Tonto Dike, 4 me..,i will tel u dat u shouldn’t mind wat pple re saying abt u….u see in lyfe…pple will always judge .1… 4 only d bad tins or scandal…..1 does….but will neva judge 4 gud they see abt u… they only see and speak of wats happening physically…but they don’t kw…d real cause of d matter….

  14. al dz names u cal ha, i ope u can cal ha dm wen u c ha instead of begn 4 connection, is nt al invitatns u accept, lyk u hrd ha, dy aint fwnds despite dy act on stage or set, and by d way, dnt u guys av any important things doing, lyk readn, going shopn etc instead of gossiping!accordn 2 tuface; if nobody talks abt u, u’r nobody well Mj hapi married lyf

  15. my country, u people have seen where to use big words, half of you don’t understand what she said. and btw she doesn’t read this shit, all her statements are in quotes, you people leave Nigerian film small and go and revise your english text book. everybody can use internet now so Tonto must die. SHAME!!!

  16. 1st, wat do u call urself n wu makes u wu u ar 2dai in d filming industry, if u dont kno it is ur colleagues n ur fans, ur smokin habit is nt helpin u 2see well, i hope u realize wat u say dtermin wu u ar, y ar u sooo ful of urself i guess ur smokin habit is indeed affectin ur brain, so work on ur brain pls… learn frm mercy johnson or probably u ar just bein jealous of her new wedded life, we cant say bcus smokers can fink nonsensely… x_me

  17. woooo. m nt surprise cos in dis life dere is alws bad & good, tank God u opened up, blames wil nt solv de pros pls am jz a fan dat admires peace nd progress *frndship is nt de only bond btw people* so pls shw remorse 4 u jz misused words,bt alws open up whn offended nd shw a gud xmple of actress *live free*

  18. U pple make noise about wat does nit concern u @all. Leave the pretty girl alone & think about making your own name. It is not compulsory she attends everybody’s wedding. U r pointing one finger @ her & forgetting that the remaining four goes back 2 u. She is just being herself & watever she does is none of ur business, u condemn her because she is in nollywood don’t u see wat they do in hollywood & how many of them are condemned.Me think u pple need 2 grow up. Excel sweet Tonto Dike

  19. Haba!! 9jarians.wetin tonie do una. She musnt b everybdys fwend.shes just being haself….hw many of u critics re beta dan ha. Stop takn painkilas 4 sm1 else’s aches. Go do ur own wedn mk we c hw many fwends u get. As una nose 2 big wey una d poke part of am 4 perzin mata

  20. Haba!! 9jarians.wetin tonie do una. She musnt b everybdys fwend.shes just being haself….hw many of u critics re beta dan ha. Stop takn painkilas 4 sm1 else’s aches. Go do ur own wedn mk we c hw many fwends u get. As una nose 2 big wey una d poke part of am 4 perzin mata

  21. Tonto is conceited. She needs to loosen up and rejoice with those who rejoice. The Bible says it and that is final. Pray that God release Tonto from unforgiving heart. Then apologize to Mercy. Your co-workers are your friends and in an occasion such as wedding, Tonto is just wrong for not attending.

  22. Pls live her alone….i think it’s heler’ve got urs,oh! You think it’s easy abi…just tell me how would you feel if out of ten people…eight are against you? Let God judge her not you….

  23. common peeps! U can neva b frnds wit anybody,evn u ppl mostly grls dat ar saying those rubbish i knw u ve got one or two ppl dat u ar nt frnds wit in ur hood evn wen u knew u grew up wit d person in d same area stil u ve nt bin able to b frnds wit d person talk much of ppl ve knw few yrs back,ps peeps is nt right to condem somone like dat,jst learn how think before u write condeming story abt somone after readin all dis press stories cus most of dem ar lie,nd besides she didnt do anything wrong for nt attending d wedding jst lyk she said , ”they ar nt frnds” or dnt u ppl understnd simple English?free her abeg!!!pls dnt judge somone if u dnt realy knw him or her in person,,,,,cus as for me since dey ar nt frnds she is going der to do absolutly nathing,TT pls dnt mind dem its nt der fault cus dey dnt think twice before dey comment,its stil me chysky staycool

