ASUU Strike To Be Called Off In January – Minister OF Labour

The lingering ASUU strike may be called off soon, if we are to go by statements made by the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chief Chukwuemeka Wogu, he has raised hopes of universities across the country reopening in January.

Speaking with newsmen in Aba, Abia, on Thursday, Wogu said that negotiations between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) over the lingering industrial dispute would be resolved soon.

The minister said that the Federal Government had been meeting with ASUU since the strike commenced early in the month, while promising that by January, an agreement would be reached.

According to him, not getting the lecturers back to the classrooms is the main problem.

Wogu said the government was looking critically and taking holistic approach to the contentious issues with a view to resolving them.

“It is not that the government has been keeping quiet since the present strike began; we’ve been meeting with representatives of ASUU and hopefully, by January, an agreement will be reached.

“But getting the lecturers back to lecture rooms is the problem. We want to look critically at those things that led to the strike in the first place to deal with them so that they will not re-occur,” he said.



  1. Please not only should this strike be resolved, but corrective strategies should be implemented in order to prevent a re-occurence of ASUU continuous strikes which is now having a negative effect on our tertiary education system. ℓ̊also urge Τ̲̅ђe Federal Government to be more sensitive to matters concerning ASUU.

  2. My school(unical)was on a five months strike before Asuu’s strike.This is so frustrating.Government should please do something to ensure that ASUU calls off the strike so that we can go back to school

  3. hmnnn…i pray God help us in Nigeria… Education is nothing to write home about in ds part of d world… in lk 10 yrs time when Nigeria wl start reaping its useless labour in education, everybody wl bear d burden…all d time they say graduates r unemployable..why?
    i when i ws a fresher, lk 20 of us share chemicals in chemistry lab, we dd d pacticals late after exams WHY? cos no money in d sch purse.. FOR HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO DECEIVE OURSELVES


  4. Pls dis epileptic form of ASUU strike shows a kind of a child who whines 4 sumtin 4rm d father. They hav demanded b4 n was acceded, nw they r back again. Mtcheew! They beta stop n think o.

  5. Asuu was just kidding afteral. But the union’s got to be careful before we (students) will also call for our strike. So also the Federal Government. Enough of this hide and seek game.

  6. Oh! Finally, we get to hear a news thats pleasing to the ear! Pls Asuu! D sooner d better, cos my skul d Niger Delta University, will not take pity on us wen it comes to exams o! Pls we only just started lectures before the strike! Jor! Biko! Saanu! Asuu tnx in anticipation!

  7. Am glad to hear dat. But i hope d soon is not just to mk us feel beta! I dont wnt to rely on dt SOON! Seenig is believing! D strike should be called off so we can go bk to skul. We r d future leader, our compliants shld be listend to.

  8. Asuu aint negotiating,dey want FG to implement wat dey both agreed in d year 2009.den it was yar’dua regime,so dnt knw wat jonathan’s administratn want nw.FG shud pls honour dier word,so dat our educatnal system wil improve

  9. Asuu, are u people doig what u are doin for una own benefit or for the student? Cos if it is for student u beta call the strike. And 4 d minister of labour God will bless u since other cowards decide to keep their mouth shot. Mouau student.

  10. Asuu pls call off d strike we plead in d name of not leave to wallow in dis devasting situation.we uniport students wants to go bak to skul…we are getting idle @home and it’s nt gud.plsss we beg dat u call off d strike dis week.tnx

  11. GOD bless NIGERIA. The strike, the BH guys and the fuel subsidy are all issues to look into but d most fascinating is d calmness of d great citizens of our great nation. credit for dat. jst want to urge Nigerians to be prayerful. E go beta!!

