ASUU Strike: ASUU Declares Total Strike

ASUU has declared a total strike. The Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU) will embark on a total and unconditional strike set to begin today 4th December, 2011. The ASUU strike would be enforced from midnight today and universities across the country are not expected to hold any academic activities.


  1. this is totally outrageous….it seems to me that FG cares little or not about the educational sector! Tell me, which developed nation attained the heights by gambling with its institutions of learning….

  2. ASUU pls make use of d court or legal weapons other than is becoming an ignorminy to d nation’s education sector and d manpower she produces.

  3. ASUU should not be blamed in anyway. Educational system in Nigeria should be of standard, and Nigeria is quite capable of doing this!

  4. asuu y? Fedreal y? This just my last 2week in university, m abt to write my last papers? Would i av to wait 4 another yea just 4 me to graduate, pls fedreal n asuu make ammendment very very soon.

  5. To me Asuu are nt 2 blame bt our Federal Government who promise nd fail, anyway we dnt ave choice dan 2 go 4 d strike bt God knows beta dan us, my fellow students,it’s well

  6. asuu or no asuu,fg or no fg all nigeria student pls lets go and bomb all d goat and animal we call our federal leader becos we cant kip wating for dose called fool to be dictating for us.great nigeria student!i alabi is ready to go anywhere

  7. fg should know what they r doin. Imaging morthan 100b naira 4 d construction of a single stadium but at dsame time giving out 13.5b naira 2 build 9 brand new universities wc is impossible 2 build a single library

  8. your head is dere asuu…but mske sure you resume in january,make man xmas break plenty….futa lecturers are already giving us bad times….i hate dem so much…infact govt shld answer asuu but leave out futa staff members

  9. Is strike the only way to make govt see reasons? Can’t the issue be taken to court? Putting a stop to academic activities is going to tell well on the Nigerian youth, i believe there is another way out rather than strike. FOR NIGERIAN’S ECONOMY TO MOVE FORWARD, NIGERIAN’S EDUCATION HAS TO BE HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM. Govt plz hear us out.

  10. In due time, God’ll respond to our heart desires. There’s nothing to WORRY abt Nigerian students. All things work for good to them that love God.

  11. Wel am hapi d strike s goin 2 tak place cus am broke but lets kom bck 1st tin january,cus i cant ad 1 single day in my years in uni.Federal govt. Abeg do somtin 4 d Nigerian student n 4 d future of Nigeria>unijos

  12. I am soliciting for the Asuu & federal govt. To pls try and reach a consensus, for the benefit of our dear & lovely nation. It is very unfortunate I am sorry HAJIA.

  13. Josites,lets hav some lecturers wit us sumwia 4 strike as wel. Al odas do same make we see if dem no go cal off. ASUU no wan mak we graduate,evn if we do no work. Una no wan retire ne. Wetin? Govt don fail again o. I weep 4 we

  14. nigeria my country,our leaders my food,why why why why why ,fellow nigerian students pls take heart,dats why we ar nigerians,de most difficult country to survive.lossites general turtorials continoues wt our usual lectures,pls calm dwn and remain in skull tanx

  15. we elected our leaders in good faith but they are leadin us in undesirable manner. Asuu should be settled in oda not to jeopardise our accademic pursuit. Fg do it now or die tryin. Unec

  16. Greatest Nigeria Student!!! Imagine, all these people so called our leaders they made d open promised dat they will reform nd cater for our educational sector b4 they are been voted in to d power. Now they forget all their promises. but one thing i know is dat God will punish all of them, (AMEN). if they refused to make ammendment in time.

