University Of Benin (UNIBEN) 2011/2012 Post UTME Results And Admission List Out

University Of Benin (UNIBEN) 2011/2012 Post UTME Results And Admission List Out
The University of Benin (UNIBEN) has released its 2011/2012 Post UTME results and its Admission list.
The UNIBEN Post UTME results and Admission list are available on the UNIBEN website:
Procedure to check UNIBEN 2011/2012 Post UTME Results & Admission List

1. Go to the UNIBEN e campus website:
2. Click on Admission List .
3. Enter your Registration Number and check your Post UTME result and admission status


  1. Has UNIBEN not fully realsed all d PUME result, coz I’ve not been able 2C my result, the site says no record found. Pls any body had clue shuld alert me, am worried pls

  2. I think uniben has to do something fast for everybody to know their status in other to relief the boundage on the candidates that ‘ve not check theirs

  3. uniben is killing me emotionally, why are they doing this 2 people, they should tell us when all d results will b released. thanks

  4. Wat hv i done to deserve dis uniben? Hope u ar nt playing a trick here o? Y shouldn’t all result b released at d same time! Pls do nt hesitate! So eager!

  5. uniben dis is really unfair.if at all u are waiting for d strike issue to be concluded before releasing the postume fully,at least it should be announce officially in your website so as not to prick the heart of the students.

  6. Pls anxiety z kilin me, anyone hu cn hlp chk mine shld pls hlp me. My reg no. is: 15163724IC n my fon no. is: 08136604984. Tnx.

  7. everybody should just keep calm n dont get over anxious 4 our health sake but rather go in secrete on our knees in prayer.I dont know what’s hapening 2 the uniben authorities.Yesterday alot of people were able 2 check n see their results,although the admission is not yet out.They brought out an icon where u will click n see ur result after inserting ur Jamb Reg no. with no statement on wether admited or not. I applied 4 pharmacy n scored 60. In the first list released i.e among those who got their results n admisson released on that first time, i saw a guy who scored 59 n got admited in pharmacy.So i know i’ll get admission n same 2 all u guys.If u’ve not seen ur result dont worry i called someone in uniben this morning n he told me that they are trying 2 correct some errors in peoples result that’s why they are yet 2 release it n subsequently the admission.It is well with our admission wether they like it or not.Amen!!!.

  8. Evry1 dat has nt seen dere result should be steadfast in prayers and av unshakable faith cos God can do anytin.As 4me,i scored 50 but ave nt seen my admissionstatus yet. I bliv they are still uploading d just keep on God shall see us through-amen.

  9. I heard that uniben is still rectifying the result and admission status.i score 44 in d post ume and i pray so dat the will divide my jamb by 8 and post ume by 2 and add the result and if u get 50% and above u wil be admitted as d told me wen i sat 4 d exam.i have faith dat I will neva be a jamb customer becos dis is my first jamb and it wil be d last jamb.amen

  10. Hmmmmm! what’s hapening in uniben, on last year it was far different from what mine eyes is seeing.They should look at UI,UNN and OAU admission system and learn.A word is enough 4 the wise

  11. What is wrong with dis uniben? D ‘check ur pume result’ icon is no longer dere neither is ‘admission list’ leading 2 anywhere

  12. Listen Guys, everyone should just relax and pray. Uniben is still updating results, I believe some of the results are still being rectified. Lets not get the atmosphere tensed, we’ll all be admitted dis year, dats 4 sure…..

  13. u guys should be aspecting admission list any moment from now.But i have a question,my putme score is 60 but beside it they wrote aggregate score 63, so which one is my real score? Somebody say something__

  14. uniben will be through with this session by 22, Oct 2011.So those that will be admitted should be ready 2 start school come next month i.e November.
    Any PHARMACY aspirant here?

  15. @ Sandra i don’t know if Uniben will admit us because they said the cut of mark for admission is 50, unless God decides to break protocols and favor us.I applied for political science and public administration……Lets see what The Lord can do for us…..OK

  16. @ Samuel that’s the course i also apply for.well i still have hope because my name is on their admission list and i asked someone he said their are chances that i can be admitted but they will give me another course so am still waiting patiently.

  17. @Deborah ur admission status is still pending because it is yet to be ascertained if u’ll be admitted or not, all we gat 2 do now is pray & be optimistic because there’re still chances of being admitted….@Ehis, wat department did u apply for?