  24. do u guys knw y i keep supporting dis my babe ToNtO? I guess no, evn she dnt knw,well i lyk her cus she dnt do things to pls nigerians nd displs her self,she is very comfidential wit lots pf policy nd also i lyk her sturbbn nature so all dis qualities i lited in her ar my qualities also so dts my number one reason of lykin her.hw i wish she wil be my babe anytym u feel lyk talkin, am ur one nd only chysky u knw my number jst giv me a call, i love u nd i rily wana be ur frnd for lyf nw nd wen i finaly become a celebrity,i mean ”a female rapper” or u can emial me at http://[email protected].

  25. OH!!! please no one want’s to listen to ur titiliating trash about y u did not attend m.j’s wedding. i think u’re just jealous b’cos she got more hips and bum than u’ve got……..take dis advice………”if e dey pain u 4 body,go jump inside hot oil”

  26. wat a mess, talking the ones she did she’s doing another one. U re definitely growing to much wings, u insulted Van Vicker 4 correcting u, u insulted ur fans that they are not ur sister, that dey shuld go 2 hel if ur smoking is disturbing them much. Now over 2 ur colleague she’s nt ur frnd bt u guyz are undr AGN. Despite d appeal by una leadr u stil persisted. Ha Nollywood has changed. I’m asking dey don’t BAN AGAIN? I culd remembr then if u feel too stuborn or dress half naked or even going contrary to the law, u will be banned. Spoiled nolywod evil degeneration. Una dey try o anybody can come to alter nd shit and get away. Egpoo don de take ur sense of reasoning tokinto dinke.

  27. U guys hav no right 2 judge anybdy, evn pipl dat cnt speak gud english ar opnin dia mouth n showrin insult on d poor gal, its nt fair evn Jesus askd d adultrus wman 2 go n sin no mor, no one is perfct, examin urslf.

  28. Tonto, dats not d best, to hate som1 is not juzt in ur role model. I can’t juzt say u are bad 4 wat u did, but pls @ least b kinda apppy dat merci johnson iz married, pls wat eva gurges u have wit ha, 4 @ least ha been married try and reconcile for marriage iz evry woman wish nd blessin. Well ma name is Faustyno febian ezeanekwe, an actor dat is still hidden wit talent but dont no were 2 run 2, for xploration, just wanna join nollywud.

  29. Tonto, its all abt u ere, pls all i have 2 say its just been urzef, dont gv ears 2 dos insultin u,@ least take correction on important quotes. I fell wat pple are wrtin ere are just quote nd note insults, well pls am a guy wit an hidden talent and lukin 4 a nice sponsors @ nollywud, help ,ma name is Faustyno Ezeanekwe ma num is 08168599742 bazes @ abuja. Rememba u are a nice gals, but try nd pally up wit mercy johnson i tfink she is ur frnd. Luv u

  30. Tonto,dis world iz a smal place u cant predict d future.4 d fact dat u’v acted wit m.j b4 jst apologis 2 her n turn up a gud life.despit d insults our stupid nigerians hav poured on u i stil luv ur swags and courage but remember 2 alwez (luv ur neighbour as u luv urself).143 ok.08097327327

  31. Tonto,der a pple dat luv wat u’v got ur body,size,complexion etc.hw wud u feel if on ur wedin day ur groom says he hates u dat ur nt d kynd of girl he wants? Of cos it wud hurt u likewise m.j.Tonto plz 4 God’s sake n 4 d sake of peace pave way 2 settle ur diferences wit mercy n i assure u dat favour will alwez locate u.Amen. Am jst an upcomin model dat luvs gud things so bhave ur self ok……

