Tonto Dikeh Talks About Her Parents Reaction To Her Movies And Why She is Addicted To Smoking

Controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh reveals more about herself in a recent interview, she explains her parents reaction to her movies and why she cannot stop smoking.
You can view the interview below:

How would you described your career at the moment?

I think it’s really flourishing,it’s doing very well.I am happy about it and with the Damage produced by Uche Jumbo which I featured in,I believe my career has been taken to the next level.

I am really happy for the success.

No doubt,Tonto Dikeh is among the hottest actresses right now,how does it feel?

It feels great but really I don’t see myself from that angle.

How would you describe yourself?

I think I can say I am a very broad minded person.I have a good heart.

But the impression out there is that Tonto Dikeh is a controversial actress,what is your reaction to this?

Yes,a lot of people say I am controversial.I can even say that about myself.Tonto is that,Tonto is this,today Tonto is doing this,tomorrow she is doing that.I can say categorically that I am very controversial but why it’s like that is what I do not know.

I think that Africans are not all that exposed to a lot of daring acts and once you do that,you become a very strange person to them.

And before you know it,you have become a topic.It goes on and on like that just because you have deviated from who they think you’re.

Just because you’re doing something different from what others do,they will call you a lot of names,that’s just what I can say about that
You have been perceived as an actress that finds delight in controversial movies to the extent that you,at times kiss endlessly,do you enjoy that kind of role?

What happens is that I love doing my work the way it should be done and I am doing it well.Like I always say,if you take out movie in me being a village girl and you take out of me being a hull,you can’t fault anyone.

I am good at that,I am good at this.It is not just because you see me that way in movies and you think that’s the way I am in real life.

But to some extent,all these roles to some people are indecent,how,do you feel about that?

I think why I can’t see anything wrong about it is because I am an artist but it is easy for you to see the other side of people and judge who is climbing,but left to me,I don’t see any offence in that because it’s a movie and am interpreting a role according to the script.

I am trying to tell a story.So,just like I have told you,I don’t need to be judged by what I do in movies.Anybody,who does that,is just giving him or herself unnecessary headache.

Does that mean your real self is kilometers away from Tonto Dikeh people see on the screen?

Of course,yes,I am free to be a different Tonto in every role I interprete in a movie.But I also believe I have my personality at stake.So,I can’t do anything that will affect my personality.

In most cases,you’re comfortable kissing endlessly in movies,what’s your reaction on that?

To me,that’s very easy.I take things like that for granted.So,far it’s over,it’s over.It doesn’t reflect in my life.Immediately I am through with that kind of role,I leave and start thinking of what next to do.

On June 9,2011,you added another year,we learnt you received a lot of gifts topped by a brand new BMW 6 series given to you by your fiancé?

I am not going to talk on anything like that.Besides,I don’t have a fiancé.

But you have a boyfriend that was actually responsible for that if not fiancé?

Really? I didn’t see any one around.(Laughs)

Some people are saying you and Halima are no longer in good terms,how true is it?

That’s not true.Immediately you came in,I asked you about her.

That tells you that what people are saying does not exist at all.It is only that we are no longer close as we used to be.Anytime we see,we talk and we have drinks.

We don’t have issues at all.It’s just that we have to move on and do something different for ourselves.

How do your parents react to all these movie roles you interprete?

I thank God for the kind of family I am from.They are very understanding,they know its all about my job and nothing else.

Aside acting,if I do something wrong,they still scold me and advice me the right way.They have been very supportive.

Another issue your fans complain about is that you’re a smoker and you have once admitted enjoying it,what’s your reaction?

I appreciate the fact that people are getting worried about that but why? Is it because I am Tonto Dikeh or because they love me and they want me to be in good health? They”re two different things but I don’t care.I care only when you give reasons for talking about me smoking.

I don’t think that should affect you,so far you’re not my brother or my sister.We are not from the same family.

My smoking habit doesn’t affect your life in any way.If I die tomorrow,you’re not going to bury me.My father has the money to bury me.So,why are they talking about it?

Don’t you know some people love you and they want to see more of you as an actress?

That’s what I am saying,it all depends on the motive,any good reason for writing about it or posting it on the internet? I have not seen any reason as far as I am concerned.Period.

May be because of the wide campaign that smokers are liable to die young and they won’t want that kind of a thing to happen to you?

(Cuts in) Even if I am going to die young,I am not their sister.It’s something I know is a bad habit and I think I should stop it.That will be done at the right time.It’s not as if I see it as something I should be proud about,it’s just a terrible habit that I am used to.

