Coalition Demands Explanation For Waziri’s Sack 

WAZIRI-1WHILE agreeing that the Act establishing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) gives the President powers to remove the Chair and indeed any member of the Commission, in accordance with section 3(2), the Zero Corruption Coalition (ZCC) queried that such action should be premised upon the officer’s inability to perform, either due to infirmity of mind or body or any other cause, or for misconduct or in the interest of the Commission or the public interest.

“In view of the express provision of the EFCC Act 2004, we call on the Office of the President to provide the Nigerian public further explanation over the decision   to sack the EFCC boss,” the ZCC said.

In a statement, the coalition’s chairman and General Secretary, Auwal I. Musa (Rafsanjani) and Babatunde Oluajosho noted that while Ms. Farida Waziri’s handling of her office appeared to have led to a situation where many started to lose confidence in the anti-corruption body, ZCC is, however, worried about the way and manner she was sacked, without due respect to the provisions of the EFCC Act.

“Nigerians need to know the reason behind the removal of Mrs. Farida Waziri, so as to serve as a lesson for future leaders of the Commission. If Mrs. Farida Waziria ran fowl of any law of the land or guilty of any misconduct for that matter, we call that she should be prosecuted and if found guilty be punished according to the provisions of the law, otherwise it becomes tantamount to abuse of office to remove a tenured officer without due process.”

The coalition calls for a more holistic approach to the fight against corruption, noting that issues around anti graft crusade require more holistic, sincere political commitment and passionate approach.


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