  17. I fasted nd prayed to God for this strike, nd he ansad, ASUU thank u for lettin God use u….. Nd u hypocrites shud logoff nd make use of it…… Deuces

  18. great nig students!!! Dis is absolute negligence and wickedness from fed govt. Dia is nufin lik strike durin dia academic period, so y are they hrtless and unsympathetic to the cries of nig students and asuu? Fed govt should save this country from dis global shame of dilapidation of our education sector. God bless nig students, God bless Asuu, God bless nig sha. From Unec

  19. out of noting somthing was created, despite the gift endowed to us by almighty God, why few people who call themselves leaders keep embezling our endowement to thier selfish desires. My fellow student, blames can not be on ASUU leaders rather on the people who sends their children abroad and keep making empty promises which within them, they no it will not be implemented. Dear collueges lets keep our eyes open and revive NANS and tell them to wake up from sleep cause its a high time we stop folding our hands and watch our right denied friom us.

  20. this frustration called government. Would they ever think abt anyother thing apart 4rm their selfish and wicked interest? They don’t even care if d whole country is consumed.
    They shld remember that failure 2implement aggrement was d origin of d war in 1967.
    I’m getting disapointd, very seriously too with this thing called government. Jonathan said recently that to avoid revolution in nigeria will mean 2 provide jobs 4 d youths.
    If this strike begins and suceed in setting us backward again, revolution might just b what this so called government will have 2 worry about.
    They’ve toyed with us 4 2 long.

  21. it is gud nd it is bad at dsem time, cos both d two party ar nt doin d right tin. So we students our own is only prayer. May Allah solv dis prblm at d right time. Sorry Bukite !

  22. Dis is gettin out of hand, ASUU is not 2 b pointed finger @… Its d Govt 2 blame, ASUU re fightin 4 we d students. Its d fundamental right of every student 2 b educated in a standerdized manner. D Fed. govt is capable of stopin all dis but ll nt want a hault so soon, funds 4 schools re embezzle n kept in personal Accts aside others n no one has bin brought 2 justice n punishd accordin 2 d law of d country…. Lets dig out our differences n mak Nigeria gr8t… Long liv ASUU,long liv Nigerian Students,long liv d Fed. Rep. of Nigeria…!!!

  23. Pls govt grant asuu their demands,but screen out substandard lecturers and profs. Please Goodluck and his cabinet d more student stays at home tins get spoilt,we need peace and stability but BLOODY REVOLUTION IS POSSIBLE.GOD Bless Nija

  24. Fed.Gov’t,U are extremely being unfair on us here coz we can’t imagine dz was d kinda academic route U all passed thru b4 getting to where U all are today.”God would vindicate us”.

  25. Oh shit mehn!24hrs codeine +vry strng hard D +maintain =incessant sleep + zero tolerance in order to reduce the time bt asuu dnt go nd fg shld do smthng or else no any youth wil luvs u again,nd that wl definitely cause a lots.

  26. Let us ask ourselves when,how and who can change Nigeria when d leaders always betray us during manifestors and turn back at us when d win election.Can we do without universities?

  27. Nawa 4 dis country, government is stupid. Dis all nonsense politicans dat r not payin attention 2 strike r dey not educated or even attend university, anyway majority of dem r taut who jst used money 2 b dere, dey dont knw d value of education.but @ least gudluck was a lecturer he shuld @ least listen 2 dese greedy lecturers. Y shuld a professor b up 2 70 yrs before retirement is it not stupidity wen dey cum inside class no one wil b hearin wat dey r sayin, dey wil cum and behave lik children and go home if u want 2 die in service wher wil dose studnts u r teachin wil wrk wen dey graduated. Government do d 1 u can do and 4get abt dis issue of lecturers. Listen u lecturers shuld not take us 2 play wewil sue u pple. Hw can we afta payin skul fees u pple wil embark on strike is it our fault and afta dat u pple wil not deduct skul fees rada u pple wil relax a little bit b4 cumin 2 teach. All though Nigeria’s education system is nonsense,dat is y all dese greedy politicans wil send dere children abroad wit our money while we wil b here suferin. Wat all sort of nonsense is dis. K dis is our quiet president dis strike wil b up 2 one year or even moredan coz he is a less concern human being. Listen enough is enough

