Osaze Blames Nigeria’s Failure To Qualify For Nations Cup on T.B Joshua’s Prophecy

Super Eagles striker Osaze Odemwingie blamed the prediction of Prophet  TB Joshua as the reason why Nigeria could not win against Guinea and could not get a place in the Nations Cup.

Osaz is quoted below:

“Yes, I would say I am sorry to Nigerians for not playing according to expectation and I believe I did not play well in the match. But the prediction of Prophet TB Joshua really affected us.

“We thought we could see him and see how he could overturn the negative prediction but the officials came with another prophet who prayed for us and told us that all was well.

“But in all we did not do our own bit of the job well as players and we are not happy that we won’t play at the forthcoming Nations Cup.”

“My hope was high before the kick-off. We are really sorry for disappointing Nigerians. It is a sad day for me and my colleagues.

“The coach has done his best but we the players really messed up.”


  1. i have not seen a foolish man with foolish ideal and commet like osaze, how there he say that T.B jushua is the cause of the failure of super eagle. He predicted what will happen and they take it forgranted, and went and call for a failse prophate. Mark this, this commet begin osaze’s down fall.

  2. Dat’s why it’s nt good to over praise sb. Nigerians over praised osaze telling him u are our hope. Are there no other players to depend on? For the officials, why shud they go 4 another prophet 2 pray 4 d eagles? God will punish them 4 do this to Nigerians.

  3. Wonders will never end ,so our football team now depends of prophets †º win matches,when will it not turn †º babalawo,

  4. Many soccer pundits agree that the difference between a win and a loss is often a function of those little intangibles, like the chemistry and team spirit existing in the group. I disagree with Osaze that Siasia has done his best and that the players messed up. I think Siasia messed up and has been messing up for quite a while. Let’s be realistic. What has Siasia really won? U17?, U20?, Olympics?, Any African club cup? Nothing. The praise from the press and many of those who should know has long gotten into his head. Lacking humility, his extra large ego has not allowed him to build joy and unity in his players as he is ever bickering with one player or the other. I thought they cover psychology in Coaching School? Until he is humble enough to acknowledge that his players also have their own egos that need to be managed, Siasia will continue to fail.

  5. 9jas oustd frm d nation cup qualifer is completely disastrous to d nation’s fotbul image…nd osaze shud stp dz T.B..JOSHUA stuf..Nonsense!!

  6. Whether T.B. Joshua or T.B whatever said anything, according to Osaze, de Eagles had already failed in their minds for believing his prophesy even though they called another prophet to neutralised it. But de soup has already soured, so let’s stop bugging ourselves wit who and who not to blame. And de Eagles should try and believe in their skills and faith next time despite what any prophet or babalawo would say. Take heart Nigerians.

  7. In my opinion Nigeria simply do not have a National Team….can somebody tell me why we have to depend on prophesies to win matches…why do we need to engage prophets to pray for our boys….i am disappointed.

  8. Ppl rush to Tb joshua cos they ar only interested on miracles. This man is never a prophet better knw it nw. Am not about him cos i av notin to do wit him. But Nigerian quote me one day his power wil be revealed, dat one i am sure of. Then u have to knw dat satan hav power and they fight to each other unlike God who is 1 and have nobody to fight wit. Its vry posible dat tb joshua’s power is supereme to the other man so who is to be blame. Again prayer is vry important cos tb joshua can put de minds of super eagle team in total disarray for him to fulfil him unrivalry prophecy.

  9. actualy nigerians we are just waisting money on this fuckin football,it is not our pride at all,tel FG to barn dem 4life.but bcos politicians are looting our money through dat source i bet dey wont barnish dem.to hell wth al dem

  10. Well let tak d issue of prophet or no prophet 4rm it, if dey ar eager and willing to win i bet it they will by individuals devotion, dey cant pray to God demselfs or God who took dem 2 wier dey ar 2day no dey answer prayer any more, it bcos dey dont hav faith, dey blief in dat prophesy and lose hope, so dat prophesy told not play dat qualifier abi, dat purely nonsence.

