Femi Kuti Impregnates Another Dancer

Afrobeat maestro Femi Kuti is sure taking after his father’s footsteps – he’s already worked his way to being crowned king of the musical genre his father founded. And for some time now, he’s thrown caution aside as he adopts the unconventional romance and baby making lifestyle of his late father Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The junior Kuti, who has confessed being in a string of relationships, is now believed to be expecting his sixth child from his latest lover Antonia.  Sources close to the Kutis say Tonia (as she is fondly called) who is one of Femi’s Positive Force Band dancers, is ‘very heavy’ and will soon put to bed. The ‘couple’ according to tabloid reports have been seen together one too many times at social functions (including Mrs Sonia Ransome-Kuti‘s burial back in April). A source close to the Kuti family says Tonia pays occasional visits to the Kutis’ residence in Akute, Ogun State.  Femi Kuti is currently in court with his ex-wife Funke over their pending divorce.  He told us in October 2010 in an exclusive interview ‘I have girlfriends and they know themselves…I got married once and I knew I was wrong. I don’t believe in marriage‘  An attempt to reach the activist-musician who we hear just rounded up his Europe tour and is back in the country proved abortive; and text messages sent to his sister Yeni kuti were not immediately replied. Our reporter visited the New Afrika Shrine on Thursday November 24, but none of the managers on duty was willing to comment.  The expected sixth child follows the birth of Kuti’s fifth child Tejumoluwa, from another dancer Bose Ajila on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.  The other five Femi Kuti children are Lade, Ayomide, Tunmise and his first son Morinmade fondly called Made.


  1. Judging from the untold afflictions people usually met in the marriage these days, I think this is the best form of raising family this time around. People encounter so many problems in marriage today. The devil is really at work.

  2. Oga kuty, du u fink dat al dis children manufacturin nd wimen abuse is wise? Hav u eva sat bak 2 fink of wat wil hapn btw dem all wen u re gone.pls du ve a refink of wat u re doin oo!


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