  18. The admission status will be out dis friday.So lets continue praying 2 our heavenly father bcos He said watever we ask,we shall recive and He will neva leave nor ignore us.Just pray and av faith.It is well.

  19. about 33 names have been uploaded in Mechanical Engineering yet still none have been uploaded in Elect/Elect……..what is really the problem…Other department have admitter at least 12-13 student now but none for elect/elect and medicine……….na wah o.

  20. @ John, these are your details:-

    Registration Number 15698860CE
    Surname OGBANGWOR
    First Name CHIDIMA
    Other Names JOHN
    UTME Score 271
    PUTME Score 29
    Aggregate Score 49
    PIN FP-89D8B90002

  21. @gift.pls can u do me a favour by posting the reg no. of some admitted pharmacy students.just want 2 compare their agg. score with mine in order to know my stand n chances as well.My agg. score is 63.

  22. @ Mercy this ur details:
    Registration Number 15565566HC
    Surname OMEKE
    First Name MERCY
    Other Names BLESSING
    UTME Score 206
    PUTME Score 50
    Aggregate Score 51
    PIN FP-2B0F65FF7E

    29 names have been uploaded for Biochemistry……I wish you luck..
    Wish me same too……xxx

  23. @gift pls does it mean dat every1 whose admission status had been declared/uploaded were/are all being admitted bcus 2 me it seems nobdy that had seen his/her admission status that was not admitted…………what do u say?……..Or have u seen any that wasn’t admitted??

  24. hi pals, i score 245 in jamb and 54 in post jamb, my aggregate is 58. i choose microbiology and my status is still pending. what is wrong, can i b admitted? cos my b.p is rising.

  25. @wisdom.hey my guy ur name as u said is wisdom.U have 2 apply d fundamental meaning of ur name 4 ur own good in this straining period.Dont escalate/complicate issues 4 ur self, a bird at hand is better than 2 in d bush.Ur health & life…. are tens of thousand far greater than admission,so dont kill ur self with anxiety bcus of mere admission, n besides ur score looks pretty…….good so cheer-up 4 u’ll surely get admission. nevertheless this’s d time we have 2 look up 2 God ********who holds d key of admission on his hand n he’ll open d door of admission………. 4 all of us 2 entre.more grace 2 ur elbowwwwwwwwwwwwww…………….

  26. @gift. it’s all about UnIbEn n it’s fraudulent system.It still beats my imagination @ what uNiBeN is doing.Too shameful n very odd 4 d likes like UnIbEn 2 b doing this shit___________!!

  27. God!!… beginning to wonder what is really happening to Uniben admission status…..It’s Friday again yet so many of the admission status are still showing pending……..No single name is being upload in elect/elect department……hmmm

  28. Make una cul down, uniben just lunch dat site last yr, so dey’re still upgrading it and also dey’re still conducting exam in d sch, so dis make everything 2 b very slw, so all we’ve 2 do is 2 b patience and kip praying 2 GOD cus wit HIM all things are possible.

  29. wetin self, i go vess ooo!!.
    i go detonate uniben-oooo!
    i go!……….,i go!!……….i go!!!……….make i no talk fiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssttttttttt!

  30. hey fans, d result will all b upload latest by dis weekend, so let just all hope in GOD cus HE can do it excedingly, abordantly over what we can even ask or think.

  31. Pending! Pending!! Pending!!!, why is uniben doing these 2 people? Why are some released and others not? Dont they av human feelings? I mean this pending stuff has made a lot of people 2 av a sleepless nyte. Pls do something.

  32. pending!,pending!!,pending!!!,__what a barbarous treament dat we never deserved!,ok-ooooooo!!.
    All i know is that 2 everything there’s a lets be patient, it will soon be a past story.Remember “the patient dog eats d fattest bone”.
    God who brought us out of d Egypt of Jamb,took us through d red sea of post-jamb,will lead us through dis wilderness of admission status wahala n bring us into d promised-land of our dream courses in uniben!!!.

  33. Can i hear a thunderous amen 2 dat!!!.
    Remember 2day is sunday!! n hope u prayed 4 urself n 4 d rest of us abt our admissions?
    Welcome 2 a more promising new week 4 everyone of us.Lets keep our hopes alive.
    Happy sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Uniben has made me a prisoner of my identity…..
    So worried …had 48aggrt and i apllied econs and statis. Pls juz wnt to knw if i stand a chance… Tanx, I luv u all….

  35. Guys lets call a spade a spade, for microbiology cutt off is 62, i dont knw what 2 do. If u want 2 speak with me 4 more info, reach me on 08099341810. Some pending is been released.