  11. am sure dat GOD does not lyk loosers,He alwayz wants His pple 2 win,our failure wz characterised by d handiwork of d most unserious set of players in d whole wide world,who neva delivered wen it matters most…siasia is still d best coach,weta they lyk it or not..super eagles my foot.


  13. Nigerians should know that the whole system in the country is BAD, and nothing is working. Why should football be different. Let it also go bad, so that we may learn to make good implementable plans.

    Common to show a good “slow-motion”, an action that shows in a retrospect, what had happened, was badly done.

    Well done, football keep falling, falling, falling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    To football lovers in Nigeria, delete Super Eagle team from your heart so that hypertension will not kill you before your time.

  14. A house were the father has no sense of direction, the children attitude is negative. Likewise a Team were the coach is interested in suspending players the outcome is always negative. My suggestion is very simple Sack both Coach and NFF members. Lets put personalities that can handle the task. Cheers

  15. The failure of Nigeria to qualify for nation cup is as a result of Sampson Siasia tribalistic attitude on our no.1 goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, the Almighty God and the gods of Akwa Ibom are very very angry, Siasia owes Enyeama and the Akwaibomites an appology, otherwise he’s off the football scene.

  16. when the going jets tough people will start pointing accusing fingers,instead of accepting defeat they now put blame.what if you won will you still look blame for who to blame.

  17. Pride goes before a fall, when you neglect the apology base on sincerity you suffer the repercussion. Eyeama was treated as a piece of rag, from the coach to the NFF and abandone to fate, then this is the price for neglecting men with luck on their forehead! May a lesson would be learn from this. God Bless Nigeria.

  18. Amodu remains nigeria’s best coach, siasia isnt gud enough. Even if siasia didnt take enyeama, rotimi n vanzekin r beta options. Bt enyeama is still d best.

  19. ooh,my bros osaze.why did u allow d devil to decieve u.do u read the bible at all.don,t u know that if u believe the prophet shall be establish.pls becos i love you i will advice you to go and ask 4 forgive from the man of god.if nt your fall has come.

  20. Supper eagles disappointed de hole nation.let Nigeria not worry too much about de inability of de supper eagles to qualify 4 2012 nation cup.GOD knows why pls govt should divert 2012 nation cup resources to another sector.

  21. Pls guys let Osaze be. Osaze never said he knew Nig. was not going to qualify 4 d 2012 AFCON b/c of T.B Joshua’s prophecy. He only considered that af ter the match against guinea- how professional players like himself and the likes of Mikel, yobo,… could not play in dier best form in such a decisive match after much preparation. Infact, he blamed the players more but only made reference to T.B’s prophecy. As for Siasia, I dont know what will become of him. He did what he had to do as the head coach of the super eagles. If Nig. had won the match as expected, more dan 50% of dis undeserved bad comments against Siasia would have been songs of praise of his wonderful work even without ENYEAMA. Lets be realistic for once.

  22. I want to say that samson sai do not hv a heart of 4giveness that while God use dis means to paid him and the entire NFF,. B/c goalkeeper my dear Vincent had appologies yet he can not 4give him.On the parts of those players they only love their clubside to do whatever if they are going to die inorder to score a goal they can do it but 4 their fatherland they can not do that….so if FG can stop them from their various club to me is the best.Is only in Nigeria here that u can see someone living anyhow he/she like,eg how many non Nigeria come here to hv or play in our club or how many people come to Nigeria here to bank their money,,,,or how many outside girls come here to look for men …..pls Nigeria l beg us to repent to think better things for our dear country.God bless Nigeria.

  23. Osaze is talking rubbish,nonsence,senceless talk,is T. B. Joshua GOD?,don’t he know that almost everything in this GIANT OF AFRICA is a mess and hopeless,including our so call leaders,you can imagine deputy senate president talking about legalising prostition as a profession,will that solve Nigeria problem?.

  24. PROPHETS are made to utter the deep things of GOD, believe it or not senior PROPHET T.B JOSHUA is a true prophet from GOD. He pophesied as he recieves. The fact is that nigeria lost the match so dont blame anybody but give thanks to GOD for everything, TOMMOROW IS PREGNANT WHO KNOWS WHAT it will deliver for nigeria? lets hope for a better tommorow.

