Stella Damasus Returns With ‘Two Brides And A Baby’

Fans of the Nollywood star Stella Damasus who have grown worried over the actress’ disappearance from the screen will be delighted to know that she’s back!

The ever graceful actress is making a long overdue comeback in the movie ‘Two Brides and a Baby’ by Blessing Egbe. But for those who think Stella will be playing her usual ‘lovey-dovey, sweet and loving character which she plays in most of her movies, they are in for a surprise as the actress delivers a more antagonistic role in the character of ‘Ama’ – the bitter ex fiancée who is hell bent on extracting her pound of flesh from Bankole (played by O.C Ukeje).

The movie which features other Nollywood actors such as Kalu Ikeagwu, Blessing Egbe, Chelsea Eze and Okey Uzoeshi is a contemporary story of love, betray, revenge, pain, forgiveness and common relationship issues set in present day Nigeria.

The movie tells a story of how an about-to-wed couple goes through their misfortune and struggle to get through the tragic events of the day leading up to their marriage as a result of the arrival of the bitter ex fiancée a day to the wedding.

She’s a wonderful actress who is well vast in interpreting roles, she relives the character in such a way that the audience get a ‘live-feel’ of the character through her interpretation’, Blessing Egbe speaks on why she choose Stella Damasus to play the role of Ama in the movie.

Two Brides and a Baby, which premieres at Genesis Deluxe Cinema on November 17, 2011 will afterwards start showing in all cinemas across the country as from the 25th of November.



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