Bomb blast: A burden we must live with – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday in Abuja described the bombings in the county as a burden Nigerians must live with until it fizzles out.

Jonathan made the remark when he received in audience a delegation of the Christian Community in FCT led by FCT Minister Bala Mohammed.

Jonathan said there was no justification for the crime and called on Nigerians to continue to pray for peace in the country.

The president was reacting to the bomb blast that occurred in the early hours of Sunday in Madalla, in Niger, shortly after the end of a church service.

“We have challenges as a nation; even this morning, a very ugly incident happened in a Catholic Church. We are yet to get the number of deaths in the incident.

“The issue of bombing is one of the burdens we must live with. It will not last forever; I believe that it will surely be over,’’ he said.

Condoling with the families of those who lost their lives in the incident, Jonathan said that there was no reason for such an act to be carried out on a Christmas day.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  • listen to our president! bombing is a burden we must live with, and the bombing shouldnt have been on a christmas day! may we ask him to tell us which day or on which occassion would he have loved the bombing to take place at all? mr President methink u are trading our security for your popularity. Someone need to tell u this truth ho ha!

  • Perhaps the president should also consider the corruption within his own government to relinquish the playing field to include all facets of religious groups to co-exist within the entire country to make compromises and not conflicting suggestions to show force or power? Share the government with other groups such as Boko Haram and provide the subsidy for all to share within Nigeria and not just the greedy, politicians in the Nigerian government. The resources of Nigeria alone is more than enough for all to share while, co-existing in a corrupt society, plaguing on lies and crap for they’re own greed. I don’t think the corruption and bullshit is what God intended for all of Africa so, someone must get their heads out of their asses and open your eyes, quit viewing Nigeria through your ass, limiting your vision. So much for a “God Fearing” society plagued on lies, greed, corruption, frauds and scams ….

  • Our burden???…I think our heaviest burden is to live with a stupid and inactive president like can u tell mourning families dat its a burden they have to live with?…::as he ever visited or give financial aid to any of the bomb blast families…Smh 4 ds country

  • Seriously this guy needs to pack up and leave office. We are not in a civil war yet. This is a gang called boko haram holding the entire nation of 150M+ people to ransom. Jonathan with the various security agencies at his disposal (federal) cannot control the situation and he is telling us we have to live with it. This guy is supposed to be well educated. Just as I am reading this so are those kids whose dad was blown up or the mum whose child was blown up and you want them to live with it just because you failed miserably at doing your most basic job: Security????. He must go. This guy have no respect for life and therefore give no toss. He really must go. It will be a shame to see this man run his entire term down. Until we let these crooks know we have the power to actually send them packing regardless of when their terms expire I don’t think they will change. The man clearly is not alright and must go

  • Just to draw a few examples: The Italian mafias(Italy) were badly feared but the government was able to bring them under control. In America the different gangs esp the Italian mafias who went there and took control of the drugs market and were spreading across the country and very powerful were brought down. Boko haram is just a gang. Bad as it may sound this is the worst government ever in this country when it comes to national security

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