Keshi Tipped To Replace Siasia

The Technical Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, wants Samson Siasia sacked as Eagles coach after he failed to qualify for the 2012 Nations Cup. reported early today that the committee, headed by Chris Green, also recommended that former coach of the Hawks of Togo, ex-international Stephen Keshi be appointed in a caretaker capacity before a competent foreign coach is hired for the country’s international team.
The committee believes that shopping for a foreign coach may take longer than necessary with the Eagles due to play a 2013 Nations Cup qualifier in January.
According to top officials, Siasia has a four-year contract, which clearly stipulated that he qualifies Nigeria to at least the semi-final of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations for it to remain valid.
Last Saturday, the Eagles failed to reach even the Nations Cup finals for the first time in 25 years. Besides not meeting this target, his managerial and technical skills were also questioned.
“It’s obvious that this man cannot handle this team,” said a top technical committee member in reference to the highly publicised spats Siasia got into with some of the Eagles top stars like Osaze Odemwingie and Vincent Enyeama.
The Aminu Maigari-led executive committee of the NFF is now expected to meet next week to deliberate on these recommendations.

Source: PM News


  1. Leave Siasia alone, let him concentrate failure to qualify does not meant that we can not get to the topworld, let him continue him job.

  2. If we should be focused in anything we are doing, we should not be in haste to fail rather in patience to achieve success, Siasia has been doing fine, just only those guys in the team need more hard hand if they want to be recognized as Nigerian nationalist. Siasia could be encouraged to work harder instead of sack him, we all see how these boys play in their clubs compare to the way they play at home, they don’t want to get injury because Nigeria has less impact in their live and carrier compare to other nations government.

  3. It’s constituted a tradition in the game of soccer to sack who does not put an impressive performance. Siasia should not be an exemption, after all he was given all the necessary support that no indigenuous coach has ever been given in Nigeria.
    I admired him and supported him in this Eagle’s job but I lost interest in him when he exhibited unforgiveness character. I’m not sentimental but I want the tradition as I said earlier to be strictly adhered to. Going by this current performance, he’s now trailing behind Amodu who did better than this and was shown the exit.

  4. Siasia did nt complete his part of d contract agreement n he’s nt just d best 4 dis country. A gud coach shud b in 1 accord wit his boyz, so dia cud b unity in d team, bt hiz is d oda way round so he shud b shown d exit.

  5. Siasia is not our problem but uncommited guys we have as player even if we bring in Guardiola we should rather expect the worse.I expect siasia to be given chance to reselect and even look for serious and comited players who could gladden our heart in Nigeria.

  6. Oh Nigeria! When shall we stop changing football coaches unfairly? I think that ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Failure to plan means planning to fail. If we are so determined of getting success, lets hire Mourinho and Guadiola as Manager and Assistant-Manager accordingly, we will still do less than what Siasia has did. Show me a perfect football Manager and I will tell you that “champions are not those who never fail, they are those who never quit”. Those agitating for Siasia’s sacking, specifically the so-called N. F. F board members are nothing but a ‘square peck in a round hole’. This is “the case of a pot calling the kettle black”. They(NFF) should first ‘remove the beam in their eyes before they talk of the mote in someone’s eye’. The current crop of players are what I may called “an old wine in a new wine skin”, even the Footballers here in Uniuyo(students) can perform creditably better than the so-called white Elephants in the name of Players. This country is a problem to itself in the football sector. When our leagues are not entertaining compared to those we watch every hour, how then do we expect to go far in achieving the impossibility?. When our football administrator use court cases as an element of distractions in the football administration, how then do we expect to square the circle? When our players seeks for greener pastures elsewhere compared to the resources we have in this country, how then do we expect harvest of goals every match? When the discovered players plying their trade in foreign under-populated countries come back and play football to the much populace Nigeria as if it’s a mystery, how then do we expect facile victories to come our way? I think it’s a mistake to do a mistake, but it’s a great mistake to repeat a mistake. Samson Siasia should be supported by all Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity and language or culture as it was so earlier before his eventual appointment. Mind you, I am not trying to vindicate or Condem Siasia per se, all I’m trying to say is that we should stop going to the drawing board without bringing fruitful results from that so-called drawing board. Keshi, Obuh, Kadhiri Ikanna, and what have we will not be a solution to the problem of lack-lustre performances of Super Eagles players, what will be a solution to it is a total overhaul of Football management in this country ranging from the superior bodies to the inferior ones. In SIASIA, I trust; in Uniuyo team, I belief!!!

  7. Hey Siasia,Is the highest paying guy Nigerian government have ever publicly declare his wages, what are we talking here they said that this guy earn #5m a month if that is true we must expect the best from him at all time without sentiment, what I mean is this guy earn more money that the president plus token given to him by footballer who wants to be in his good book, Amadu and Stephen Keshi was sacked because they qualified us to World Cup that was their own offence .So I will not be surprise if our football body retains Saisai ,because Nigeria do things anti clock wise when it comes to soccer, now can somebody tell me why they should sack a coach that qualified us to world cup and politicking about keeping a coach who did not even take us beyond Abuja.
    Soccer body is scared of Keshi that’s why they did not give him the job; Keshi is the first coach that took Togo to world cup it’s in the history already. People are scared of the young man because he is not the type you can push around. We don’t need a foreign coach now because we have people who have played the game at all level, Okocha can take the team anywhere and they will win matches, Kanu can do the same thing, this guys are no longer been teach how to through the ball rather what they need is good human management what tactics is any coach will give them that they have not seen in the course of their duties many of them have played with more than two world class coaches week in week out.
    Nigerian what are we saying here that we should take our cake and give it to oyibo man they don’t have any regards for us I am living in their place I know them very well and hear what they call us for crying it out loud
    Please we should beg Keshi to come and help us out because NFA insulted him at the first place for not giving him that job at the first instance
    Please (Broda Keshi) don’t reject the offer if they approach you. Please.

  8. I’m always suprised at d NFF’s committee dat any slight mistake or failure the super eagles coaches always leads 2 retrenchment of such coaches.hav we forgotten wat dis siasia has done 4 us in d time past???…… una leave dis man alone! There is always a nxt time nd a room 4 improvement

  9. Siasia is a talented coach bt lagged 4giveness. Wht NFF sud do is to strongly warn him and let him kno dat whtever hapen to d team happens to more than 50% nigerians. He sud discipline d players and also remember their usefulness in any match.
    He doesnt deserve sack.

  10. No doubt siasia is a good coach,no one can take that away from him.For the very fact that he was unfortunate not to take the super eagles to the nations cup doesn’t disqualifies him.Bad stuffs happen sometimes there is no such thing as perfect coach,i think we should still give him a chance.

  11. Now that Siasia has been sacked, what next? The problem with Nigerian football is not Siasia but the fact that African football has grown. We should not expect to win all the time. You win some and you lose some. Machester City beat Manchester United 6 – 1 and Sir Alex was not sacked. In Nigeria people believe that the world belongs to only Nigeria. Other countries also have the right to be at the Nations cup. So if we miss out for now does not mean that we have been banned from football. When you have people in the NFF who know little or nothing about football, human relations and psychology what do you expect? Even if you hire the best coach in the world for the Super Eagles the attitude of the players need to change positively for the coach to get good results. Our failure to qualify for the Nations cup is a bleesing in disguise. The government should also give attention to other areas in Nigeria. Let us place our priorities right and support education, research, good health facilities others that can bring about positive development to Nigeria and our world rather than celebrating football that brings excitement only for a while.


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