  12. FG,retreat d mata wt ASUU bkos hom is boring to unistudents.sebi jonathan ws alh umar’s vice wen d agement ws made in 2009.ASUU’s mata isn’t new to ebele.ASUU fight 4 betament of 9ja 3edukason&not selfish,personalpoket reason.students&parents alova d 9ja pray 4 +ve change.everybd pray 4 one,peaceful&united 9ja.FG, ask frm advance kountries dey wl tel u dat kountries are rated wt science&teck nolege,if u ignore it,9ja wl kontinue to be cradle baby.ans asuu needs&finance 3edu wel,most impt,science&tek to move forward.ALLAH bless one&united 9ja

  13. Pls federal government,help us d student,to cal of d strike a saying says dat and idol man is devil,s wrk shop,u no we dn,t hv any job 2 do,pls mr prent settle d lectura so dat we cn go bk 2 skul .tank u.

  14. FG N ASUU, we dey beg una, mak una no allow dis strike pass dis january….. We d great nigerian students re tired of staying at home….n if we go back to schl dem go asume say we knw all n set exams 4 us. Abeg mak una help us cus we don tire 4 dis every yr strike. GREAT NIGERIAN STUDENTS! GREAT MOUAU STUDENTS!! GREATEST CABFM STUDENTS!!! GREAT…. God bless una as una comply

  15. Well,asuu and FG should knw dat failure 2 call off dis strike is automatically makin d youth 2 indulge in so many social vices like increase in crime rates,kidnapin,boko haram initiation and militancy, day u wil hear dat Mr president has been kidnapped or one of Asuu member…pls beta end dis strike now and remove dat SOON for ur benefit.i knw d truth is bitter but u must hear off dis strike and let d students go back 2 school becos students are like wild animals.they ar more dangerous than soldiers.ASUU AND FG BEWARNED AND BEWARE!!!

  16. ASUU, FG, Students n all well meanin 9jrians shuld go on their kneels and pray 2 God, nt 4 him 2 call off d strike or strike bokoharam or remove fuel subsidy but 2 nourish dis nation with his divine love

  17. Had it not been for our individual selfishness, this matter would probably already be resolved. If students were to value their place and function in society and the role they’d take up upon graduation, they’d themselves refuse to fight ASUU and pile pressure on the govt to fix the issues on the table. However, I think ASUU should be more imaginative in dealing with this problem. If the govt doesn’t care whether or not ASUU is on strike, ASUU should come up with a new strategy that will grab the govt’s attention.

  18. on-coming strike on monday 9th jan, i’m sure dis soon if actualy is tru wil b afterwords. FGN and ASUU pls settle urself cos ur differences re cosing problems with dire consequences for odas.

  19. Both F.G nd ASUU, i guess u kn wat u doing. Ur Sons nd daughters study abroad nd some in the private Uni’s, u keep on suffering d masses, its unfair o. U guys sud suit ur selves.

  20. Pls for God’s sake , just try calling off the setback causing strike. The more u try to set us back the more u set the future of this great Nation back. PLEASE F.G an ASSU do something

  21. The rate of industrial actions in Nigeria is alarming.Imagine students sitting at home and we still have those awaiting admisssion into school.Please let all agencies involved take a quick and lasting solution to this.

  22. I beg let sometin be done we students are anxious to get back to school xpecially freashers u know we are really getting bord pls FG and other concerned bodies shld look into this kudos to the minister for raising our hope

  23. where is nigeria heading to? from boko haram to asuu strike graduating to fuel subsidy removal giving birth to anticipated NLC strike. where are we heading to? some body give me an answer, lets think about this critically.

  24. Pls sir I think its high time we return back to school so we dnt all get killed by d force men in the ongoing protest,atleast dat wud reduce d number of students at home going for d protest.tnk u Sir

  25. Pls, abeg, biko, e joo we want 2 go back to sch, I particularly am tired of sitting @ home doing nothing. FG & ASUU should meet to discuss and implement the way forward.
    I’m @ the last lap of this journey & I have only a few months to go. We had to let december go, wasted, don,t let january also go to waste!

  26. 32 days strike so far,asuu pls hv mercy on us, the constant strikes are putting us way behind our mates in the private schools…call off the strike let’s nt waste the days of our lives any further..thank you

  27. plz sir, we are getting tired of this strike, it is often said ” that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop”…….. plz find something to do to this strike or else…………. i’m in my finals and eager to start my project, i regret i was born in Nigeria. 07081042109

  28. plz sir, we are getting tired of this strike, it is often said ” that an idle hand is the devil’s workshop”…….. plz find something to do to this strike or else…………. i’m in my finals and eager to start my project, i regret i was born in Nigeria.

