Governor Rochas Okorocha To Hold Meeting With Criminals And Kidnappers In Imo State

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State during the launch of Operation Rescue shook his audience with the announcement of his plan to hold a meeting with the Criminals and Kidnappers that operate in Imo State.
He is quoted below:

I want to invite all Criminals in Imo State. If you are a Criminal, a potential Criminal, former Criminal, I want to set a date where I am going to have a Private meeting.. . . me and YOU!. So we can discuss on the way forward. ….. You are our children; we do not hate you. We don’t want to kill you. We don’t want to destabilize your life but, we want you to have a change of attitude. While we are working that Imo must be better , we also want to makesure that your life will be better. So very soon, I am going to call on an emergency meeting of all Criminals in Imo State. . . and all the Service Chiefs in Imo State to have a one on one talk. Nobody will be there. We shall sort out the Security problem in Imo State.
What do you think about his initiative?


  1. let him first settle those that he disengaged from the Imo 10,000 job who after resigning from their previous jobs were disengaged from their job. Some of them will soon become criminals, assassins, tout and kidnappers for them to survive and when they do, they will be more dangerous than boko haram.

  2. Let other Governorz learn from baba tunde farshola! When a good leader is working very hard God is happy with him.I am one of those who believe strongly that other state Governors can still learn one or two things from that humble man! Please Abia state Governor and other Easthern states should please learn from him. If I may ask is it only going from one state capital to another is the worlk available now in the East?even in my own local government nothing is happening,in this morden eral we still talking of Rage in Abia state, please let us call a spade a spade.our leaders are shameless that is way is not their business that other states are moving forward but the remain were the are!please if you are a leader ask yourself what have not done and start from there and stop fooling yourself we know those who are performing and those who are making a noise.

  3. I am neither a potential, active or ex-criminal nor kidnaper, but I truely would love to be in that meeting. Maybe, just maybe I may have a beter job from there. I expected so much from APGA. I must not regret voting for Rochas. Pls pls inform me of such a meeting when it finaly becomes real.