Legalize Prostitution – Deputy Senate President

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu yesterday asked the Senate to consider the possibility of legalising prostitution in the country.

Speaking during debate on a motion on the scourge of human trafficking in the country, Ekweremadu said since it has become impossible to stop prostitution in the land, the Senate should consider regulating the act in the country.

According to him “we need to regulate prostitution in this country so that if anyone wants to indulge in prostitution, the person should be registered and issued with a license. If we say we want to stop it, it would be difficult. It is done in other countries; let us regulate it by issuing license.”

Also speaking on the matter, Senate President David Mark said it is difficult to stop the act of prostitution saying “the FCT administration has been trying to stop but they are facing stiff resistance because the prostitutes have their association and even their own legal adviser. It is a reasonably organised bad profession.”

While debating on the motion that centred on human trafficking, several senators advocated for amendment to the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) Act to provide for capital punishment for those involved in human trafficking.

The position followed a motion on the scourge of human trafficking in the country moved by Senator Dahiru Awaisu Kuta (PDP, Niger East) and 33 other senators.

In his motion, Kuta said though NAPTIP is struggling to tackle the menace of human trafficking in the country, “the situation has been on the increase and has been identified as the world’s fastest growing criminal industry, second only to drug trafficking and fraud.

In his contribution, Senator Uche Chukwumerije (PDP, Abia) said “we should upgrade the punishment for human trafficking to capital punishment. Equally to be joined are all the security personnel that are along the route where it take place. I don’t believe that it is happening without the knowledge of the security agencies along the entry and exit points.”

Also commenting, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume (PDP, Borno South) said there is need for more punitive measures to end the menace saying “human trafficking is not only in terms of export. We have house boys and girls in the country that don’t have any future. Most of them are not even up to the age specified by law. They work for so many years and all they get is commendation without any form of future.”

On his part, Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed (CPC, Kaduna North) expressed worry on the ugly dimension of human ritual to the crime of trafficking in persons. He revealed several instances of victims kidnapped and used for ‘devil worship’.

After the debate, Senate directed its committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matters to carry out further legislative action on the matter and report back to the whole Senate.
Source: Daily Trust Newspaper


  1. If NASS legalises prostitution because it is difficult to stop human traffiking, then I fear that NASS may one day consider legalising other social ills such as stealing, robbery, curruption, rigging elections, gay marriages, act of terrorism, etc.

    I think what NASS should do is to ensure that stiffer penalties are being inacted, ensures that the law enforcement agencies enforce the laws, and let people see that the culprits, e.g. Human Traffikers, prostitutes and their patronages, are really punished.

    PLEASE DO NOT LEGALISE PROSTITUTION IN NIGERIA, if not some wives would show their husbands their licenses for prostitution. And may give options to their husbands to either allow them with the license or go to hell.

  2. Rumours are making round that number one man in enugu imprignated his wife’s sister and he gives young young girls new mint car anyhow. What is really happening over there? Now, Enugu senator is now talking about legalising prostitution.

  3. Tanx my namesake & u 2. Who knows wats next? instead of looking 4 a way getting dem employed dey re encouraging dem 2 sale dier body. & d oda hand transmitting S.T.D. 2 dos men dat can’t control dier selves.

  4. If prostitution is legalised whic means one day kidnaping,ritual killings,stealin,raping,even murder will be legalised.Instead of them debating on how to takle the challengies which the country is facing they are there debating on how to legalise a crime which is against God and humanity.God help Nigeria

  5. This is the consequence of rigging and imposition of a candidate on people via ethnicity or religion. Nigerians should know that farse elections never produce good leadership. America, Britain, Spain, India, Brazil, etc, wouldn’t have been where they are today if they legalised or ritualised rigging. All the developed countries we are copying do not elect their leaders in a crook or tricky way. We are being deceived or deceiving ourselves as to how can Nigeria be developed by a leadership that is brought through money inducements and ethno-religious propaganda.

