Court Orders NDLEA To Compensate Baba Suwe N25M

An Ikeja High Court has ordered the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to pay a sum of N25M (Twenty five million Naira) to popular actor and comedian Babatunde Omidina better known to the public as Baba Suwe.

As reported earlier, Baba Suwe and his counsel had dragged the NDLEA to court, suing for N100M damages for the unlawful detention of the actor which led to public humiliation.

The order was given this morning Thursday, November 24, 2011 by presiding judge Justice Yetunde Idowu who cited that the detention of Baba Suwe by the NDLEA ‘was not justified’.

‘The actions of the NDLEA constitute a flagrant abuse and infringement of fundamental rights of the applicant’, Justice Idowu said.

She also added, ‘the compensation awarded should reflect the extent of which the applicant’s dignity was damaged’.

In addition to the sum of money ordered to be paid, Justice Idowu also ordered the law enforcement agency to publish a statement of apology in two widely read Nigerian newspapers. The choice of newspapers is to be agreed by both counsels.

‘It is our hope that this judgement sends a large message to other law enforcement agencies’,  Chief counsel to Baba Suwe, Bamidele Aturu said.

The NDLEA counsel T.E Asuquo acknowledged the judgement. ‘As your lordship wishes’, she said.


  1. Thank God, justice must surely prevails in this nation and here is another medium for nollywood to purify themselves from all this allegations of being a bad figure in our society.

  2. Na waooooh!! What is Nigeria turning into? Is the court saying that the news is fake? Is good to stand by the truth no matter what. Nigeria as a country today is messed up because truth is ALWAYS hidden and when someone does expose it, it becomes a treaty. God sees those who are spoiling the image of Our beloved country. He will act soon to destroy them forever because He doesn’t take bribe like mere humans. Let God judge the case.

  3. All compliments to God nd praise to d presiding judge yetunde for her prevailing in dis matter nd having done all dis in respect to humanity. Let’s presume He himself “Baba Suwe” finally won nd he’s been rewarded4damages attached to his name.. but……………..

  4. [email protected] jordan, where do u stand? @sunnywitty, nice comment, in this life, everybody is important,and their public awareness should not be joked with,regardless your status….kudos to Nigerian Justice system and to that ‘lady’ judge.

  5. When I watched the interviewed of the NDLEA boss I saw it on his face that they know that the test they did on the excretion of Babasuwe is clean and there is nothing like drugs inside. They think that they can fool Nigerians but their thought bounced back on them. They must pay the money even the Judge should have ordered them to pay more than that.

  6. well, if baba suwe is innocent, God has vindicated him but if he is not then…. whatever a man sow, that he will reap.

  7. Actor no dey die for film na, even wen d guy is innocent. I think dis is a set up as NDLEA work on false report rather than d scanner report.
    God bless Nigeria

  8. The scanner and the result interpreter, only God knows who/ which is right.
    25million is just a sum of money it can not carry us forever. The truth will always prevail.
    When an antelope escapes from the hunter’s trap it is still in the bush. Just a matter of time…

  9. It is one thing to be honest, it is yet another thing to be seen honest. Some people will die with the impressions of NDLEA’s blackmail even when the agency itself has already been convinced that it has been seen as a factory of public conspiracy (especially in this baba’s case)! Why don’t you cleanse your minds of this unfounded scepticism and celebrate this rare justice in Nigeria? Baba how i wish it was 22nd of August, your birthday would have been celebrated with better hillary. Anyway it was your journey to France that your shits coverted into N25m in the premises of the NDLEA. ‘Igbe l’owo wa’ Congrats.

  10. If every verdict was transparent and no any form of dichonomy introduced 2 our judiciary anymore, i believe that is just the begining of our triumph,freedom n prosperity in our beloved country.kudos 2 d presiding judge.may God continue 2 strengthen all good icon of this country-amen.


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