  28. Egyptian hv refusd to leave d street since january, Americans hv bin unda their umbrellas 4 d pass few months, British stdnts re riotin over increasd tuition fee so is the italians stdnts as well, re we beta than these nations? Y is it dat wit endles gap btw we nd them they stil struggle 4 improvement while we wit absolute nofin sits nd fold our hands? Y Can’t we also rise nd speak to our gov? It pisses off to hear some stdnts say they hapi 4 strike a chance 2 make money, watz money compared 2 our nations future. Only if Nigerian stdnts wil com out nd protest in one voice one theme one goal wil d tumors in d ears of our gov start dropin out, ASUU can nt do it alone. Greatest UNIBEN greatest NIGERIAN stdnts GREAT… Its our time to talk.

  29. If d fed. Govt has 4got, i think its high time dey ar called 2 attention. That d uprising of citizens against their govt. dat happend in d arab countries(tunisia, egypt, libya, syria etc) can happen anywhere in d world. Students anger is 1 of d most difficult thing 2 control. ‘just a little word is spoken 2 young child, when it gets into him will become a whole’. PEACE!!!

  30. What a life! Asuu & federal government has no future plan 4 student,becos their children are not studying in this shameless country,i dont blame them. God will judge.(AMEN).

  31. FG pls reach an agreement with Asuu.Don’t let Asuu delay we student of govt. University from achieving our academic degrees at the stipulated time due for graduation.

  32. FG pls reach an agreement with Asuu.Don’t let Asuu delay we student of govt. University from achieving our academic degree at the stipulated time due for graduation.

  33. So Sad. ASUU we knw u did all u can not to go on strike. We are hundred percent in support. FG why this to Nigerian students is it because ur children are abroad schooling. Remember. One day u will definitely not be there and u most account on what u have done.

  34. I Think ASUU Hv Exercise Enough Patient By Calling On Well Meaning Nigerians To Call The Government To Order And Respect As Well As Implement The Said Agreement But To No Avail. Pressure Groups As It Where Hav A Number Of Instruments They Usually Use To Achieve Their Aims, It Includes: Lobbying, Consultations And Meetings, Protest Letters, Rioting, Hijjacking And Holding People Hostage As Well As Strike. It Is Obvious That Among All The Above Instruments, The Government Seem To Undastand And Respond To Strike More Than All Other Instruments Put Together, So ASUU Had No Other Choice Than To Use It But We Sincerely Hoped That With The Current Security Challenges of Boko Haram, The Students Will Not Engage Themselves In Those Activities Because, There Is A Saying “An Idle Mind Is The Devils Workshop”

  35. As leader we ar given d ability to lead other by our creator.As shepherd’s their ar sheeps under our care.We should alway remember dis we ar going to give account of everything to our creator,naked we shall all stand b4 him. God help us all,Amen.

  36. I sincerely pity u students dat ar rejoicing over dis strike issue. Dont worry, wen u spend 6yrs on a 4yrs course, u wil understand d consequencies of strike. GEJ, pls hv a mind of ur own like OBJ, do wat u knw is rite nd stop listenin 2 unproductive advises…. Sum p’ple like stil hv fate or faith (any1) in u… Dont dissappoint us!


  38. Sales of admssn forms into Boko Haram (no strike) uni., requirements for admssn: skilled gun-man,fearless nd hrtlss no payment required, lets bomb d whole country i thnk it’s better dat way

  39. r we 2 use 6yrs 4 a 4yrs course????pls FG answer asuu……n asuu i ue God beg wuna if FG does nt answer u guyz dont kal off d strike, it’s beta we do dis strike once n 4all….FG shld nt jst promise again dey shld implemnt d 2009 agreement(((unibuja

  40. Haba ASUU! So there is no any other way of geting ur demands met aside strike action? Strike action should not always be the last alternative afterall, it does not always yield results

