Nigeria crash out of Nations Cup

Nigeria are out of the Africa Cup of Nations after being held to a 2-2 draw by Guinea in Abuja.

The Syli Nationale go through as Group B winners.

After Ismael Bangoura gave the visitors a second-half lead, Nigeria seemed to have turned it around with goals from Obinna Nsofor and Ikechukwu Uche.

But Ibrahima Traore’s goal deep into stoppage time ensured Guinea’s progress and meant Nigeria failed to qualify for the first time since 1986.

They will be absent from the competition for the first time since 1996 however, having quit those finals for political reasons.

The Super Eagles went into the match needing to win 1-0, or by two clear goals should Guinea have scored, to book their place in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Nigeria’s plight was not helped when Ethiopia beat Madagascar4-2 in Addis Adaba on Saturday.

With results against the bottom side in the group not being taken into account, Nigeria’s two wins over Madagascar are no longer relevant.

This means the Super Eagles’ points tally from their game against Guinea and Ethiopia total just five points – trailing Sudan (seven) and Libya (eight).

“This was a very big surprise – and I must confess that the team was very nervous – the pressure was just too much,” former Nigeria international Sunday Oliseh told BBC Sport.

“Things have been going wrong for us since 2002 – there’s a lack of consistency, we are not that well-rounded and there are too many lapses.

“Not qualifying for a World Cup is one thing but when we don’t qualify for a Nations Cup, that hurts as it means we don’t belong to the best teams in the continent.”

After the match, a number of Nigerian fans reacted angrily to the defeat – attacking the media tribune at the Abuja National Stadium while also damaging its infrastructure.

Source: BBC Sports


  1. Siasia is not a coach, he attache personal interest than Nigerian interest to his job, how could he have dropped Enyiama because he have personal differences with him, look at his relationship with Osaze because he needed an apology, look at Mikel before this match, he asked him to pay fine of $5,000 for what, that one alone has already created big gap between him and mikel. he will be fired without any explanation. we need someone who will have good working relationship with his players. Siasia is not the person

  2. Siasia or what ever he called his safe,he is not guud enough to handle super engles. let him fine another thing to do not couching,he does not derserve to be a couch

  3. Hey you said well Saisa if the first coach in Nigeria history who did not take Nigeria to Nation cup since 1976- 1996 is political issue so I dont count on that,Please NFA or NFF please call Stephen Keshi in Time for world cup preperation in Time
    Thats my point.Saisia thank you very much for your high headed ness

  4. Bastard player, bastard coach, bastard country, bastard leader. Jonathan why is all this thing happen during your regime definitely u are a blandy bastard. Bombing everywhere, kidnappers all over the country, robbing here and there and now the country fail to qualify for nations cup no good thing has ever acheived during ur time u this illegitimate child, unpleasant man, naughty president.

  5. Love God so that God will make everything loves you. How can we love God? By being truthful, just, honest, sincere and love one another not because we come from the same ethnic group or religion but because we happen to be one nation with different understanding. We should not engage in what God does not love and at the same time seeking HIS help. We should know that elections rigging, vendetta, ethnic and religious discrimination, hypocricy, lies, stealing, mischief, killings etc, could bring God curse upon us so that whatever we touch it turns into fire. We should not deceive ourselves, let us term with reality.

  6. our country is always struggling 2 qualify for one tournament or the other.first it was world cup,now is nations cup.well i hope God help us.Siasia,you have a long way to go man.

  7. Yesterday nigeria were shouting hossana for siasia today dis same pple are crying crucify him. Oh ye hipocrate when will you learn, abeg pity the guy he tried. At least he had made history for being d first coach to lead us out of the nation cup since 1986, at least this is a wake up call for all nigerians

  8. Nothing on earth you can do to please human beings.The fans were angry when Guinea score 1-0 agaist Nageria,after d subtitude made by Siasia,2 goals were scored.I blamed d coarch 4 not futuring Vincent d goal keepper…

  9. Vincent will be smiling, i am laughing. despite all the apologies he rendered, sia still neglected him…. Well hahahahahahahhahahahahahah

  10. Siasa was in a mission to bring discipline into Nigeria footbal but obviously, it back fired. But while we criticise this young man, we should also note that he was not the one who started the qualifiers. He was trying to cover the lapses of the former coach Eguaveon who started the qualifiers and brought Nigeria to this tight corner.

  11. My pple,u hv spoken well,but let control d way we talk cuz no man is perfect,attackin d president wit insultive words is nt d best,politics,money,gred is a prblm to Niaja,no luv,every body after their bele,many of our leaders is bcomin smthin else,even d Church is bcomin smthin else, few of dem only cares abt d masses n d walfere of d country,is only save/help us.

  12. What we SINCERELY need is the FACE OF GOD in this country & a DRASTIC REVOLUTION in all ramifications. Our problems emanate from withing us & the solution lies among us. Everything is not pleasant!!!

  13. Siasia made a terrible mistake, he should have taken out Osaze in the first half for playing without commitment. His selection was poor leaving a proven goal getter Uche on the bench. His substitution was poor concentrating on attack and leaving the midfield blank which led to the 2nd Guinea goal. He should apologise to Nigerians.

  14. U guys ar just disturbin una self.i didnt watch d match, cos i no dey wil fail.those guys ar big,nigeria cant pay dey prefer thier clubs than their mother country nigeria.rem d first shall b d last,while d last shal b d fisrt in d last days.gaint of africa goin 2 b ant of africa soon,just keep watch

  15. Siasia calls himself a discipline coach,with his discplinary he didn’t future osaze in some matches with his same disciplinary he didn’t allow eyeama to keep for this match of which he knows how desperate we need the match& trying to fine mikel wit hudge amount of money,who is perfect pls? Is he a perfect man as a coach? But he knows hw to deal with the players,now he resulted to their failure to qualify. For me i still preffer amodu as i said b4 he was chosen. But all is caused byNFF& some fans impatient lik chelsea fc.

  16. Mr oj or what did U̶̲̥̅̊ call ursef mind d way U̶̲̥̅̊ talk kα̲̅γ̲. For d fact dat we didn’t qualify doesn’t warrant U̶̲̥̅̊ τ̲̅ȍ speak anyhw ok our president is not d one playing. America wil neva insult their president NƠ̴̴̴̴͡ mater what. Well super eagles  hail una for not qualifying una too much.

  17. What has the President got to do with the stupidity of Siasia and non commitment of Osaze n co. He has no hand in this and should be left out of this. Insane people should keep their mouth shut if they dont know what to say about the subject on board.

  18. Siasia should apologize the Nigerians over and over again not just once or twice. this is what his unforgiven spirit have cost Nigerians. He refuse to forgive Enyama even after he apologize, now he is the one begging people to forgive him. he should be allow to experience what his players felt then. He used a goal keeper that is not good. infact that goal keeper is bad luck. last time the used him in a major tournament Nigeria came back with regret and pain. there are many goal keeper out there I don’t know what he is still doing in the team. He does not know how to be a goal keeper. truth may be bitter but it is better told


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