  36. @Wisdom biiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggg lie……..someone with aggregate 51 gain admission if…. I can prove you wrong with the gurl reg no…………beware of the kind of info you paste here…….caution!!!

  37. to be frank . Not to seem like am talking anyhow but the thing is dat i think, am jst saying, maybe uniben has already admitted those dey want but jamb is now cutting those numbers to accomodate their plan: to regista only 60,000 students out of over 500,000.

  38. @Ikponwosa…these are ur details

    PUTME Results for “15954281GB”
    Registration Number 15954281GB
    Surname OGBEBOR
    First Name IKPONWOSA
    Other Names GABRIEL
    UTME Score 233
    PUTME Score 42
    Aggregate Score 50
    PIN FP-9469A806C3

  39. This is becoming more confusing! What is Uniben up to! Can u imagine someone with PUME score of 41, Jamb score 278 and aggregate of 56 for Accounting dept. “NOT ADMITTED”….check out dis Reg. No. 16378064JB

  40. Am confused, dont decieve urself, i got 58 as aggr and am nt admitted, i think they av admitted those that they want 2 admit. Most of d pendings are nt admitted. The person i called yesterday says cut off 4 microbio is 62, bt i do nt believe.

  41. @Wisdom…Cut off mark 4 Microbio cannot be 62. Check these Reg. Nos…15289842CI, 15683253JB…they scored 53 and 55 respectively yet they were both admitted.

  42. Tonia u are rite, bt i dont knw what is wrong with them, it seems there is partiallity in it, i knw some1 dat has 58 in microbio and nt admitted.

  43. I just think generally, they are still trying to work out the engineering admissions. Cos nobody I knw has been admitted to engineering yet. Let’s hope and pray…

  44. God dey,i believe nd it’s only 13 people dat has been admitted 4 pharmacy.Pharmacy aspirant wth God all things are possible.Am also 4 pharmacy n mine is also pending

  45. @busayo am also a pharmacy aspirant and they ve already admitted 40 people into d department nt 13…lets just be prayin but i scored 59 as my agg so wat did u score?

  46. where did u c 40 names,i saw 13names,i checked list centre nd i saw 13names dt are nt cleared.if u see any cleared names ,they are 4 last year so relax.God dey i scored 52 aggre@ifunanya

  47. @busayo tanx 4 d info…i hp 2 see u in uniben during clearance and every other person waitin 4 his/her admission status 2 change 4rm pending 2 admitted…say a big AMEN 2 dat!!!

  48. Uniben are admitting people from edo state mainly and people that scored from sixty something from other states now….be cool guys we’l soon be admitted..they’r on it.

  49. You guys should relax! I am aspiring to read Medicine in the university of benin with an aggregate of 63%. The shit there is that UNIBEN are having a meeting on this admission stuff. Mind you, UNIBEN are not partial in giving admission to its candidates! It depends on the State you come from. Ask your self this question: is my State educationally backward? In other words, what I mean is that, do people in your State love going to school very well. If this is so, be rest assured that the cut-off mark for such a State is going to be high. That’s the reason why you would see some one from Kogi State, with an aggregate of 52% would be given admission to read pharmacy, and another person that also applied for pharmacy from Lagos, with an aggregate of 58% will not be admitted or would be given another course. There are other protocols but this is the major one! Don’t worry you would be admitted. They ain’t finished with the admission yet! You can meet me on facebook with user name:vikchem newton, to chat better. Also register with for updates on this admission stuff.

  50. Helo UNIBEN aspirant,in the name of JESUS, engineer students wil find favour b/4 dis committed to upload ours and the follow in other department also wil be advice to all is dat let go 2 church 2mmorrow and cry to God dat the power of resurrestion should roll and nullified every pending in ur way individual and collectively and God of all flesh wil intervain in our situation!up admited student if u believe

  51. @fred jst relax uniben re nt tru yet. I av been admitted nd by the way they av nt uploaded any names under elect/elect center list, guy there is stil hope for u

  52. you guyz sud jst chill nd calm down nd wait for the official announcement frm uniben . You can hook me up on FB name: sunday omo’ba atebesunu

  53. step down by jamb means,for example if d state u come frm are more educated and u score an elligible mark and another person who came frm a state dat is not recognise in terms of education scores thesame mark with u.he will be pick rather than u.

