19 Killed in Clashes in Zamfara

Authorities say 19 people are dead after communal clashes in a village in Nigeria’s north.

Zamfara State police spokesman, Sunusi Amiru said Sunday that the attack happened early that morning in the village of Lingyado.

A local elder said about 150 attackers raided the village, going house to house to shoot people who came out to greet them. Others were slashed and stabbed to death by machetes.

Authorities sent a group of soldiers to the village to restore order. Amiru said it appeared to be a reprisal attack stemming from an attack in August on another village.

Communal clashes occur regularly in Nigeria, typically based on political or economic strife.
Source: thisdaylive.com


  1. We should not be suprised with increasing number of communal clashes. The fact is that we do not have security in this country. If UN building could be attacked and the entire country could not parade her defensive frame work on October because of national insecurity, then “ordinary communal clash” should not be a suprise. We are yet to see unprecedented attacks if the only solution we can offer to incessant attacks now are just speeches like attack on UN is a global attack and so on. We need to employ the service of resourceful and goal getting personnel in all security agents of this country. We need to be proactive and discipline in having good force that could combat any form terrorism or attack in our country. With this, we are yet to see real.