Nollywood Actress Chika Ike Denies Dating Senator David Mark

Nollywood actress Chika Ike has denied rumors making the rounds that she is dating Senator David Mark.
The rumors which began circulating some time after Chika Ike was spotted in a new Range Rover Sports (Valued at over 14 Million Naira).
She had this to say to Encomium Magazine:

Normally, I wouldn’t react to stories about myself in public, I have my reasons, but I would talk about this briefly. I know David Mark, he is the senate president. But personally, I do not know David Mark and I can say this anywhere, anytime. Why I am actually reacting to this tale is for two reasons. It’s a delicate story and second, I wouldn’t want my success, my hard work, and my struggle to be attached to someone I don’t know. I have never had anything to do with Senator David Mark. People just wake up and make up stories. The range rover I drive is my hard work, my struggle and my sweat.

We wish Chika Ike continued success in her endeavours that have brought her so much wealth


  1. Pple don’t just get happy with the success of thir fellow being . Don’t mind them na jealousy dey worry dem.Abeg groove ur range rover jare

  2. my dear, plss dnt mind them jare. Since u r tellin d truth, it they dnt wnt to believe it. Let they go to hell n burn. Carry goooooooo

  3. Babe dont mind them, i dont think its anybody’s business if you date senator David Mark but on the contrary i thought you are married.

  4. Chika dont mind them, mouth na 4 free, talk na 4 free. So, let them talk anything wey they like. Enjoy the fruit of ur labour boooooooooo
    Nwanne kpoba owa gi.

  5. chika chika do u know 1 little tin in dis motherfucking life we live in? never follow d mouth no others, n just kip on rocking dat our car……………..but e fit b true oooooo u sure chika?

  6. Whether true or lie, dnt mind, it is your dirty pussy and you are free to open it to anybody you like, you female actress sleep around alot with big boys and your directors. So many of you have said the truth. i dont trust you female and male actors. You cant deny that

  7. there is no smoke witout fire, dere must be a reason 4 dem accusin u of dating david mark. Maybe u ar right maybe they ar, who knows, only God.

  8. Ewooo! Nwanyi oma, egekwana fa nti inugo? Nwa baayi,nwa Umuchiana. Dear just put ur self together,no mager can stop you from shining ok! It is ur life but do da good things ok. I wish you all the best. Abum nnukwu na ezigbo fan gi. Daaaaalu nne

  9. ma dre chikito! U knw say ‘in every RUMMOR,dre must b an element of TRUTH”2 flirt self na stil acting that requires hardwork..abeg market ur thing jaaree all of u re d same..end-of-discussion.

  10. Chike,u seid u worked 4 it,gud!out of ur sweat or what? I don’t care.All I av to tell u is dat just b careful,wif d way u liv ur lyf,bcos nt evrybody is happy wif ur success.Just put God ur numbr 1 & he will never cease puttn smail on ur face.wait a minute u avnt baf it 4 me oh!!….ride on…..

  11. though we can’t conclud bt bhind evri rumor dia is a symbol of truth so pls av regads 4 ur concience & do wot is right cos money & wealth is nt God. Hevn minded is d ultimateb all d bst

  12. My dear being it gud or bad people ar them to always say anything then lik mind u dat 2face said dat if u ar sombody io lif people being talking on ur back but when u ar nt of anything then people wil also talk so jut be cul n rejoy urself.

  13. Chika, my namesake, wether u sleep with d man or nt, is bcos u are sharp to make dat kind of money out of the fucking senator. Hard work, is not easy atall. If i hard d opportunity, i will do d same, so, dn’t mind dem

  14. Chika hard work through which means? You recieve less than 250k per movie & you dont work very often like that yet drive some expensive cars like 2010 Honda CRV & just added a range rover sport with a new multi million naira clothing shop opened in Abuja & want us to believe you just got these by mere hardwork.
    Please you can fool those who want to believe your story, its well known fact that you were not into other business prior to your sepration from your husband but achieved all these not quite long after you seprated from your hubby.


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