I will stop it at my own time,people should just give me a breathing space.


  1. truely speakin tonto is no gud to havin fans. Other celebrity see to wat der fan wants them to b nd work on it but, here she is tlkin about fans not been her brother or sister!..she’s too sentimental nd i hate her

  2. I am
    not their sister.It’s
    something I know is a
    bad habit and I think I
    should stop it.That will
    be done at the right
    time.It’s not as if I see it
    as something I should be
    proud about,it’s just a
    terrible habit that I am
    used to.
    I will stop it at my own
    time. Imagine the sentimentality, When will the damn right time ever come? Smokers like this never quit. Tonto! With the way you afress your fans, ur days of stardom are numbered. Repent!

  3. There are some people that should not be even talked about. i think we are making them feel kind of special and important, people that don’t add value to the society..The world is turning to a robot land we think the way television wants us to think that is rubbish.

  4. All of u blabbin’ like Faggots about Tonto are all fools…You all need 2 get a life and stop posting such rubbish about her as if your sisters are not Harlots and you all r way outta her league…Do you pay her? Did she tell you she wants Doomed fans like Y’all? Just because she’s a star she should live by the rules of low lives? check your families, some of you have got teenage pregnant sisters and drug addicts…so a piece o’ advice for y’all…SHUT THE FUCK UP…

  5. Tonto,i dont know wen u started smoking,but u shouldnt b proud of it,its gradualy killing u and if u dont quite it,u go die verry well,and ur fans will attend ur funeral instead of ur wedding.may b its d litle money dat is sharkin ur head.

  6. O girl i’m not ur fan o but adore wat u acted in loosing u but now i know dat Van Vicker was rite cos d same way u reacted 2 ur fans here in 9ja must ve being d same way u reacted to Van with ur stupid attitude. Do u kw wat u re soooo…. Rude or u re out of senses cigar don de control u, Pls kep on enjoying ur smoking idiot maybe ur mama nd papa nd ur siblings dem don’t give u d kind of advice ur fans offers u or u uses money 2 shut dier mouth up or likwis abuse dem if dey speak up becos charity begins at home. U re useless to ur pple by speaking lik dat. Ewu, Aturu. @ Santo1. Hm i don’t even kw wat 2 tel u rather u shuld useless 2 ur family too lik ur mistres. 2brats

  7. Since our sister tonto has admitted that it’s a bad habit and that she wanna stop it,lets nt criticize her but instead lets pray to God to give her the enabling grace to be able to stop it.Starting a habit is easy but stopn it, is a herculean task.people are mounting pressure on her and i think thats wot she’s reacting 2.Please Tonto if you can see this txt,we understand your predicament,i know you are working at stoping it,but i urge you to never relent.MOST PEOPLE CRITICIZING YOU ARE INTO WORSE HABITS THAN YOU DO.BUT PLEASE SISTER WHAT EVER YOU DO,THINK OF YOUR LIFE.WE WILL BE PRAYING TO GOD TO HELP YOU…

  8. baby gal,our elder said is only love once can be caution i think u should not continue killing yourself just because of noting remember our weather here in Nigeria is not like a white men whom u are trying to imitate is very hot opp u no? so plz stop it all of us are ur sibylline as far as God is consign

  9. Please Tonto don’t tarnish the image of your parent, am not your fan, but i know for sure, your parent won’t be happy with the kind of roles you play in various movie (nudity) and you smoke too. No parent will be happy with such ” U won’t just listen to them” because of the cash and the exposure u have gotten. change girl

  10. Na wa o! Tonto dis,tonto that, make una free this chic na!
    But to be honest,this is getting too much. Why is everybody against this chic?
    Tonto abeg try adjust a bit. I know u cant please everybody but wen complaints are too much,then there is a problem.

  11. Tonto,am no fan of urs bt no dat ur fans r d true mirror 4rm wich u shuld c urself.i dnt evn tink u wanna settle down bt mind u gurl,u ll regret many tins if u dnt adjust 4 ur life bt try listen 2 advice cos evn ur cash wont save u wen d tyms wait ooo,hw much u tink say u n ur papa get sef wey persn neva get?????

  12. there is something dat neds 2 be figured out, tonto dikeh, reading all u have said u dont sim 2 have gud pals around u . I dont knw where d fault is from but definately d pals u kip are nt gud ur altitude 2 people is nt profitable, d earlier d beta 4 u and ur house hold. 2 be 4warned is 2 b 4armed.