  41. dis is d period wen crime rate increases if FG does nt do anytin abt dis strike hmmmmmm it wil b BLOODY…..dey shld jst knw dat d country wont b in peace,n d security of d country wil b lik a rain dat has rfuse 2 stop……FG dont provoke NIGERIAN STUDENT…uniabuja

  42. Asuu & Fg, pls u ppl should come to a better understanding and pity we the students. Strike is now a culture for us and this is not helping we the future leaders. Pls call it off soon

  43. I haf hear all dis nonsenses nd I haf tired. Kini gbo gbo nonsensi na? See, FG oh, ASUU oh, NLC, PDP, BBC, HIV, PHD, esseTARA ESSEtara…. I graduating in 2013 wit my B.engrg degree weda una like it or not… Wahala 9ja ti kpoju….

  44. Greatest Abusites,Great oo,cool to read the mind of my felow nig student most expecialy those that are in suport and against the so-called ASUU strike,realy we ar nt new to strike of Asuu bt some wl be expresing it 4d 1st time,my question is dont we think dia is somethin wrong somewia dat is hidden,y wl gov kp promicin sinc almost yr 2000 and nt fufilin dia promic and y is it dat many of our academician turn to voiceless wen dey enta politics wit all our resources,nw d question is,hu is ready to save hu in dis country.lets our law student file a case,we ar ready to suport dem in court of law,dis injustice must be stop now!!! as 4 me o Jacking Continua,Arida I tired.writing on behalf of ABUSITES, naturaly ahead (SULEIMAN HALL) KUNLEXY CS

  45. ASUU why repeating this unyielding syndrome ”strike” when you guys know too well that FG has no phobia at all? It’s quite amazing that our so called leaders appreciate & even champion retrogression rather than progress. God help us all. Greatest Lions & Lionesses, let’s not rush to respond bcus good time awaits us. Amen

  46. ASUU why repeating this unyielding syndrome ”strike” when you guys know too well that FG doesn’t Nigerian students? It’s quite amazing that our so called leaders appreciate & even champion retrogression rather than progress. God help us all. Greatest Lions & Lionesses, let’s not rush to respond bcus good time awaits us. Amen

  47. we dnt knw where educatn is headn to nw bt all wrks 4 good nd God knws evry reason 4 evry season wch 4 d betament of sum tins bt ASUU RETHINK FG RONU.if nt 4 ds strike nw i wil be graduatn nxt 2wks wt a compresd tymtable MAN PROPOSES,GOD DISPOSES UNAD OR EKSU

  48. Haba, y dis time that i’m planing to move up to another cadre in d academic ladder (graduating). FG should please have mercy on us and respond to the agitations of ASUU

  49. Nw i tink we r being paid 4 voting for luck in d first place.Naija student i tink d best tin is just 2 pray for God’s interventn or else many of us will grow grey hair b4 we graduate


  51. ASUU, why embarking on a total strike.I mean is there no room for negotiation?atleast for the interest of the thickly populated Nigerian students in the Versities,those outgoing and the huge population of those in preparation to come in.Pls, FG this an opportunity to show case ur promises to Nigerias who stood tirelessly to get u fixed firm footed.Let see if u will betray us.

  52. Asuu should call off this strike on time. Strike has always been a set back for student. Mr president please do something.

  53. Now the federal govt. Is stealin our money….it is time for us all dear Nigerian student to carry guns and amminitions to start stealin and extortin in our own ways……Great Nigerian Student!

  54. asuu, una no go 3ry get sense abi? I dey talk say i go last 6yrs 4 here, una 1 prolong matas….abeg make una 3ry go bak 2 dat table n sort tins out oooo…..

  55. Dis government is just another pain in d ass they don’t care bout students all they care is sum powa tussle. This is just a continuation of business as usual like it used to be in d OBJ’s government two times in same year of election that so called president should betta come up with some betta strategy or get disgraced outta office.