  29. What is the minister sayin abt negotiations and ow they don’t want it to re-occur. These people don’t have us in their heads,before this happened,wasn’t their a warning strike? They waited till it got out of hand. All they want is to re-negotiate and not implement. When will all this dumb tactics stop. Well, I don’t blame them, its bcos their children are studying abroad.

  30. @ oguche dave: i fink this whole thing is shifting towardz urban-rural migration, just relax there’s a plan… @ odas: sit tight at home and watch tv…dont protest yet.
    Finished reading? Read again, repitition=preparation. Forget those boys or girls in school, you’ll still meet them, k? Well, personally, i have more time to prepare for my seminar. You are invited then tõ d D€ñ.
    @f£awless: Ít hasnt been 32 dayz yet…remove the holidayz, plszz!! Just relax, yöü hear…
    @ emma: if you’re truly idle and alone, go to church and pray…
    Höpé ít hélps

  31. we don’t want your so called help by removing fuel subsidy. Do you think you are famours by making name all over the countrey? No you are rather a notorios. But we can forgive you if you revert back the fuel subsidy atleast for now.

  32. Asuu in God’s name pls u sud calloff d strik,bcos i av jos 8 month to finish up n i cant wait n also trie of stayin @ home

  33. I smell war. The Northaners are relocating home with full speed starting from 5th jan 2012. Those in Edo state would know better. Ekpoma market was empty yesterday no single Northaner in the market. Those that stays near the Express road will know what i am saying. Is this the sign of war? I am prepared the bombing incident is enough. Lets save the christian hood. Please tell you people who stays in the North to return home because i smell war. God help 9ja.

  34. Pls 4 d sake of Unical students who have been at home 4 about 4 mths nw, I’m beggin Asuu & Fg 2 resolve this issue as quickly as possible so dat we can return 2 skul dis January. We have stayed at home enough.

  35. the situatn of d country is nt geting any beta with boko haram killings and threats. All we need now is God’s guidance and interventn. And i hope the minister of labour wil be true to his words

  36. Pls we need to go back to school,stayin at home is not helpin us Τ̅he student,cos must of us are indulgin in different kind of bad stuff,pls fg and asuu shld resolve the issue and bring us back to school.

  37. ‎​i want to say that keeping students at home may cause them to indulge themselves I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ gross culpability and impropriety,Unibuja had to write exams at night as well I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ order to meet up the specified date of the strike.

  38. pls fg and assu should call off d strike b4 middle of january i want 2 get back 2 sch am sick and tired of stayin at home plz

  39. If u think dat ur teacher is hard, try nd av a boss,he does nt av a tenure, d asuu nd fed.govt ar takin us 4 grantd and d students re doing nothin abt it. Naija students ar 2 weak. Tufiakua! Nobody is even raisin any motion! NANS,WAKE UP! Bright,AAU,EKPOMA.

  40. Wel i dnt blaim dis Asuu piple n FG if say we fit catch 1 of una 4 street Allah una bodi go tel u. I cnt imagin dat ova stayin in uni is nw d oda of our trainin n al we hear is soon. God is our muscle plzz setle us wo i beg una Asuu n FG

  41. nice and excellent move!the minister of labour has done well,i just hope the aggreement with Assu is gonna be a final resolution between the FG-ASUU and end this incessant strike action..we the youths are at the receiving end of it all in whatever dicision taken and its not fair…GOD BLESS NIGERIA!

  42. This ASUU strike is not helping matters at all. Our so-called leaders are not showing any remorse because their children are all studying abroad forgetting that the fate of this country lay on the shoulders of the youths. Let me not even go into the issue of fuel subsidy,power failure, unattainable vision 2020 etc. An idile mind is the devil’s workshop which the bible admits,dont be surprise that this lingering issue of Boko Haram, that some anguish student out of not having anything to do might join force with them. Then, tommorrow our leaders will come out and start blaming the youth without knowing that they actually called for it. Please they should do something about this because as iam, im tired of staying at home,so are my fellow students.