  13. well…..tonto dike is rit by sayin dat no one shld judge her artistic life……. So people pls stop her..its her life, and she said, u r neither her sis, bro or parents….so….pls dont judge her.
    Tonto……i think….although as ur said are not ur folks,…..u shld still watch and mind how u talk to dem….FANS ARE PRETTY IMPORTANT… Dats one tin u shld knw…
    As for me….lol not even a fan of nigerian movies nor thier actors and actresses….i jst felt like sayin wats on my mind….besides DYKE….. U r a GORGEOUS

  14. my lady, pls smokin will seam to make u hapi nd comfortable, but not smokin at all i bet u, will make u more hapi nd comfortable,my dear i knw ova dia in d white man’s world it means notin to dem,but down hia in africa we see female smokin as an act of deviance, dats y dey say deviance is relative to time, place nd culture.pls my dia dis is africa, dnt alow ur fans to cours u ok,dey luv u, pls i want u to knw dat ur case is neva d worst act of deviance ok, cheers, luv u.

  15. You people shld leave tonto alone and mind ur business,i dnt knw whats wrong with Nigerians always lookin for people’s fault.It is her life she can live it as it pleases her,nobody is perfect,everybody has their own shortcomings, some people insulting her are worse than she is. I BEG LEAVE OUR ARTISTES ALONE. LET THEM .


  17. Tonto has chosen her kind of lifestyle, no doubt. However, the problem here is her manner of approach to her dear fans who must have loved and appreciated her effort all this years. This interview had revealed that Tonto had never appreciated her fans for anything. I believe that most of her fans will begin to watch her with contempt in any of her movies irrespective of the role she played. I would suggest that Tonto’s parents should review some aspect of her LIFE for she is a star to watch.

  18. May all u that wish Tonto Death Die wretched deaths, May u all see no good in your life…Look at frustrated prostitutes and robbers spitting rubbish from unclean mouths.
    Envy is a disease and by the way she is not reading all diz rubbish, She is making cool cash and going places while u all r stuck hia without a life.
    Go follow her on twitter and see her fan base still rocks…so u all chihuahua’z aren’t needed @ all….piece of advice 4 y’all haterz..since ur so jabless…Y not start digging ya own gravez and save ya parents d labour of doing it demselvez …it’s not too late…DOOMED HYPOCRITES.

  19. Tonto, i would advice you to stop smoking no matter how hard it may seem to you. your fans love you so much and that is why they care much about your health and remember, you will be a mother tomorrow so my dear live and exemplary life for your children to grow with. I LOVE YOU TONTO BUT PLEASE TAKE CORRECT IS IMPORTANT.

  20. Mmmmh…. Always is all about tonto dikeh. Y nt allow d poor girl her peace. Anyway tonto if u are reading dis comment i wil honestly adjorned u to stop scrupulous habit of smooking cigarrete cos is destroyin u lungs and kidney badly. Remember ur organs can neva b both or replace completely with money. Am only concerned abt u bcos i luv u and i wil like to c u in d nearest future married and enjoying d wealth u’ve laboured for nt attending ur funeral. Pls try and stop.

  21. Tonto D painful part z if u die nw witout quiting dz act, even in hell instead of smoking cigrate u will be smoking acid. It wil be so agonizing, so d choice z urs. Use ur tongue to count ur teeth. Smoking has nvr been a symbol of riches or big gal, as 4 ur manners hmmm jst try n appreciate pple who lv u, bcos witout us there won’t be tonto dike.

  22. If tonto isn’t a star actress who will notice her Α̲̅πϑ say all ds to her,let her be atleast everybody has access to his or her life,dere are people who are worst dan her,pls free her Α̲̅πϑ don’t judge her cus γ☺u•̸Ϟ•̸-̶̶•-̶ all is not God..

  23. My luv,ther is dis say dat says it’s only a tree dat bears friut dat people trw stöne at. So dis 2 tel u dat u’r makin waves in d movie industry. U need 2 guard it jelously n heed 2 advice. In any which way anybody says or present it,it’s al aimed at one directn & mind u no body has d pwer 2 write u off xcept God.we al ar band 2 make mistak in lyf,just as u did in adrezin ur fanz al u need is a change of attitude n d sky wil b u startn point. Luv dear

  24. Am nt surprise 2 ear dat 4rm a u tonto but i pity ur shot life lik us cnt even lik 2 perceive de breath of smoke talkles 2 absorb de taste..ur cmment interpret hw bad u r & am srry 4 a crazyman dat wl cmmit 2 marry such a ruingirl lik u,u’ve shown how indispline u r wit ur family

  25. Sweet heart I luv u so much,I’m ur fan,I cnt watch any movie dat didn’t feature u. But pls our parents dnt pray for them to burry their children so dear dnt say dat word again dat,ur father have d money to burry ?U????? cos if u die I wll no longa watch nija muvies. Pls sis I knw its difficult especially wen one is addicted to it,I knw u will quit it gradually. I luv u girl.