  6. i think it should be allowes and to all those saying d deputy sente presdient is wrong provide jobs for the young men and women engaged really nobody those it fun and lets leave sin n end time here he is been realistic how many of you are devoted to your religion more than him the dept sente president! nobody is a kid and one way or the order you most have heard about what the various rilgion teaches about the whole thing! there is free will in live choice what you want to become and more over it can not be stoped at all so keep preaching and advicing! it is better than stealing and armed robbery! both the male and females are involved just be ware

  7. Prostitution legalization is presently an opinion, not yet a bill or law. Since we are in democratic regime you can make your opinion known to your senator by supporting or opposing the prostitute legalization motion. If you are among the majority then prostitution legalization will be stopped. been on minority side is not a good one……….

  8. There is nothing bad with that even my senate president Sen David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark is also in support of it.
    It’s of good economic value because it will enhance the educational system of the country. A lot of Nigerians can’t afford the tuition for most of our universities so it an easy way of obtaining a degree, like the SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEGREES in sexiology. and from the revenue the govt shall derive from it we can use it to develop sectors like POWER, AGRICULTURE, TRANSPORTATION, EDUCATION, INDUSTRY and the rest.We are even considering legalising other social ills such as stealing, robbery, corruption, rigging of elections, gay marriages, act of terrorism, since all these too are difficult to stop and are common in other countries too. Nobody voted me so don’t border to ask me any questions, please? Thanks

  9. is he still thinking on how 2 legalize this evil act.better stil he shud invest in agricultural product in order to eradicate the level of poverty and unemployment in NIGERIA. dis is my advice to him becos their is not in he wil gain in doing dat

  10. U’r a fool Mr Sen.President & u’r deputy so these ar ur plans 4 our country and young girls instead of u to think of how to stop terrorism, improve EDUCATION, eradicate POORVERTY,increase d power sector and provide job 4 d unemployed, i pray 4 all ur daughters & wives to be cheap licenced PROSTITUTES & BOKO HARAM bombing should kill some of ur family members so you knw how it feels…FOOOOOOOOOOOOOLs……. GOD PURNISH you all AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mr D.S.P, i tell you in the proximate future, all your daughters and sons will become prostitutes, even your wife will leave you and turn to harlot. You are trying God, sure you will see who God is. Dont think you cant be riched again because of billions of naira you have embezled now which belong to enugu east senatorial zone. You can turn to a poor man despite all that. That money is public money and u cant go free after eating public money. God’s anger will fall on you and your family soonest. Woe to you

  12. HAY! HAY!! HAY!!! Lord hav mercy on us all. A’lu!!!!!!!! Abomination!!!!! O’h! Lord JESUS i pray 4 ur intervention, and mercy. We need ur wisdom. Our leaders need ur wisdom. Deputy senate president needs ur wisdom nd sense of leadership. Plz, help us b4 nigeria becomes sodom nd gomorrah

  13. Hello Nigerians, well, we shuld thank the Almighty God 4 everything and in all situations. Nigerians have suffered tremendously in the hands of the devilish personalities. I have always equates Nigerian political rulers as ‘satanic servants’ this men are beasts. Non of them has ever proffer lasting solutions 2 unimaginable afflictions of the people. The bible said, “when a fool speaks, he pours out his foolishness”. It is equally mentioned in the bible dat, “when a wicked man is on the throne, the people suffer and gnash their teeths. But when the righteous is on the throne, people rejoice”. The act of immorality made the Israelites 2 loose twenty-three thousand men under one day and some fools who knows next 2 nothing are suggesting more of immoral acts in this country. This is a strategic methods of satan 2 hinder the prayers of the children of God 4 the nation’s survival.

