Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria Admission List 2011/2012 Out

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria has released its 2011/2012 admission list. Students who applied for admission into Ahmadu Bello University can view their admission status on the university website: www.abu.edu.ng
To Check Your Admission Status
1. Visit the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria website: www.abu.edu.ng
2. Click on the link to view the Undergraduate Admission List
After checking your admission status you can proceed to prepare the necessary documents for registration.
Good Luck!


  1. Pls o, i checked for my name this morning and is not there. So i hope there will be second list cos i passed my jamb and the post utme. Pls help a dying sister. Am tired of sitting for jamb and tired of staying at home. I’ve been at home for the past five years now.

  2. Second list is coming out on the 10th of november. There are only 20 names on the list. The list is for people who paid homage. For those of you who did not pay, pray your names appear on the 3rd list which is coming out on the 1st of December. Names are going to be picked randomly like a raffle draw. May God help us all. The system is now very corrupt.

  3. Hey guys.i tink am getin tired of tryin to view d list.wel,if any of u hav a friend in abu samaru campus,just tel him or her to help u in d internet cafe in d main gate,but mehn,d crowd is lyk dat to b experiencd on judgement day.pls kip us postd wen dey place d list.gat my hands crosd n my eyes fixd.(wink) 08030488585

  4. will there be hope 4 direct entry candidat i hv nt seen any dat has been admitted. I aply as direct entry wit upper credit. Civil engr. Pls some one should help. I hv nobody there am only hoping 2 God. Am 4rm niger state.

  5. Few wks to the release of our 2nd list! Do you want to b sucessful lik dis studènts andrew, musa, dauda, kunle, emeka etc,.Who made it in our 1st list? Then reach us at ABU/admission/ref016217 Zaria! And mk ur way in d 2nd list..08182667298

  6. I jst rcover 4rm HBP.. W@ is al dis in edu.? Is it compursory dt dos on mrit shud die of HBP b4 gtin d admission! Stil dey want northern 2go sch by false.. Nd where is d space now? Let BOKO HARAM teach dm lesson may b govt we b wise of w@ 2 do..

  7. i bliv in God n my admission is in God’s hand cos who is he who speaks n it coms 2pas,wen d Lord has not commanded it? Am sayin dis bcos if it is by my effort my name wuld hv com out in d 1st list cos i applied wit d grade of distinction yet no admission. I am lookin on 2 JESUS 2 FAVOR my admission in dis 2nd list.

  8. abu y are u dificult give d youths admission so dat they can be useful to themselves and d society despite how strict abu are nija is still under developed u can make ur cutoff as high as u like abu officials b wise and make our youths usefu change ur attitude give dem admission

  9. god willing there is a 2nd list… I have am man in d senate who gives me reliable info… There is a 2nd list!! It is jst bcos of d asuu strike those who graduated cant even collect their certificate!! Bt i will advise if u can find something doing start now it will nt b wise to depend on the 2nd list alone!! I have faith that it would b released its jst time and the cercumstance like d strike!!! Pry that they release it soon and pray u get addmitted!! By his grace…

  10. that is not the 2nd list!! in the1st list there was some complications!! some names were omitted!! so they brought it out!! to merge with the 1st list!! it is either there is no 2nd list or there is but that is not the 2nd list!! they are the omitted names in the 1st list!!

  11. this issue of addmission is really driving me nut, cos i have gone to different school to secure an admission all to know avail, i have been writting jamb since 2006 for crying out loud.well i only depends on God not man.and i have dis hope that my name is golla be on the coming second list AMEN…Good luck to every body.

  12. 2nd list hasn’t b released yet…d omitted list is nt d 2nd list,dnt u guys know wot d word omitted is? beside d names is stil the same nd part of d 1st list…since Asuu strike is over now,let wait nd hope 2 see more info. 4rm abu site latest dis week 2 nxt week…may d almight grant us all adm. In d 2nd list…amin..add me on 2go “olatunde20″….G Classic…

  13. Guy as i said that is nt the 2nd list is eigther there is no 2nd list of or there is! The names in the omitted list are still d same with d 1 in the 1st list! Is jst that more names were added! Is eigther there is no 2nd list or there is! I advise u guys if u have anything doing abt ur academics start now! It is nt wise to depend on a.b.u 2nd list! A.B.U IS NOT THE ONLY SKUL IN THE WORLD! Guys! WAKE UP!! :|

    • i have been writing jamb and post utme since 3years now and abu don’t want to give me admission why? what is wrong? I do make all the cutoff marks but still why me!!!! why? i am feed up crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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