  54. everyone should pray very well cos many admission status will be-not admitted.dont ask me how i know.i just know it.all we can do is 2pray and av faith in God

  55. @mercy, i may agree with u, cos i think so, is just dat i dont want 2 past it first. Bt my question is dis, why are they doing this? If u knw hw 2 press button, u better start pressing it now, cos u will c 63 nt admitted and 50 admitted. God will c ur tru.

  56. Hmm… The tension and pressure exhibited by you all could lead to hypertension and high blood pressure. Relax what will be will be, you can only change them by faith. And pls note if ur aggregrate score is below 50 jamb form is just some wks away

  57. Hey dont be sulprise dat a person avin 49 wil be admitted, let us watch and see. Who never can tel d hand work of god. Just pray 4 urs.

  58. Wisy yes but wit God dere is a greater connection. Dont worry, God pass them (if they like it or not we must go to dat university n be a graduate)

  59. U guyz shud stop worrin about uniben except if u want 2 no how d land of darknes looks…..hey, guyz wat wil b wil b! Am damn fade up!

  60. U r rite busayo, Cos i dont thing they wil stil admitin any student n they r thru wit d sch exam. Wel let us stil put our faith in god.

  61. all this pending stuff has already gotten me tired….Since september,…. many shools has resumed already, meanwhile uniben is still yet to finish with their results…… waooo!!!

  62. the thing is dat the school did not even release any information concerning admission..their website ”uniben” is still blank nothing yet on results…but, some names has been released and some has even been sent to JAMB for confirmation………
    so i am really confused about this whole thing., But let us all keep praying and beliving in God bcos with God all things are possible.

  63. Well, let’s keep praying something changes before the end of this week since the old students are supposed to resume next week. All hope is not lost as long as there are still supposed to be working on the admission situation.

  64. grt aspirant of uniben.we wak by faith and nt by sight.God wil c us if u dont hve anyb hlp u whe nt try jesus frist by acptin him in2 ur life,and tel him fight 4 he cn do dat u must b born again.i am also an aspirant 2 study i hv d ful assurance if am nt givin pharm i wil b shift 2 oder score is nt in vain i confes in jesus broda is bak home 4ro uniben my skul by faith.

  65. My fellow guys and gals, why are u so worried, don’t u bliv in GOD? Don’t u have faith in HIM? Don’t u know dat HE can solve any problem? U knw what, sing praise and worship song 2 HIM always, and wait 2 c what HE will do, cus HE is a miracle working GOD, HE works in a way dat u cannot see. So just bliv.

  66. The clearance begins on the 15th and are for the part time student only so pls dnt bother to come to benin if u are full time student just let pray and hope for the suplementary list to come out

  67. @maria,u ar rite cos am connectd 2 d dean of pharmacy nd he said,d pending wl b out wth supplementary list so pray hard as am doin d fact dt i knw d dean those nt catapot me 4 admissn bt i knw God knws d bst 4 our lives

  68. GOD iS the only way,without him there is no life,for he is d controller of the HEART of man,PENDING would b past event,ADMITTED wud be latest NEWS

  69. U guy may b 2 afraid 2 face d truth uniben should b tru wit their admission, pending is a polite way of saying no admission. You should stop worrying ur selves about them we should just pray dat God givs us fortitude 2 bear dis loss & b able 2 accept d tins we can’t change. If we don’t pick up courage 2 continue our fight b sure we’ll just remain down here next year we’ll show them dat we are not bunch of sacks.

  70. Listen Carl Frank, d fact dat u’ve given up hope shud not make u discourage others. Pending does not in any way mean Not admitted & there’s no way uniben will admit less than 100 students in a dept. dis year so more students will definitely be admitted jst dat we don’t knw wen. So keep praying & blieving u’ll be one of those admitted jst like am doing cos there’s still hope.

  71. Pls can smbdy tel me d cutoff mark of law, althu i scored 57 as agg. Bt my adm. Status is on pending i dont kn y uniben is playin wit pples destiny. I also want 2 tel dose wit pending to b ready 4 clearance cos d wind of admited news wil soon blow, jst kip prayin gudluck! U can reach me on 08069555804 tnks

  72. All we b well in jesus name.amen.those dat appl 4 medicine and 55 and abv we b shift 2 optomentry.whl d rst frm 5
    wil b givin edu.i am pharmacy aspirant.any in d forum.pls ad me on 2go.username.oluwatobi375.waitin 4 u.

  73. Pls someone should tell me when clearance for admitted post-utme students commences and when academic resumption also commences because great Uniben has delayed her post-utme clearance for too long when other schools have long started.