  14. There is one thing we have not realised in this country- GOD loves us so much, and we d electorates r law abiding, we need to ask ourselves y we dont witness severe natural disasters like other countries of d world, we also need to ask ourselves y we have not been able to d a serious demonstration against our leaders like other countries. But there is one thing we sould know now, the moment our leaders legalise this prostitution, we will see enough natural disaster. My people, I think we should just mobilise ourselves now and demonstrate against our legislators, to register our total disconcord with them for even saying a thing like that, in that way we can practically obtain remission of sin for our dear country.
    And to my dear D.S.P, u r my brother, I love u bcos of what u hv done in Enugu west, u gave scholarships. But plz, to legalise prostitution can never be the solution, many of our boys and girls do that biz bcos there is no employment, dnt u know that u can use ur money to create jobs?

  15. Is he insane? what was he thinking?
    Anyway i don’t blame him becos that is wat they do.They want to legalize it so that they will be free to carry on their immoral habits with young girls.But why is he not having a sense of humor and pity on those talented girls who have no choice of livelihood and choose to do that becos it is an easy way of surviving.I HOPE HE HAS DAUGHTERS AT HOME

  16. Mr DSP let me ask u a question,re u a devil’z incarnate? I tink u shud go nd ve u brain xzamined,bcos i knw a normal person nd a peoples leader will neva such idea in mind,let ur daughter nd wife b d 1st tu ve d license tu prostitution nd me nd ma brother will b d 1st tu FUCK DEM ALL….FOOL.

  17. My dear DSP,
    YOUR FATHER!!!!!
    1st of all, give ur daughters and wife the license make you see as I go take hammer dem. Wait,…. U dey crase??? Which tree u fall 4rm abi which kind bird egg u hatch from??? With ur correct senses you’ll sodomize ur country rather dan push it away from sin??? I no sure say dem born u wella. Either u comot from ear or from nose or you’re an alien or na egg u hatch from. IDIOTS. Two of una. Send ur wife come my side lemme fuck d hell out of her. HARLOT. Infact I’m sure it were ur daughters and wife dat asked for dat opinion. Dem no see me oo! Even u sef u no see me. No gree me start with u oo! I don comot.
    (No forget to give ur daughters and wife my address lemme 4k d hell out of dem.)

  18. oga u re a disgrace to nigerianhood i swear, which kind rubbish be oh they regulate prostitution in my mother’sland.. they doin it in other country doesnt mean we should take after them… u should be eliminated from that senate position, u really dont worth it sir. with due respect sir..

  19. Fellow pretenders, Sometimes ago when abortion was killing people who were close to us,we recommended legalizing abortion bcos we dont want to suffer losing close ones. Nobody is supporting legalizing prostitution or speaking n bhalf of d dsp but let d truth be told,most men who condenm dis act can not swear of never patronizing a prostitute b4. D trade is a bad act but if legalizing it will bring sanity to d poor victims of circumstance,so be it. Most Nigerian students who are not professional harlots are worst than dis so called prostitutes.

  20. The reason why dis issue is been hype out of proportion is bcos its coming from a leader. In dis same Nigeria,we saw a governor planning a marriage with a minor. A certain religious law will forbid fornication and adultery but d interpreters of dis laws will indulge in importing prostitutes from anoda country during celebration of largese. A leader who was planning on imposing sharia died in d arms of prostitutes

  21. What nonsense&rubbish?i can’t belive this suggestion is coming from a father.Is this gonna give our country a good image…INFACT I WOULD WANT HIM TO GIVE ME THE NAMES OF THE COUNTRIES WHERE PROSTITUTION IS LEGALISED….OH GOD ARISE AND SAVE OUR BELOVED NATION NIGERIA!!!!

  22. Pls Mr.deputy senate president with all due respect sir,u are certainly and absolutely wrong by initiating such bill.It’s a disgrace to ppl of Nigeria.I thougth u should have initiate bills that will create more job opportunities to the ppl and encourage them to be self reliance and employed.pls retrieve ur steps b4 God’s wrath descend on you.May God have mercy on u.