  32. Wetin this idiot the form, are u beta than genny co the attended the woman sorry babe u are still a child mercy don’t need u in her wedding cos u will be miss kill joy, sorry for u if u continue like this they will chase u out of nollywood beta go and apologize to van mumu,see shortie wen the talk anuohia

  33. @alvan look at what u are saying even if she is not her friend but she is her colleague in the industry remember she will get married one day totoh is just over proud @ queen tell me if u were mercy colleague won’t u attend the wedding? even if she didn’t make it y not say that in such a manner

  34. Tonto, i like your confidence n d way u ignore ha8rs…its nt compulsory 2 attnd d weddin of every aquitance…4 dos of u insultin Tonto, get a lyf! Whether or nt u accept it, She’s 1 of Nigeria bst actresses, n i commend ha. Stop criticizin ha cos ure nt ha God! She’s got ha lyf 2 live, n its definatly NT 2 pls u. Stay cool ur life. Ppl wld alws tlk.

  35. @Hillz and all the fools like u need to go back to school to learn english. It is not compulsory 4 her to attain the wedding, but to attribute her absence to the fact that they are not friends is childish. U can be colleaques with pple and not be friends.

  36. abusing somone isnt d best way to correct dem.u may tink and say to urself ‘i’m not as bad as tonto’…but wateva u do,if ur not perfectly pure and holy…d destination of u both is d same….it may even suprise u dat dis beautiful girl wld make amends wit her creator nd find herself in heaven but wer wld u be….d bible says it wld be easier for publicans nd prostitutes to make heaven….so many of u tink u are better…but i knw der are lots of cockroaches in ur cupboards…if u want to change her…spend 5mins a day nd pray for her…nobody may knw what ur doin but heaven has recorded it…and when she repents due to ur prayer,dats an additional star in your crown….u are nobody to pass judgement on her…if u continue dis way u make her mor hardened to ur comments…..tonto..i’m praying for you…change is d only constant thing in life…i knw u wld change..i look forward to seeing you in heaven…i love you but Jesus loves u more…and he wld be willing to come into ur life and make it worth living…stay blessed.

  37. Who will i blame here? nobody… Only onething i know on this earth is that, brother or sisther do gud leave the rest 4 God, but tonto wat is the problem within 2 of u? Pls try 2 go nd sympartice wit her in this baded conditon pls no matter anything,pls b/4 posting risen…

  38. hey.nawa 4 una.u wey de talk abt Tt. u b saint dnt u undastand english? we are nt frnds. go 2 dictionary nd check. nd more ova every bodie z entitle 2 his up bringin bt tonto. mercy officially invited d house u 4 go bt u no ur reasons dnt mind wat d fans says k

  39. This iڪ one of †ђξ gaps we have I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ nigerian movie industry. Our stars completely lack †ђξ knowledge of how τ̅☺ talk τ̅☺ media. †ђξ other day, Eucharia was being asked †ђξ simple question of how she’§ enjoying herself at an event and she went from answering †ђξ question simply τ̅☺ throwing challenging words τ̅☺ someone or group of people that were supposedly ‘running their mouths’ about hε̲̣r. I know everyone has got τ̅☺ vent out their anger sometime but purleeese you are a public figure, learn τ̅☺ act like one! I think I still like you though but please don’t let this outpour of unneeded info continue.

  40. Tonto,pride comes b4 a fall.i used 2 love ur films but its grown worse by d day.u r not even ashamed of ur lifestyle!whatever.i know u care less about what anybody is saying but know dat whatever a man soeth, so shall he reap.

  41. Well it all about choice…….. We all have our taste in life…..but the fact is you have taste when you are tasted……and you are being tasted by your character….so tonto be of good character…….you have cause much problem… needless being rude…..try and be friendly…..if not to me atleast to your fellow actress……k…..heed my advice….love you…..

  42. dikeh, this reason is worthy 2 b an excuse 4 being absent on her weding bcos she cor-operate with so many pple doz nt mean a frend 2 them, think abt it d day of ur own if many stars in movie industry don’t come hw wil u fil, as AKI is 2 do weding 2morow u nt atend it bcos he’s nt ur frend, baby girl change ur way bcos i luv ur acting in movies.