  25. Some times we need to ask ourselves why we need some people to predict the future for us. The danger in asking human beings to be channels for peeping into the future include allowing such individuals to determine the course of such individuals or groups’ lives. This works either by affecting the subjects of the prediction psychologically or by outright invocation of demonic spirits to ensure the fulfillment of such predictions to the credit of those who made the prediction. Nigerians should stop making negative confessions concerning our national life. Example of what such unguarded, well advertised negative confessions can do in the life of a nation was what we saw on Saturday. This was a game in which mother luck completely was not on Nigeria’s side: one of those beautiful scoring chances in the first half would have changed the tempo of the game in favour of our boys. But the most unfortunate thing happened in the second half when the visitor, without making as much effort at scoring (mostly defending and wasting time!) were the first to score.

  26. So Super eagles has now turned spiritual? All the prayers of Nigerians are not enough and therefore more prayers are required from T.B.Joshua. So this is their procedure of winning crucial matches. Just how much was expended on this prayer project is what we would like to know.

  27. Naija! Naija!! Naija!!! Why re we decieving our selvs? Aaaah! This players re big boyz, they no nothing else but pride only when it come’s to country club, but they play perfect on their club side,why? Because they re paid a huge amount of money. We have youths on da street that re working harder just to get the fame. So please my naija lets help ourselvs by doing the right thing. Nagu ooo

  28. the whole blame is from nff and siasia,where is enyeama ?siasia just joked with a crucial match like this,osaze is talking rubbish so nigeria victory now lie in the hand of prophets,Wonders shall never end, how do osaze know that t b joshua is a real prophet God, pls let nff go back to drawing board and correct their mistakes. Thunder fire them there

  29. Oh boy make i yan my mind. Wetin concern God with football, God is only interested with ur soul and ur commitment to him. I dnt knw if d vision dat t b joshua saw was frm God. Is the God of nigeria nt also d God of guinea, also God of the whole universe. Dat vision is strange. Football is a game of fun, the players at the pitch play to show the viewers dat they are better than their opponent; it takes skills commitment, understanding, intellect, strength and boldness to win a game. I dnt understand why T B joshua should be preaching football in church who to win and who not to win instead of preaching the sermon of repentance in preparation for the coming of our lord jesus christ.

  30. amudu is better than siassia,beacause he qualified for world cup.
    Siassia cant qualify for ordinary nations cup.amudu’s problem then is only yakubu’s selfish play.

    Pls Nigerians we need foregn coach and foregn NFF president.

  31. Let d truth b told….God is indeed first in evrything…osaze has said he is nt blaming d prophet so if anybody has anything against d prophet its simply HATE….

  32. I believe a prophet utters what God has reviewed to him.People do not have choices .What God has said cannot be reversed unless one is crying to God like Hezekiah.Do not blame the prophet,he foretold what was going to happen.I believe TB Joshua is a true prophet of God.He says both the positive and the negative,which i believe is fine.Some people believe in prophets who prophecy what they want to hear.Tb is different his prophecies are razor sharp like Elijah.


  34. Do we really need a prophet to predict our daily ability? Dis is a national disgrace,siasia is no coach. Pride wit tanish his coaching job,he needs to stop applying personal sentiments wit players. Osase is a foolish footballer to conceive in TB prophese,cz it gat nothng to do wit their failure to qualify for the nations cup.

  35. T.B Joshua is a man of God, he told them what God showed him but they choose to bring a fake prophet to overturn the vision God has shown His prophet. I bet the prophet the NFF brought to cancel the prophecy will never show his face ever again at the glass house. When a man of God sees a vision, the best they could have done was to meet him and seek instruction from God. They ignored it at there own peril.

  36. 4 God sake,enough is enough.Haha,let TB Joshua 4 once prophesise about good/positive things on our nation,economy,govt & country entirely……Mmmttsscheeew(hiss) prophet indeed.

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