Ibrahim Lamorde Appointed Acting EFCC Boss

President Goodluck Jonathan has today (November 23) approved the appointment of Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde as the Acting Chairman/Chief Executive of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC in a statement signed by the presidential Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati Ph.D.

The appointment takes immediate effect, and effectively relieves Mrs. Farida Waziri of her position as EFCC Chairman. Mrs. Waziri was appointed EFCC Chairman by Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua on May 18, 2008 and confirmed by the Senate on May 27, 2008.

Mr. Lamorde, an officer of the Nigeria Police, was, until this appointment the Director of Operations of the EFCC. He was also Ag. Chairman of the EFCC before Mrs. Waziri assumed duty at the Commission.

Source: Channelstv.com


  1. Who will fight corruption? Lamurde or Jonathan? Rigging is the mother of all corruptions. Whosoever castrated Judiciary to actualize and legitimize his/her rigging can never fight corruption. One offence committed leads to committing another.

  2. I belief that efcc has gain total freedom and total truth will prevail now. Farida waziri was a bench warmer. Nigeria must move foward.

  3. Snc her appntment,i knew she ws gn 2 b sakd very sn cz efcc wasnt actv at al,tak 4 instnc wen nuhu ribadu ws thr,efcc ws hot!..wel dats wman showin dr incapability n ds country

  4. No matter who anyone of them appointed they still be a friend to thieves and harm robbers, but my believe is this ‘it is only God who can put stop to corruption in this life.
    They are all thieves

  5. i weep 4 nija cos our leaders re insincere in fighting corruption.it started wit rigging of election nd total contl of d judiciary as in d case of Salami’s sack! Iam nt surprised over waziri’s sack. D confused President of Nig needs a psychiatrist 4 dygnosis nd treatment. I weep 4 nig. waziri u hv tried ur best 4 our rotten country.

  6. I think this body called ‘efcc’ is a body instituted for some mischievous achievers to accomplish their financial journeys. Nigerian Policeman to fight against corruption is the biggest jokes of the century. Waziri or no Waziri, the corrupt practices is ever increasing. A country who has no political will to prosecute and sanction those who commits political, economic, social, religious and security offences is virtually not prepared to tell themselves the truth. Those unforgettable billions of Dollars and Pounds looted by late Gen, Sani Abacha and other economic enemies, where are the monies? And the figure-head-confused president is busy out there proposing for some demonic proposal to inflict more sufferings in the life of common Nigerians.

  7. Who is this Tyoakoso, sounding like an alien about his President . I doubt if you are a Nigerian. People should henceforth learn how to call good, good while evil should be seen to be evil. Management decisions goes beyond myopic reasoning. Waziri’s Exit could be ranges of issues. Absence of God is a gateway to all sorts of negative Demeanor including ”corruption”

  8. Coruption is d evil dragging us back as a nation. Waziri or not d basic is we should all fight corptn. From president to office cleaner & even police officers in charge. who is not? Students exams at all levels d worst. God help Nigeria

  9. Until Nigeria govt put life imprisonment and death penalty to corruption, Nigeria can never be good. Communism is what fit Nigeria and not democracy. China or Japan do not have time to fight corruption because if they catch you, they don’t waste time for execution or life imprisonment. Nigeria people believe so much in bribery that is why they embezzle and give bribe to find their way out and become a chief overnight. A thief holds public office in Nigeria so what do you expect? A thief is highly respected in Nigeria because he thief his people money and become big with big handkerchief.It is only in Nigeria I see a big man sweating hahahaha.


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