Tonto Faces Ban From Ghollywood If She Doesn’t Apologize To Van Vicker

Reports have it that Ghanaian movie directors have banned Tonto Dike from starring in any Ghanaian movie pending the time she issues a public apology to Van Vicker over the fracas they (She and Van Vicker) had on set. During a movie shoot, Tonto Dike was said to have “insulted” Van Vicker because he asked her to smoke outside or put out her cigarette.

In response to the incident, a Ghana-based celebrity blog said Van Vicker is a highly respected person in Ghanaian movie industry and they will not tolerate such insolence from any artiste either from home or abroad.

“Can she insult RMD like that” one movie director asked?

They threatened to sanction anyone who features Tonto in a Ghanaian movie, and intend to formally write Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) to express their displeasure.

No words yet from Tonto Dikeh on whether she’ll apologise or call their bluff.

First of all, The comparison between RMD and Van Vicker, what’s that!!?? and do you guys think Tonto should actually apologize? I didn’t hear of any Nigerian calling for Ghana’s  FOKNBOIZ to apologize over their song “THANK GOD WE ARE NOT A NIGERIANS” and they certainly didn’t apologize anyway.


  1. i think she will apologize cos its her movie life but come to think of it y are they com Van Vicker to RMD, van vicker and tonto will be like age mates but rmd is now a big man who doesnt have time for this and i also think that assuming this case was between any Ghanaian actress and a nigerian actor this nigerians will neva ask for any apology from any body or even banning her from acting i think gh… are very stupid to say that. and honestly everybody has its own life to live so she is freee to do watever she wants

  2. Datz Injustice I hav never heard of Nig askin Ghana to appologize 4 anytin afterall datz a normal conflict dat is lykly to occure amoung people so I don’t see anytin special about dat. Datz just to creat problem…NONSENSE..!!!

  3. @annie and jpa i support u guys, Ghanians behave as if they are important but they are not without their jagons actors and actresses. Nollywood is still the best and i dont think their own rubbish will still be popular again, the worst part is that they dont have sense cos if they do, by now they will begging tonto dike to come back cos nigerian actress are really making money for them.

  4. @annie and jpa i support u guys, Ghanians behave as if they are important but they are not without their jagons actors and actresses. Nollywood is still the best and i dont think their own rubbish will still be popular again, the worst part is that they dont have sense cos if they do, by now they will begging tonto dike to come back cos nigerian actress are really making money for them.

  5. well. its just how they(ghwood) see it. bt believe that there exist rule/culture and norms of how things should be run. if any one goes against the norms; then face the consequence of his/her sin. we should all respect fundamental human right: right to choose, right to express urself. etc
    However, ghwood still have to learn from nollywood. if so many things look alike, therefore some things still look different. Nollywood still they lead ooo.

  6. Wow. Both of them shd just settle dis amicable, it’s normal in movie indurtries bluff do occure but we never hear or heard abt it in nollywood y is ghana elscalating dis issue. Dis is very verissimilitude it shdn’t av been on air. They shd just cut d trash n continue with their act. Hit me up on facebook emmanuella ozi

  7. Tonto should’nt appologise for any reason. Atferall they exchanged wards. If smoking is his problem, then what about the part they make her play in Gholywood. Besides compiaring van vicker to RMD is an insuly to nollywood.

  8. @tunapupu, if u fink gh ve norms y didn’t dey sensor dat wannabe who sang that song…funny enough thank God they re not nigerians… Wat rit does van v have to tell tonto…d how she should do her stuff is it a crime to smoke? Besides was there any law she broke? Does gh… Re too proud i fink we nigerians re too soft n afraid of confrontation…. Imagine dem comparin van wit RMD does guys re nutts…. Dem no even say nonso…d….

  9. Y re u guys so sentimental abt d whole thing. Let 4gt abt being a ghananian or nigerian, d issue here is dat Tonto Dike insulted Van Vicky. And as long as d verb insult is there, it attracts an appology. Therefore, Tonto shld quickly go n appologise or loss d remaining part of her respect 4rm her fans wc remaind after her ill behaviour wz exposed.

  10. i believe everybody has his or her life to live. Van vicker acting in such manner means that he is not happy with her.if the ghanians wants dikeh to apologize to vicker certainly van have to apologize to nigerians as whole for commanding a citizen to stop what she is doing to sustain her life talk more of beating her. Na wa o imagin ghanians.

  11. Tonto is crying out for help… From her action there is somrthing missing in her life and she needs hepl.. Think about it… Those words she used to Van were not necessary at all… Forget about where Van is coming from he is older tham what she is and is a man.. She is a lady and should not be using such words… After all, when African ladies start using such words????

