Herbalist urges involvement of women groups in polio campaign

A herbalist in Mubi, Adamawa, Mrs Maryam Ali, on Friday called for the involvement of women groups in polio immunisation in the communities to ensure speedy eradication of the virus.

Ali also called for the adoption of gender-sensitive measures in the National Immunisation Plus Days exercise.

She said the inclusion of women groups would garner support for the polio campaign and also mobilise the rural women toward the eradication of the virus.

The herbalist explained that effective involvement of women in the enlightenment and awareness campaign on the fight against polio would help to step up the fight against the dreaded disease in the rural areas.

“Polio campaign is dominated by men and focuses more on urban settlements to the detriment of the rural areas. It is desirable to engage women in creating awareness about the disease and improve immunisation coverage at the grass roots.”


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