Trial of 65 suspected Boko Haram members suffers setback

The trial of 65 Boko Haram suspects before a Maiduguri High Court on Tuesday suffered a setback as the case was again adjourned. The suspects were arrested at different locations in Maiduguri for their alleged complicity in the 2009 sectarian disturbances. The court released them on bail early this year, but since then, whenever they appeared for the continuation of the hearing, the proceedings would be adjourned for one reason or the other. At the resumption of the case on Tuesday, only 61 of the suspects were in court while four were absent. Prosecution counsel, Haruna Izge pleaded with the court for an adjournment, saying that the hearing could not continue in the absence of the other suspects. However, defence counsel Tahir Gundar did not object to the prayer. The presiding judge, Justice Wokil Gana, adjourned the case to December 13 to enable the other suspects appear for the continuation of hearing.



  1. Wat ar they trying dem 4 knowin d gravity of their offence already,they should jus b killed instantly since they hv no regards of others life

  2. The trial of suspected terrorists is beyond the jurisdiction of any civil law court in Naija.The act of terrorism itself encompasses insurgency aimed at embarrassing,overthrowing and undermining the authority of any government.If common criminals and armed robbery suspects are not bailable in our law courts,what is then the rationale behind the granting of bail to suspected terrorist? The first genuine step in the fight against terrorism in our dear country is to wholistically define the TERM in our own context as regards our legislation,judiciary and execution.LONG LIVE FRN.


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