  43. federal government pls do smt about the strike.agry to their terms and condition (asuu) and make us return to the classrooms.

  44. I dnt knw wat our president is turning dis country to. Infact i regreted ever voting 4 him cuz he has fail in every aspect, how cn u remve subsidy 4 fuel wen u’ve nt meet d masses. Are u forgeting dat it waz dis same masses dat voted u in power. Now d common man is suffering cuz there’s no enough money. Taking abt asuu strike i think d government dnt wnt anything good out of dis country cuz wen d people re nt educated properly dey wil b ignorant of there rights, dats wat is happening in nigeria. Government is playin wit d education sector cuz dey dnt wnt d people 2 knw there right. Mr president do all u cn 2 cal of dis strike cuz u re causin serious toxic air instead of d fresh air u promise.

  45. d bible says dat in any situation we found ourselves we should give him praise… Assu and F.G it is time 2 settle every or any differences u both had 4 d sake of our nation..cus i don’t think dat dis kind of legacy is right. pls do sumtin.. Nigeria is big enough 4 all of us why fighting one another? Mr. President dis is ur calling don’t allow anybody… i repeat anybody mislead u concernig Nigeria. God bless Nigeria….

  46. asuu there is no way u guys can hav 70yr as ur retiern age. it must be 60 or 65 or d strike remains. Fg dnt mind assu despite our idlen.nigerian care 4 dam change.

  47. It has alwayz bin SOON til it bcomes later.D is no Assu strike dat has nevr strtd with SOON,bt eventualy bcomes a 3 to 4 months fin,we d mass n d students dnt wnt dat wrd SOON,we wnt NW.Fnks

  48. Asuu suld pls calloff d strike 4 sake of d students stayin at home doing nothg, i’m sure FG wil soon comply 2 d agreement.

  49. It is quite on fortunate dat nigeria is stagnant and no way forward, FG should pls see to the the matter at hand, the boko haran, assu strike and fuel subsidy. Where exactly is this country going to. Even if the strike is called of, what about those threating the lifes of our citizens. I urge the fg to do sometin with immediate effect. And assu the students of mouau are tired of staying at home. Mouau doesnt have pity on someone during exam. Pls do sometin to save dis great nation. Grt nigeria student, grt cearse, grt naaees………….grt.

  50. I think a law should be enacted to ensure that political office holders enrol their children into public varsities so they can have a feel of what we’re facing.I believe it will give them a more vivid picture of our plight.KUDOS to the Minister of Labour&Productivity,thank God for people like you.

  51. Auss strike pls call of the strike is because none of ur children is in this university pls we the that we are help us GOD I hate been a nigerian wat a country greed will kill you guys soon money is not everything Pls help us.

  52. pls let the strike issue be resolved. This would make a lot of people to be idle. I have been in lautech for more than 3yrs and i am just finishn my 200level. Pls lets go back 2school and finish what we have 2finish.tnx

  53. Its unfortunate that the govt that claims to have the interest of its citizens at hrt is here playing hide-&-seek game with the education of future leaders. This is so unfair and it sucks.

  54. An idle mind dy say, is d devils habitatn. I jst hope ASUU and F.G knw exactly wat dey’re hopin 2 achieve by engagin in such a useless strike actn. Jst 4 once, dez two grps shud reach a final resolutn and stop usin students lyk us as a negotiatn piece!

  55. Weldone Minister of Labour & colleagues but how soon is soon. To a student, time is academic excellence. Dialogue is better than going on strike which fosters crime and juvenile deliquency. We are the leaders of tomorrow. If our tomorrow is jeopardized, it affects us & the Nation as a whole. I pray that the strike is called off in January. Victoria acerta!

