Three Zimbabwean Women Arrested For Molesting 124 Men in 11 Days

Three Zimbabwean women, namely: Rosemary Chakwizira, 24, Sophie Nhokwara, 26, as well as Netsai Nhokwara, 24, have been arrested and are presently in police custody for apparently kidnapping, raping and even collecting sperm of some men at gun point.

The three women usually visit night clubs and exciting areas to look for their next victims, who are mostly men with no means of transportation. They offer the naive men a ride, but then drug and take them to remote areas in order to complete their evil acts.

A Midlands Police chief Senior Assistant Commissioner, Charles Makono stated that the ladies came under suspicions after asking Police officers on duty if they could get back the bag of condoms from their car, which in fact had just been involved in an accident.

Surprisingly, 33 utilized condoms that contains semen was discovered in the bag.

A police detective stated: “So far, the 3 have denied raping men and have said they’re prostitutes who find themselves so busy with clients that they don’t have time to get rid of the used condoms. They said they meant to discard the condoms.”

Investigations reveals that semen was “selling like hot cakes” in nearby South Africa where a condom full of Sperm could possibly sell for US$400.

Money ritual is a common thing in Africa and most of these victims end up dying due to the evil nature of the ritual.


  1. Women are now taking over the world. Since the assertion of this slogan “whatever man can do, woman can do it even better”. And since the practice of lesbianism, our women has drastically changed. Even 2 get married 2 a woman now is a another story.

  2. What a world: what if the ladies are not actualy guilty of the said alegation, proper investigation should be carried out, its NOT possible for them to rape such a huge number of men in 11 days. Guys! Be scientific… Be analytic… Be wise.

  3. What a misery!!! These women are real monsters, for no normal woman of such age will involve in such act . But sha a nation without fear of GOd is not predictable

  4. It is very bad for young girls of such age to undertake such devilish act. Men should be careful of girls because that is why they hadly find themselves in marriage today

  5. This women should be investigated properly, because it sounds so not possible for 3 women to rape such number of men in just 11 days, what if they were prostitutes as they claim? I think the police should be more investigative here and prevent publications of such premature cases, GUYS! be logical.

  6. This world is now becoming something else. There is every possibility of the GIRLS doing yhe said actfor money, since they are to do it to get sperm out of their victim and sell. But then, we such also beware of the fact that the story may not be true. Maybe the policemen only insinuate the story because of the recent event of selling of sperms in south africa which is very much in the air recently . So my people, please don’t just conclude yet as the story of two side like of a coin.

  7. how could they deny not wanting to do any thing bad with those bags of condoms containing semen. it is crazy to imagine otherwise from some men who commented. their motive is clear and they have no reason to be with those condom. they have ruined many men with their devilish acts and should be made to suffer some severe penalty.

  8. Guyz, i really encourage the cops not to deal with the leaves living the roots. Cops should rapidly search for the possible solution pertaini this issue. Yes they court these 3 but number of them is going to come for revenge.


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