  74. EKWE, Gabriel Samuel – Sex M -Student ID: 15856637FD has been admitted to EcoStat… I think I met this person on this forum… Congrats although still waiting for my pending to change to admitted

  75. Guess wat pals! Physical clearance for direct entry students 2011/2012 session commences on 1st of December according to Uniben’s official website & I gathered 4rm a student of d skul dat a list of more admitted students have been forwarded 2 JAMB Abuja for rectification & dat means some names will change 4rm pending 2 admitted pretty soon. I bliv strongly dis pending “Ish” will be rectified b4 clearnce commences so lets keep praying our story ends happily…gud luck ya’ll……..

  76. @tonia, d clearance form for utme and direct entry has already started.i read it in their site.uniben i don’t understand d december date u are talking about.

  77. @Chinedu…Online clearance starts on 28th of November while physical clearance starts on 1st of December everyday at the school auditorium, read it again carefully.

  78. There’s no way clearance will commence with less dan 30% of students admitted so the pending “shit” will definitely be resolved b4 clearance commences. Al I do now is pray like I’ve never done & I’ll advise u do same.

  79. @name u said status av bin released bt mine is showin dis (Admission List will be up soon. Please try
    again later. We regret the
    inconveniences). Bt sha av nt given up yet o. It is nt ova until it is ova!!!

    Gift,mercy,tonia,wisdom etc.where una de na?

  81. Congratulations my dear friend. Am so happy for you. The admission list has been removed so I can’t check mine. Pls I would like to have your number so that we can discuss more when we meet on the clearance day at UNIBEN. Ones again, I say congratulations.

  82. What kinda ‘shit’ is this? I scored 63% as my aggregate. UNIBEN is giving me “Animal and environment biology” as my course of study when some body with 59 was given pharmacy! I guess they are making a mistake. They better correct it or else…..

  83. Tink is high time 2 say a biiiiiiiíiiiiiiiiiiiíiiiiiiig byyyyye 2 dis forum. To those admitted a big congratulations!!! and if u’re not admitted,cheer-up delay is never a denial,be hard working n focused, 4 u will get there 1 day.
    @mercy so sorry u were out of favor. Do take gud care of urself n b a gud girl!
    @all bye!!!

  84. Uniben admitted me but the course is now showing something else…what am I to do…I don’t want to do any other course…..make una help me put back the correct course.

  85. @Gift, Don’t worry, just accept d course given 2 u first, den u can change back 2 ur preferred course later. N.B: 4 more info u can contact me on FB: Simeon Moses, (My picture is d guy sitting in an office writing) or 2go: Simeonodoz1, or 2ru my no: 07060915333.

  86. Well ASUU under Ukachukwu Awuzie is grossly incompetent. will going on strike on give Asuu what they are looking for? well I don’t blame them when the likes of Awuzie have their children overseas why won’t they purnish us the home based Nigerian students with incissant indefinate strike. If Asuu truelly represent us the Nigerian students and the erducational system they claim to, they would use the appropriate means of actualising their aims and not the blatant incissant INDEFINATE STRIKE !!!

  87. Hi Pals, been away 4 sometime now but tank God the trumpet has sounded at last. The Status were released on Friday & I was given my course (Computer Sci) but surprisingly on Saturday, it changed to mathematics & I guess the changes affected everyone. Well, I ain’t ready to sit @ home for another yr, am gonna grab dt course with my 2 hands & tink of a way to change it. To my fellow admitted students, I say a big congrats 2 u & to those who weren’t admitted don’t give up, put in ur best shot next yr. If u’re admitted I’ll like 2 av ur cell digits for contact if u’re willing to drop it…Ama check bak later, congrats once again

  88. Finally, I want to say a very big thank you to this forum. To my colleuges, who were admitted into UNIBEN, I say congratulations to you all. To my dearest friends, who weren’t admitted, I want to say that, “to fall is not to die.” “failure is a stepping stone to success”, if you don’t fail, you can’t have an extraordinary success as you may not realize your mistake. Don’t give up! Take note of your mistakes now. Try harder next time, and God will surely see you through. Once again I want to say to all of you in this forum that, I love you all! You can drop your number by reaching me on facebook with this user name: victorin iriemi.

  89. i passed the cut off mark,and i was told that the result is out,when i checked i didnt see anything, what i saw was application submitted then i checked admission status their was nothing written, dose that mean that there will b


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