  43. Dikhe or wat did u call urself?i think i hav had enof of urstupid and child lik alltitude…i knw all dis is bcos u think u ar so beautiful nd ur pride can make u talk anyhw,wat i wil do is to cast spell on u…i promise u jst 2wks all dat beauty of urs will shrink away

  44. that’s a child like attitude of you. tonto dikeh, must you be her friend for you to attend a colleagues wedding?how many friends do you think you have and how many do you think would attend your own wedding?think ahead and remove such an idea it doesnt work not inthis generation.

  45. I honestly don’t blame you, I blame myself for caring so much to read this BS about you running your mouth and talking s**t!

    I have an advice for you. There are more diplomatic/polite ways of saying you are not friends with Mercy Johnson and incase you didn’t get the memo, not everyone thinks you must be friends with everyone, r u insane?

    Nyway, you don’t need to take the advise but I have said it already.

  46. Tonto datz verrrrrrrrrry bad of u. U’ve got no fkkin xcuse 2 b absent. Isnt she ur co-actress? If u cldnt attend cos she’z nt ur fwend cldnt u av attended cos she’z ur co-actress?? So hush up if u’ve got nufin 2 say. Am sure ur absent wasnt even noticed den n it didnt stop Mercy’s weddin 4rm tkin place. Go n find smfin else 2 say n leave d ‘fwend issue’ out of diz….. Wishing Mercy a friutfl n api marid lyf.

  47. Why are u people judging somebody’s action? Tonto has her own best reason why she did not attend d wedding. I cant see any reason why pouring these insults on her. I want to ask one quetion. Among all the movie stars, was it only Tonto that did not attend the wedding? I guess no. There must be other stars who did not go. So why harrasing dis girl? Among all of u dat are raining insult on her, can any one swear dat since he/she came to dis world, u have never affended anybody? Who judjed u? So why judging another person? Pls let us be realistic and leave dis poor innocent girl alone.

  48. life indeed is a mystery
    I’m not taking sides coz tonto’s absence isn’t the issue at stake but her wishes for mercy.everyone’s quite aware of the trauma mercy’s wedding created but the point is she found solace in okogie.wish her d blessings of marriage
    lest i forget
    tonto ur carefree attitude abt ur dressing is likely to drag u to d mud…. pls be more decent
    stay blessed

  49. Tonto you should know that you are a public figure ; so you have to watch your diction and what you say so that it does not become a hunting shadom .. It,s obvious you talk with so much reckless abandon.. All u would have done was give a reason for ur absence rather than say she is not my friend. By saying that am sorry to say you did not act your age, in term,s of popularity and acting skills , mercy bench you , in all ramification she is ahead of you.. Learn to think before you speak especially when you are a public figure so that you dont loose your fans respect
    i have an advise for you, in life we all need sense of beloning, affiliation with people, is one thing that response to the principle of reciprocity.. Always think before you speak , may God help us all to live aright

    • Tonto just try and be good,keep pride behind you so that people will love you more u are too raz for my liking since you can’t explain what happen btw u and mj then just forget it orda than saying she isn’t ur frnd.mj is loved by almost everyone so watch what u say else anoda person go buy her problem,u even nt nt be frnd with mj cos she isn’t your type,she is too much for you.if you can’t tell us what transpired then I will rather say you are jealous of her cos she is too much for stop acting and go and apologize to her. I hate you

  50. My pple,must we judge our felow human,rmemba judge nt,she’s a grow up gal 4 GOD sake,she knws wat is gud 4 her ad wat she wats…..mercy is nt complaini so y shud u guys drik paracentamol ova anoda man’s headache?