  56. Jheez! Asuu.una d do una job shaa.imagin,frm diesel subsidy(6 yrs ago)to fuel subsidy,frm 50k to 125k(esut schl feek hyke)bokoharam supose dn bomb fed fuckin gov of 9ja.chei! Man pikin dn becm pastense 4 dis presend day o.
    Fuck fed gvt,gudluck n mugu sambo i knw undastnd again b wetin we talk na.
    Imagine cos of diz strike tin 9ja universities no folo 4 d first 500 universities in africa n d 8000th uni in d world.GEJ & SAMBO una pikins dem d schl 4 9ja?talk tru n shame buhari.

  57. I beta nt ax or beg d president, he always had his ways of showin his incapabilities nd d illitracy in his educated nature nd so is his cabinet nd govt alike. D nigerian government suck! Beta dat i wasnt a part in seletion nd election cus i wud av regretd d accerditation of myn in dis God blessd foolish nation. “Haha i feel lyk leavin nigeria 4 ibadan” dat d kind of govt. We own! Al hail d nigerian govt… Once again u suck! Guys u r d future learn frm dia stupidity!

  58. ASUU pls its the students suffering from the effects of the strike not the FG and his CABINET.
    Pls have a rethink and have mercy on us.

  59. It is uncalled for that after a long awaited positive response 4rm the so called fg, strike became d last resort. 2BAD! Now that the great nigerian students ar 4cd out d classrum, the road may likely be terrible. God please intervane 4 the poor masses.

  60. FG is there no remedy towards preventing and curing this strike pandamic out of Nigerian Universities?,if this protracted urgly situation is not resolved now, i mean now! the economy and security of this nation will be in a shambo. I advice my fellow undergraguates to be good Nigerian for definitely God will intervene on this iterating urgly issue.

  61. I dnt evn undastand d rison for d stryk dou…… But ASUU, i beg u in d name of wateva u hold dear…. Dnt let dis stryk exceed a month….. D last 6months stryk(south east state uni) gave me nd ma colleagues an extra year in medical school….. I dnt want to spend 8yrs in school…. Plllzzzzzzz

  62. if d FG want to regulate d no: of graduates why can it terminat d tertiary institution entirely & leave d pri. & sec schs 4 us so dt we remain their slave permanently. I ‘LL MAK A PRAYER JUST SAY AMIN LOUDLY. ANYBD DT CONTRIBUTED 2 DIS STRIK, O EVEN HAPPY WT IT, MAY D COUSE ALLAH BE UPON HIM CONDRION TIME. (on behav buk agr dept.)

  63. Asuu & Fg, pls u ppl should come to a better understanding and pity we the students. Strike is now a culture for us and this is not helping we the future leaders. Pls call it off soon

  64. He who dine with the devil must have a long spoon in his hands. Nigerian govt is more dangerous dan satanic devices. I think the best solution to our education is to ban education in this country since we are in the era of ‘banning’ whoever speaks of education should be stoned to death. So that this prostitution they want legalize and other criminal activities they wants to project, will be highly increased. Nigerians have fallen from frying pan to fire. I had never seen or heard of such a self centered govt in the world like Nigeria case. ‘He who sleeps with a dog, must wake up with fleas’. Nigerian govt should not forget in a hurry what happened in France in 1789 called ‘FRENCH REVOLUTION’ Nigerian govt had actually begged the poor masses enough to be hostile and violence in this country and the masses have resisted this offer enough. Now it’s obvious that the center can no longer hold. I want to appealed to all the countries in the world to stop allowing Nigerians into their country and they should depots the ones already in their country back in Nigeria. Lets all of us suffer and die here. The old fools have fooled us enough by sending their own children and relatives overseas and come back here for their business of the day ‘lootings and squandering activities’. It’s much better to die fighting for something than to live for nothing.