  12. Ghanians are making issues as if they have grudges against Nigerians..this issue is not upto Tonto coming out publicly to apologize to van. Meanwhile, RMD have nothing to do in this issue pls you people should stop mentioning his name. Pls allow Van and Tonto to settle their problem amicably without any third party.

  13. To be candid, van vicker is nobody to be compared with RMD there is vast distance btw d nose an d head. I learnt dat d ghanain govt now demands for money frm any nigerian movie director who intend to shot movies in there country, so i guess what they need or want is seperation in nolly an ghally which i think is d best bcos they ar bloody parasite and apology frm tonto to van shdn’t be used as excuss, one tin for sure is ghallywood can never surpass nollywood and besides nollywood had just been ranked 2nd in d world’s movie industries which i see as an exortic historic record.

  14. Ghanaians are just stupid pple. Tonto will lose my respect if she appologises to any stupid van persie of what ever he calls him self.. And who ever compares van vicker with rmd is totally,completely & absolutely stupid.

  15. Ghoollywood or wat eva u its called, its better u come out fully n lets knw where u’re heading to cos comparing RMD BABA AGBA to van v is an insult on RMD’s personality n Nigerian as a whole, n apologising to van v should neva be done both on earth n in heaven, fuck all ghanians surporting dat senseless demand, I rest my coment.

  16. let them settle their conflict themselves n nt bring our RMD into dis.its disrepecting Nollywood to even compare RMD wit van vicky.van shld be compared with d likes of mike ezuronye but mike beat am hands down.i respect both actors(van n tonto).Ghollywood shld mind their words cos dat was too fast 2 think of banning who dem be sef?

  17. Ghanian should go to hell, they should keep their actresses actors and we wil see who needs other most. And talking abt apology tonto would apologise becos staying and acting together there must be a fight between someday, so dat was wat happened btw them, so ghanian shouldnt take it personal and react over comon misunderstanding. And comparing Rmd and van vicker, is unfair and stupidity.

  18. who is this Kk Owusu guy? am sure his a Ghanian who allowed you into dis site are you mad? if u stay in 9ja u betya watch your bk,wen 9gerians are talking idiots lik u shuld not even mak any noise at all.4ck Ghollywood,4ck Van Vicker even though i lik him . Tonto leave Ghollywood alone without dem you go chop u be big gal and u hav every right to do wat ever you lik,continue doing wat you knew hw to do best.@RMD bami only a fool compares a dog and a lion,shee na 4 xperience ni, abi moni, abi connection abi wat did dis stupid dhollywood pple think RMD has dat Moluwe Vicker has shit dis guys are trash.

  19. why would she be smoking in the first place, in Nigeria we have culture she most obey to that, even if she smoking she shouldn’t do it outside
    now she been corrected she want ahead to insult him………
    let her go and say that world I AM SORRY to van vick……….

  20. 2 be candid, Tonto does not suppose 2 smoke in d midst of people, she could have excuse herself, wat she did was total rubbish.

    secondly Ghollywood or watevr dey are called shouldn’t have made such statmnt, dey are takn it 2 far, it means dat dey are havin bad feelings 4 Nollywood so dey are jst waiting 4 d oppr2nity. Dis is a case btw 2 Adult, so i tink dey can se2l dir dffrnces dem self.

  21. stop peddling false rumors abt tinto facing a ban in Ghana unless she apologise.anyway these 2 actors are no big deal, eventough i lyke audacity and juicy lips of Tinto and Van vicker s boring anyway even here in Ghana.stop making it Gh-Naija war there are better issues to talk abt.

  22. Well, she should apologize to him, cuz I see. ‎​₪☺ reason why she should insult him just becuz he asked her to go out and smoke. She Ȋ̝̊̅§ so stupid, she don’t have respect, she only thinks she Ȋ̝̊̅§ on top,fuck U̶̲̥̅̊ tonto, apologize to him now

  23. While vicker and tonto, who is behind all this dawn talk, what is is all-about? To the extend of comparing a boy to oga infact the Ghana person to swallow back the talk before it come to another thing and they should be warn for their information. Simple

  24. I don’t know when this Ghanian pple start this there stupid disdainful attitude tryin to compare RMD wit that small boy of yesterday, Van Vicker.Infact,it’s like comparing a tower wit a crumbling hut.They had beta put an end to this hullabaloo & allow both parties involved to sort out there differences…..

  25. We Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ all †ђξ same people acting together, it doesn’t mean Ѡћϕ start first or last, she should go and apologize to him, another thing Ȋ̝̊̅§ that †ђξ should settle there problem with comparing with anybody, she should go and do what she suppose to do, after all van Ȋ̝̊̅§ a man that need respect, van can ask her to do something so she should apologize.