  56. please ASUU i beg you please call off the strike for now so that students can go and start schooling . you call the youths leaders of tomorrow what can we show for it when we are on strike. thank u

  57. God go punish both d so called ASUU & FGN(Presidency).why wont u delay us @ home?bcos of ur selfishness & greediness & ur children re schooling in oversea.u ve jeopardize our dreams & aspirations by turning us 2 nuisance.why wont u produce an half baked graduate?with this unpromising & hopeless system of qualitative education.Note,revolution is knockin @ ur door

  58. It is so sad to know that the President is not responding to the demands of the lecturers. We are the future of the country but we are not kept under consideration. The strike is annoying. ASUU please try negotiating with the FG and call off the strike asap to student can go back to school. please we are tired of staying at home “An idle hand is the Devils workshop”. We want to go back to school. FG with the other issues on ground Boko Haram and Fuel subsidy,pls find solution to this problems. Thanks

  59. Presently d way things are may bring a very serios problem in Nigeria if nt by d grace of God. The boko arams, ASUU strike & fuel subsidy, the minister 4 labour & productivity hv given us assurance on suspending d strike, if at all he will keep 2 his words. D issue of dis very strike if nt settle may lead our youths in joinin d boko aram. 4 d removal of fuel subsidy, it may b 4 our beta 2moro but d poor mases should hweva b considered. Mr president u hv done well, always remba dat ‘to come 4rm a poor family is a destiny,then to live d family poor is an error’ pls help us in solving this problem most especially the Educational sector.

  60. I jst hope d FG & ASUU re reading dese comments…..Iz a pity d@ our beloved country is d way it is……God help Nigeria….Also using dis medium 2 shout out 2 al 300l med & surg students in UP…

  61. Hu r al ds ppl sayin asuu shd kal d stryk off. D tin shd cont until ds ineficient, corupt, heartles leadershp knws dat dia cabalistic jaguns kan nt b condone animor bt on asuu pat 70 yrz haba dnt day want d yunga ones 2 take ova. Nja d strugl must cont, lets halt oye prodctn nd grund govt

  62. its time FG tell us wht we stand 4 as a country and i appeal to NANS to ensur that we have a policy in the union constitution to say no to strike and also become a party to the resolution proces to issues cncerning nigerian student!we are in democratic dispensation for God sake.its time to speak out.aau ekpoma

  63. If only F G knows how students feel.time wasted is never regained.We dnt want ‘soon’.we want is resolvd.kos mouau dnt kare o,by d tym exam go pls help d future leaders

  64. plz this ve been happing they said we r the leaders of 2mrw,but the pple that ve been in the government since b4 they gave birth to my grand mother r still leaders wen r we going to be?the young ones should play role 2.hannie

  65. A.s.s.u! Kudus 2 ur effort buh dialogue oda dan strike which s 2 d detriment of d yuts u tink ur protectn n safeguardn dere future.. A gr8 shoutaut cd al fut-Mites.

  66. ASUU and FG,pls kindly temper justice with mercy on Nigeria students,both side should pls drop any greaviances and resolves this issue of strikes,the students are tire of staying at home.pls help the furture generation.God bless Asuu and FG if they comply.


  68. FG § ASUU shud know dat they ar dealin wit youths whom, a state of lonlines may lead to imoral acts.And who hapend 2 be d hop of 2moro.Pleas dis SOON of a promise is not encoragin

  69. SOON CAN BE NEXT YEAR OR IN THE NEXT 5-10 YEARS.AS TOMORROW HAS NO END,SO ALSO SOON HAS NO END.EVEN AS THE BIBLE SAID THE COMING OF THE LOSE DRAWETH NIGH JAMES 5:8. ASUU should stop using the word “soon” atleast they should use the word “Nigh”so that we will know that even doe it take 2050 or there about they will call off the strike. Please my fellow students don’t feel discourage,you can still go and learn one or two hand work out there to hard to your CV/PROFILE. Don’t sit idle waiting when they will call off the strike,as i see this government has noting to deliver to us(masses).

  70. The instability in the country will surely have an adverse effect on we the students, I emplore the fg and asuu to come to a compromise soonest, so that we can start our healing process.

  71. Assu if na cry una wan mek i cry i go do am for una,if not for how long should we be staying at home? Please i beg your people to call of this strike,we are tired,most especially i myself am just very tired of enroling myself into business i want face my books now,so asuu i ordered you to call off this strike.Thank you.