  51. Tonto dear… Its obvious u don’t like mercy… But one advice is dis… D fact dt u don’t like her doesn’t reduce her… She’s ahead of u in evritin… U knw dat… She’s even married buh u dnt even have hopes as it stands… Don’t compete wit her @ all… Cuz u will neva get to wher she is.. Sop ur absence in her wedding didn’t even hold water… The more important ppl graced it 4 her so ur absence wasn’t noticed. And 2 u.. Mrs mercy… U r 4eva loved and cherished by ur fans.. Ther is one tin about u dt brings tears 2 my eyes each time… ‘ Ur good heartedness’ u r such a nyc person… I pray u find peace n love n joy in all ur dealings in life.. Alwys rememba ur fans love u.. Especially meeeeeee… Pls dnt give a hoot 2 wot dis zombi tinks of u!!! Jx knw dt u rockkkkkkk

  52. Nigerians always has complain on anoder persons biznes if timaya make move you guys will complain, if d,banj act is still do dsame if 2face smile u wil complian if wizkid smoke marijuana u still complain and n i knw all of u guys ar allways on blue-boy, so leav tontodike alone or dose it mean dat mercyjohnson has neva been abbsent on any occasions, even u there complaining still mise occasions dat u suppose 2 attend dat of your closest friend but stil you did not go and giv exciuse,,,,d fact dat they are superstars, dose not stop their normal human behavior,which even obama do so by stoping his duther from facebook, so mine ur biznes guys

  53. Tonto! Tonto! Torotoro. Hw many tyms did I call U̶̲̥̅̊? Use Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r tongue to count Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r teeth, trouble de sleep inyanga go wakamooo. Y nt try to get hook wth anytin whether human or Animal. Marriage na marriga eeek kwa,

  54. I personally choose d events dat i go for. I dont let people choose me as friends,but rather i choose my frnds. Is nt a must she attends dat wedding,but i will say may be we didnt understand her reasons. Do u wish to tell me u ve neva declined an invitation? U lie if u say dat. I dnt like nigerians,we always criticise each other,but americans show love even in their flaws,n dat is y they r beta dan us. Tt i personally luv u. Forgive mj pls n make amends,u both can b best of frnds tomoro,who knws?

  55. I choose d events i attend,same goes to tonto. There r ways of correcting one even if d person is wrong,n definitely nt by calling her names. U gals calling her names,am so surprise at u,most of u r worst dan her. Pls lets nt cause more harm but pray for her if we think she’s nt doing d ryt tin. If we all insult her,instead of correcting her,hw will she then knw wat she did n where she went wrong? Me i’ve declined so many invitations of my coursemates,even my neighbours just bcs they are nt my friends,but that doesnt mean i dnt wish them well. Pls lets stop all these,daz y americans will always be ahead of us anytym anyday cos they show luv even wen d person is going astray,pls my people. Tonto i knw u dnt knw me,i dnt knw u either,but believe me,d last tin i’ll ever do is to judge u,we all have our reasons for our actions,but one tin i want to say is this ” forgive those dat wronged u even as our heavenly father forgives u your tresspasses pls.”i luv u gal,ur one of my favourites. Mj congrats to u. I luv u too. One love 9ja. Peace

  56. I will say a litle but gain from it if you make use of it. Tonton dike is not a good thing for you to think of yourself that way, even if you say they are not your friend but you guys are colleques nd you meet in defferent industries tonton dike I must tell you, you are beautiful and you look humble and respected, be social and friendly to your colleques. This is an advise and I hope you will make use of it.

  57. Chinagorom Emerald Ilo(Alvan).it is you and your bloody ingrained called tonto dike that will go to hell and crash not mercy johnson she is amazingly covered with her fans prayers.You have chosen to curse a blessed queen therefore you are also cursed .You are equally frustrated just like your madam tonto dike shame on you guys.

  58. Tonto dikeh you know wat I know that that’s your personality but you just don’t need to be so stuipid to do that like seriously that’s old thing back chatting someone
    Who does that at this point like serouisly fuck it

  59. Tonto dikeh, I had always loved watching your movies but hardly did I know you could reason as such. You would have give other reasons rather than saying she is not your friend yet she is your colleague. You guys should work as a team and not enemies. Please change OK

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