  26. Well, u all have commented well. . . .but i see beyond these notes. . . .tonto is only trying to cause awareness, wanting her name on ur lips,if she doesn’t have bad habits, would u have talked abt her where the likes of better actress are countless. . . . .just like the way mario balloteli is acting for man city. . . . . . . .the key to this is simple. . When u cant get ur fame thru ur positive best, try the negative act and u wil see ur name on every lips. . . . . .tonto, live ur life the way u want, but think next time b4 u run ur mouth like oshodi drainage. . . .and infonaija. . .bring us better topics to discuss here, u are only making her feel important

  27. Tonto,let me tel u somtin u shuld abt,wateve u does in dis later nt only 4ur benefit bt also d benefit 4d pple around u.nd way u dress is d way 2b addres.pls my dear evrytin has a limit,jus minimzd ur status coz wit dis,u cnnt benefit it,ur positn is bcomin worst.ur stage has change nigeria movie in2 another catagories,we knw as most disciplin coutry among others,pls stop disgracing us.maybe u’re a hal go it nd leav movie.

  28. D truth z. Always bita oooo. If tonto like’s she quit if she like’s she dnt. Z her lungs n her life. Those of u who r professing hypocritical lv 4 her,gvin her d go ahead. if she z ur blood sis I knw u wuldnt hv dne dat. Evn d bible say save d rod n spoil d child. Tonto a word z a enuf 4 d wise.if u tink u whose ur life n u can live it d way u feel
    , u lie. becos even if u die witout quiting u wil gv acct to ur maker on hw u spent ur life smooking ur self out, maybe he wil applaud u n welcom u to his bossom. or kick ur ass to d flame were u will see enuf fire to light ur cigrate in d company of d beast. There wuld’nt be any fans to trouble u there. D bible say d eyes of d lord z too pure to behold iniquity. Wil r doing dz bcos people r looking up to u n sme r following ur steps. My dear wat message r u passing across? God lv’s u bcos u r his pride. N u r beautiful pls dnt distroy urself wit ur own hands. All d money u r making can’t save u 4rm d wrath ahead if u dnt quit. No 1 z forcing u, z only u dat can make that possitive change. Tink abt it

  29. When it comes to habits, its really NOT ALWAYS that easy to drop. But if you start early enough and little by little just before you realize it, you would have out grown it. Maybe not for the benefit if ur parents and health cos am sure u wud have heard that several times; this time i think just for the sake of a (your) success story..I love you.

  30. Girl,pls i wil never insault u but rather say is ur lyf but what will it profut u to smoke d hile cugerete on eather on loose ur soul in hell,girl pls tnk of ur future. And ur family,luv u girl,i will not neglect ur movie,i still luv u.

  31. Tonto should realise dat life has no duplicate, if she takes life 4 granted life will as well take her for granted, becos she is not appreciative 2 d fact dat she is still alive,however she can still stop it if only she want it all depends on her.

  32. please all of you,stop insulting all are happyand interested in the affairs of foreign artist and woship them. if you all are exposed and stop being hypocrites;you will see that she is as natural as she can be. she isnt perfect so dont expect her to do all u all are asking of her.she is a human being and not her instead of insults;bless her instead of causes. she is a real babe and i respect her for that. the only advice i will give tonto is;respect ur fans no matter their way of addressing issues.they made you who u are today. one love peeps

  33. Tonto i always like seing u on screen. But is like u dont wana live. If you die now where will u go. Let this time be the right time for u to stop smoking. Ur fans love u. They dont want u to die young

  34. Tonto, i love ur films but wat i rely hate in u is dt attitude of,“i dont care“ n wich is showing even in ur conversation/interview n ur fans r tellin u somtin concernin ur life just cos dy love u or is it a crime to u as an artist/actress?Wel,if dts hw u want 2 live ur life,so be it cos nobody is goin 2 beg 2 change ur ways.