  26. This is Bull shit!!!
    There is certainly smfin these chickens aren’t telling d world. They seem 2 tink we are competing wit em, well sumone ought 2 bring em bak 2 their senses. Wateva hapnd, Motor Van shuld b grateful she was lenient enof 2 just tell him off. I know Tonto wuldn’t have insltd him if dey didn’t have anyfin in common, he must b owing her. Ghanians are displaying sheer REBELLION but twill do dem harm not good. Dat tin dat mentiond Baba RMD deserves 2 be castrated, modafucka!

  27. I can’t believe sensible pple here are insulting da gateway 2 africa bcos of dat foolish girl…..FUCK those hating, the writer of this post and all da pple involved in dat incident(tonto, van, Rmd, da director, nolly/ghollywood). Long live Ghana and Nigeria

  28. I love or like Tonto Diko so much but then I think she should apologise to Van Vicky for such insult. I think Tonto has big problem with smoking & I think she has to stop that b4 it will be too late for her….!!! Well I still love & admire her so much but she should know that the world does not end on movies, for life is more than movies!!! She should turn to God b4 it would be too late and all these will just in vain. Yes she should give herself to God….!!! Godfrey -Portugal.

  29. The nerve those Ghanians have!
    Though I don’t like Tonto for always getting caught up in one matter or another but Ghanians are idiots to think Tonto should apologize for any reason. They should apologize to us first for their disrespects.
    For the moronic Director comparing their dumb-ass actor to RMD….. RMD AIN’T IN YOU OR ANY OF YOUR ACTORS’ LEAGUE YOU FOOL.

  30. @Anniee thats very uncivil of you to say, whether they have just 1 actor or actress, it does not mean she should insult her pls dont incite words that will make things worst for her, bcos she is my beloved fan and i cannot afford to see are do the opposite of what they expect from her.
    SWEET TOTON, TONTON TONTON; You are more than that pls simply apologies and continue climbing the ladder to fame. You shld now that we wll be proud when we here that lots of your movies are selling outside Nigeria’s boarder.


  31. Dy shd settle ther differences. I dont know wat beef ghanians have ova Nigerians. I v dealt wit dm directly, dy r d greatest liars u can tink of. Dy always want 2 show off their wits but dy end up showing off their lack off common sense. Dy talk about tonto apologies 2 van vicker, did van apologise 2 Ramsey when he insulted him on set? Who banished him (van) 4 dat in nollywood?

  32. I am very surprised at the way you people are handling this issue, you just took the issue and turn it into something else with your stupidity and arrogance. the whole thing is about tonto dike insulting van vicker because he told her to go out nd smoke or put out the cigarette, simple. nobody wan inhale wetin she dey smoke nah, na disease, if she wan do am, wah example is leaving for people who are looking up to her, okay that aside- she can do as she like it is her life. Just apologize, van is her senior in everyway and that makes him her elder, nd a respectable person that was why they mentioned rmd(also a respectable person), they could have called just anybody… Ghollywood respects and protects their own that is why they demanded an apology from her and if Nollywood or any other Agency wants to, they can demand an apology from those guys that sang that song or could just refuse to promote the song in Nigeria simple!. No one will hold them, they are just protecting their own to avoid future occurrence.
    Please this is not a country to country fight and you all that insulting should be ashamed of yourselves.
    I am a Ghanian but was Born here in Nigeria and I understand the issue perfectly. Please lets come as one. No One is forming superiority for anybody.
    Abeg make una stop am! E don do!…

  33. i can c the greatest rival we have in african is gahana how can u command some one to stop smoking wer ther is no rulez dt said dn’t smoke here….wen did van start making movies…tonto u did d right tin,if ther is more ways embrass him the more is he the only one there,must he show his self…van used to smoke in movies or is that one nt smoking or because dt one is movie,or is his yarsh his using to smoke that one….gahnolly people u guy should be sincer and trash the matter..

  34. I can see we Ghanian we have to think be we talk we don’t insult we make peace that why we are one of the best country in Africa we are not too much in the con try so we are no just waiting for a small thing to fight or instul we have something to think about for u the is a lot of sensitive people in 9ja if the will talk the will talk better can see a lot of u here have no comonsen ur here talking bllllweee be course of a girl have no respect for herself call tonto or what I don’t even know her she don’t know ur existence insulting people go and get something doing or if u want to fight go meet book haram they are there and we a not in the list of terrorist we are in the list of peaceful country s lol huuhuuu god bless GH. God blass Africa I’m Ghanian born in 9ja but proud to ghanian