  72. FG n ASUU u guyz shuld plz undastnd dat we studntz r lyk ur own children o! U guyz alwayz say ”we r d Leaders of 2maro”… Is it by stayin at hme dat wil make us b d leader’s of 2maro… St. Paul said ” an idle man is d Devil’z wrkshop”. As we r at hme now n doin notin, so many evil tinz will b enterin our mindz… Plz ASUU n FG u guyz shuld plz cum 2 an Agreemnt 4 d our sake…

  73. Asuu pls unical students are tired of staying in de house, so try and do something about de strike. my fellow nigerian student,i wish 2 use dis medium 2 plead with u guys 2 join hands wit me let protest on our behave. GRT NIGERIAN STUDENT

  74. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. Lets join hands with asuu 2c dt there pretty ideas don’t remain on d frying pan bt servd right on d fg’s table. Who will nt like autonomy? Pls asuu do all u can 2c dt u resolve dis issue once $ 4all. Let’s have a stable educational syst. Like other countries. 9ja 4life

  75. Pls i beg FG n ASUU 2 consider d student.all we r askin z 4 u 2 sit n cum in2 a conclusion cuz we stendent r tired of stayin at home.evyrfin lies wiv FG now,we’r beggin u 2 pls answer dem.

  76. pls somthing has to be done, our president is busy saying dat de strike will soon be off yet he is not doing any better effort to fufil his promise. Our ministers are busy buying bullet proof vehicles everyday yet dey keep on sayin dat there is no money to give asuu, what is 100b on wat our govt.spend a week? They should do smting for students future.

  77. i wonder why the leader of this country are playing with their future bcos i see no reason why asuu and federal govt should reach compromise since 3 month ago. are dey forgotten that it is the idle hand that the devil find work after all education is free during their own time

  78. Upon all the critics that is occuring in this country, but the truth is that we are lacking leadership due to political instability. But nobody knows the prob. Of that? It’s now that pple are suffering from the strike that aint conducive atmosphere. This is one of the fresh air from currupt government. One youth should stablize their energy and the knowledge they have towards achieving sustainability. Asuu steak to your feet until so called federal government implement the demand. B’coz nobody knows!

  79. Pls we hoping on God and on u cos d uni i attend neva want 2 no about strike o. Exam no b tins 2 fail,so pls let us no wen d strike will b called off so as 2 prepare ourselves.

  80. All these grammar have been used again and again. We have a government made up of irresponsible ministers, political thugs and dumb supervising/state ministers with rascals as lawmakers, and a weak president that can’t take a decision on his own. It’s a pity I wasted my voted on this government that would rather waste public money on flying the whole cabinet abroad for one useless meeting instead of spending on my education.

  81. The decision we make today determines our tomorrow. The actions or inactions of a man will either be regretted or appreciated. Some people who SAW while others were LOOKING sought for money to purchase some plots of land at the present Lekki Penninsula when a plot of land in that arear was sold for as low as between N500,000 and N1m; are reaping the benefits now that its sold for as high as N130m per plot. Some heard of it then and ignored it or never believed such an area could develop, bringing about drastic appreciation of properties in the area. Lekki Free Trade Zone, The New International Airport, The Deep Seaport (which will be the second in Africa after that in South Africa), The Lagos Industrial site, Eleganza Industrial site, The Permanent site of PAN Africa University and many more developmental projects are springing up in Epe, Ibeju Lekki and their axis. Blue Chip Companies are now acquiring hecters of land in that area. Just for the ones that have foresight and will take action while others may ignor PWAN HOMES LTD is now selling Estate Lands for as low as between N330,000 and N1.5m at Ajah, Ibeju Lekki and their environs. Promo is currently on for limited time. Some of these lands are with title such as C of O, Global C of O while some are awaiting title. Omo onile problem have been wiped off. For more information, site visitation and to pick up your own plots call Abayomi on 08179517872 or 08065415971. EVERY OTHER ASSETS DEPRECIATE, WHILE LAND APPRECIATE. INVEST WISELY TODAY TO APPRECIATE YOUR DECISION TOMORROW


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