  65. I think its tym for us(student) to take control of ds embarrassing situation… D̶̲̥̅̊ truth is dt even if/wn d strike is called off, d FG probably won’t fulfill their promise and dn dere will be anoda strike and anoda 1 after dt… But, what if we tell d FG and ASUU dt if dey don’t settle dis 1ce and for all, WE(Students) WILL GO ON AN INDEFINATE STRIKE until dey are ready to build A̶̲̥̅̊ future for ds nation… This cA̶̲̥̅̊N̶̲̥̅̊ be A̶̲̥̅̊ solution but 1 student (not even 1 uni) can achieve it…

  66. It’s quite confusing dat the Nigerian govt is so ungodly to it’s citizens. I thought the reasons for constituting government in a country are to regulates the activities of the society and prioritize their needs. Why is it dat this particular govt is making it’s administration so unpopular and satanic by adding salt and pepper in our injuries? Our political rulers should be thought a lesson they will never forget in a hurry.


  68. My mates don graduate since…i dey school wan born children. F.G pls, biko,abeg,ejoor,kocho….attend to asuu’s demand so we wouldn’t think of joining BOKO HARAM!!!!

  69. Goodluck u r a shame,u were 1ce a lecturer,u r supsd 2 knw wats up,we xpctd mor dan dis 4rm u.Abeg make una do dis tin,me i wan graduate.ANYWAY,GOD pas una.

  70. its a pity we the student are the one to suffer the scenario and saga between the federal govt and asuu.may GOD help us. we are tired of all these bullshits. federal govt pls fulfill your promise

  71. U nigeria law-makers all wat u re doing in house of asseby is unresoursable,unprofitable,is unconscionable,infact is ungodly u re there only 4 ur own interest not 4 majority but watever u ave or will gather in dat place shall not last bcos our economy is not wat 2 talk about,our educatn system is going downhill, power nd security has failed, but u nd ur families think u re enjoying.listen,God says He will plunder thy u plunder nd oppress d poor.dis is d cause issued by God on u stupid nd useless leaders.

  72. FG is spoilin the educational sector in naija pls why not meet to this pples need nd spear the future generations frm unsteady education.

  73. May Almighty God purnish Goodluck Jonathan and his entire household since the lives of the masses means little or nothing to him.he would rather spend so much on the so called cassava bread than investing in the educational sector.I find no fault in ASUU’s decisions our lecturers deserve the best.please federal Govt cnt we jst go a session without strike?am at the verge of loosn all pls this is my final year as a law student in Lasu abeg let us go to Law school pls.being stagnant is the worst thing that can ever happen to young minds and to make matters worse you never remember that an Idle mind is the devil’s workshop little wonder there have been rampant robbery incidents of late more coming.

  74. Asu this is not the best way,u ar causin me so much pain,am emotionally down and distabilize,by dis strike,pls i employ u to put a stop to dis,pls asu i beg u in d name of God.

  75. Tank God ma sch hav started exams b4 dis iritatin ocurence ocured otherwise it wud hav bein a great mess.FG govt pls listen 2 demand of asu

  76. Fed govt, Nawah 4 u pple o. Hw una jst dey do Promise nd fail. Dis is now a child’s play.
    ANSU, Ride on….., cos d only language FG undastnds is STRIKE. I pray dat d strike wont b long o cos i’m a newly admited stdnt. I wan enjoy university atmosphere joor……..

  77. ASUU: The world Bank and IMF had already designed
    an educational blue print for Nigeria which translate into poor funding of
    education activities by the government. Therefore ASUU alone can hardly achieve any tangible development, it has to be a collective effort by both parent, student unions and
    other labour unions, in order to save education from total decay. Because comparatively our educational system was characteristically incompatible with world’s educational standard measures.

