ASUU Strike And The Destiny Of a Nation

Yes the battle line is drawn, the ASUU strike is on. Universities are shut down and students sent home. I hope we are happy and I pray the reasons for the tussle are met at the end of this drama?

One question comes to mind as I put pen on paper to write this piece, what is the fundamental purpose of university education? For it is in understanding this question that we will begin to see the implications of ASUU strike on our collective good as a nation.

Anywhere in the world as we see today, one fundamental essence captures the imperative of university education. This is, university is the bridge connecting the imaginative creative mind (students) and the knowledgeable mind (Teachers).

When these two synthesize, new ideas emanate and this is what developed nations have used to transform themselves from nothing to something. Japan, India, China, America e.t.c are typical examples of this.

By this ASUU strike, not only have we put the gates of our ivory towers under locks and keys but we have equally put to stand still our quest for development and progress as a people.

Nations that understand the true meaning of university education take it as first priority. But why is ours different, a curious mind would ask?

Those in the corridors of power simply pay lip service to the issues at stake. After all, what are the contributions of Nigerian universities to the developmental prospect of the nation? Are they not just certificate printing houses when their graduate cannot even defend the degrees they carry around? The system is messed up they say, but it is so because that is who we are in this country. For you cannot hide your true character no matter how outwardly sophisticated you seems to appear.

The deception is just so much in this land, how can we do this to ourselves? If we waste away the vibrancy and potentialities of our youthful minds, then we have no one else but ourselves to be blamed in the near future where works of creative ingenuity becomes the order of the day for humanity.

The truth is, if we deliberately kill Nigerian universities via our actions and behaviour, then we should be prepared to live a borrowed life as a people.



Dept of Philosophy,

University of Lagos.

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