  78. Pls oooooo ASUU,‎​A̶̲̥̅♏ on ♏γ̲̣̣̥ knees beggin,‎​ ‎​Ĵüڪ† cnt stand ı̣̣̣τ̣̣̥ ooo,unical has bin on strike for 3months n dis made me nt to graduate dis year n nw dis! O ǦƠ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅̊ pls interven

  79. out of noting somthing was created,
    despite the gift endowed to us by
    almighty God, why few people who call
    themselves leaders keep embezling our
    endowement to thier selfish desires. My
    fellow student, blames can not be on
    ASUU leaders rather on the people who
    sends their children abroad and keep
    making empty promises which within
    them, they no it will not be implemented.
    Dear collueges lets keep our eyes open
    and revive NANS and tell them to wake
    up from sleep cause its a high time we
    stop folding our hands and watch our
    right denied friom us.

  80. out of noting somthing was created,
    despite the gift endowed to us by
    almighty God, why few people who call
    themselves leaders keep embezling our
    endowement to thier selfish desires. My
    fellow student, blames can not be on
    ASUU leaders rather on the people who
    sends their children abroad and keep
    making empty promises which within
    them, they no it will not be implemented.
    Dear collueges lets keep our eyes open
    and revive NANS and tell them to wake
    up from sleep cause its a high time we
    stop folding our hands and watch our
    right denied friom us. From mouau in abia state.

  81. Y but we all surffer like dis in nigeria were all tins are posible, Asuu shld nt go on strike, nd wat is d senate doing on dis issue,

  82. Nigeria education ɪ̣̝̇$ nothing to write home ά̲̣̥β☺U̶̲̥̅̊†̥ yet we embark on an indefinite strike, †ђξ giant of africa as become an ant….everything ɪ̣̝̇$ wrong ϖϊƭђ dis country! In sports, education, economic, etc A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ †ђξ FG care not!!!!!

  83. Uhm…………… Nigeria, Oh my dear country when will you wake up from this slumber of yours, when are you going to realise that education is one of the back bone of a country, that make a country stand out among others. Other educational system is depreciating day by day and all we could hear again is strike. Well i do not blame the leaders when their children is not in this country. Our leaders raise up to your responsibilities and make this great nation of ours great. God bless Nigeria and the people living in it.

  84. frankly speaking asuu have there own share of responsibility.innocent people are disturbed,some where in a middle of exams they where sent out of exam hall,atleast students are all affected since the FGs are not the ones studying.They should try as much as possible to exert to pressure between themselves not including the students.So help us god.

  85. Y shd d govt mak promisez d cnt fulfil? Pls our able somtik abt dis b4 it 2 late. ASUU has 2 fight 4 dia ryt,nt jst dem,includn d studentz.our dayz in skul ar number.

  86. D govt is to b blame 4 every damn tin apuning, dey do dt cos dey dont av children in fed univerties, dia children r all abroad studying n so ao do xpect dem to b so concerned abt our own future? I jst pray asuu shld call d strike off as soon as possible, ma skul s lagging bhind alredy

  87. FG,pls settle ASUU 4 our lecture 2 continue,planning 2 build more 9 Universitties & cnt maitain d existing ones do not make sense,fg shud know dat dey are suffering d students & also know dat “one who open a school gate closes a prison yard.”

  88. Do we have a Govt? don’t think so. I believe that those in power are just there to make money and fill their pockets. They don’t care for the needs of people. It’s better to fight for our rights than to stay calm and be cheated. Asuu, i support you 100% jhooor!

  89. Asuu should be considerat bcos most student are at the virge of their graduation.the govt are not directly affected bcos as u would knw dat ordinary ward councilor can aford Ghana school fees.i sugest dat d sanators salaries be cut down to #500000 and d deficit be used to meet asuu’s demand….07033543105

  90. God please touch the hearth of the ASUU leaders for them to call of the strike because it is HELLfor a student during his/her 4 or 5yrs program to stay @ home doing nothing instead of attending lectures and preparing for exams.


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