Cross River to sue Rick Ross

American rapper Rick Ross is being sued by the Cross River State Government for breach of contract. Lawyers were hired in the United States to sue the rapper after Rick Ross failed who was expected to perform at the Calabar Festival failed to turn up without prior notice.

The government stated this in a BlackBerry Messenger broadcast on Wednesday morning

The BBM broadcast reads, “‎​Please be informed that Rick Ross has  cancelled his performance at Calabar Festival after accepting full performance fee.

“The rapper, Rick Ross, has issued a statement cancelling his performance at the Calabar Festival, scheduled for December 28, 2011, for reasons not related to his recent surgery and seizures.  “The performer’s cancellation is unexpected and the reasons are unknown to Cross River State since he has confirmed receipt of his entire performance fee many weeks ago.

“Currently, Cross River State and its agents have retained counsel in the United States to pursue their legal and monetary remedies against the artist.”

Source: Punch Newspaper


  1. The problem with us niaja is that we never value what we have till it’s gone, see calabar pple waiting for american artist to perform in nigeria when we have too many to mention good artist. Why would he execute the contract when we know they regard africans as animal, i think that serves them right. The earlier we start making use of what we have will help improve our great nation and will be better for all of us. I salute naija. 07037178364

  2. hahaahahha i lik wat rikky dose 2 dat government infat somtime pp wi nt tink b4 dere do somtins hw do u expet him 2 com wen dere s alot of bomb blast in 9ja u na wun kill him an agn wil hav many atrest in 9ja dat wi eat dat moni instad of amirican u pp no wise at all i lov wat he do lets niga leant 4rm dat an lean hw 2 us wat dere have an stop lukin outsid

  3. I cant blame ricky for the failure…… The guy must be afraid of the BOKOHARAM .. but i know that the crossrivers state government is vry stupid for calling Ricky not even WIZKID, M I or D’BANJ…. they want to proof that they av money now the disappointment is here for them to bear.

  4. I want to know how long it will take us Nigerians to wake from the slumber, or pretend to live in the so called digital world where every person assume reneisance. We rather spend our hard earned money on things we don’t realy want or are not necessary, smell all directions you will perceive poverty among the people. How long will the government come to the aid of the masses rather rather than squandering on worthless issues that add no real values to humanity. We have to wake up and build a strong family and nation before thinking of being like them that celebrate the talent of their musicians.

  5. Dats gud 4 our so called leaders who cannot make use of wat they hav but go 4 wat is not within their reach. Nigeria is richly blessed wit gud nd talented artists of which some of dem just needed one to patronize dem if nt being sponsored. Wat a mess! Must we import everything? Toot-pick, rice, beans, helmet, even a musician. One day they will import cassava or mangoes. AMASHEO!

  6. Dats gud 4 our so called leaders who cannot make use of wat they hav but go 4 wat is not within their reach. Nigeria is richly blessed wit gud nd talented artists of which some of dem just needed one to patronize dem if nt being sponsored. My mother always advise me to be satisfif wit wat I hav. Wat a mess! Must we import everything? Toot-pick, rice, beans, helmet, even a musician. One day they will import cassava or mangoes. AMASHEO!

  7. i am a professional musician and a musicologist from university of uyo. pls let nigerian leaders invest in and promote nigerian artistes. the money given out to foreigners are too much, the economy of nigeria still eagerly awaits government’s awakening in this area. so much has been been thrown outside nigeria, i may even leave if non is ready to invest in me

  8. Guyz, there is nothing wrong in inviting Rick Ross CRS govt does invite other Nigerian artist as well. Afterall the same PSquare also perform, they only wanted to add some more swag to it all. Rick Ross kindly return the money to the last cents and the default charges must also be paid. Its unfortunate that we had the bombings.

  9. i wonda wat wil gain 4rm al dis foreign artiste… c wat weve gotten ourselves in2…..i tink P.H.C pple shud learn 4rm wat jst happend to calabar cos i kw say e go happen to dem if dem no dey wise… no mata wat ricky must pay 4 it.,……calabar sori oh…!

  10. Nigeria..e good 4 u…so u mean all d artists..both boy,girl,man,woman..wasn’t okay for..calabar wanted to show demselves and it serves dem rite?i like as rick ross chop d money…@least deir eye go shine more..well as for the bomb blast even thou dey invite again..no1 go come cos dey re too young.2 die..rick ross is a man and he can pay dem double times of deir money dey paid to him…enjoy da money Rick ross.and wait a minute..if dey tynk dey re goin to use Nigeria lawyers in da US to sue him..dat means he has won the case

  11. You people should stop criticising Cross River state. We udusllly have a whole 32 days of xmas entertainment were artists from all over Nigeria come over to perform. Dbange, Wizkid, MI, Tuface, etc grace the event every year. And we usually invite 2 or 3 international artists over. Plesssss stop saying wat u don’t know. Some of u have never even been to Criss River so keeep ur firty mouths shut! Rick Ross was only cincered for his saftey due to Boko Haram saga.

  12. I tink, hirin RR is nt a bad idea neither is His nt comin a bad idea as wel, cos His reasons bein a reasonable 1 cos d blast on xmas day is enof 2 scare any non-Nigerian away 4rm Nigeria. Let both parties jst sit 2geda & settle tins amicably & 4 d dissappointin fans, sorry, it’s due our leaders approach 2 governnance & boko haram problem.

  13. All of you talking about Nigerian artists not being invited are really showing you know little or nothing about this festival. There is absolutely no renowned musician in Nigeria, who has not performed at the Calabar Festival. For crying out loud, its a 32 day long event and we always like to fuse both national and international acts. We even have lots of upcoming musicians based in the state and in other states of the federation, featuring during the festival. Visit and see the timetable for last year’s event for yourself, so you know what i am talking about. You guys should know the truth!!!

  14. Iwanga stop asking dis question, hw would u compare rick roos, rick ross oo with wizkid, imfact in all nigerian no artist like rick ross. rick ross i luv u with all my life. I cant do without rikky tracks, infact all r&b. U know the funny thing am a nigerian and i dont listen to their fucking music, i hate’em all, fuck them, i cant live without r&b, u cant see any 9ja music in my cell phone, ipod, & laptop. Any 9ja artist want me to like him, tell him to ft rick ross, lil wayne, nicki minaj,& gudda gudda. 9ja artist i hate u 4 life fuck u all, know 1 thing i can lay my damn life down for my brother lil wayne.

  15. musa or wt do u call urself. U sound
    so fake n i notice hopelesnes in ur life thru ur write ups. Well i dnt blame u i blame CRS 4 invitin dt gud 4 notin fat fool. N musa,aboki or wt is dt ur name try listn 2 som tracks 4rm 2face, mi, iceprince.darey.banky olamide,wizzy n most recently hibreed n u’l knw dt ross is not even gud. Talk abt ti or eminem e go let me hear, nt dat sensless fool.

  16. @ goodlife, U̶̲̥̅̊ make sense die. @ musa U̶̲̥̅̊ Ŋª ₪☺ Gع† sense, U̶̲̥̅̊ ₪☺ love naija artiste, wetin rick ross D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ sing “bull shit”. Learn to like music Fø̲̣̣я̅ it’s lyrics nt Fø̲̣̣я̅ D̶̲̥̅̊ sake ☺f J̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊t̲̥̅̊ likin it…… By D̶̲̥̅̊ way ​​’m also \̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳ fan ☺f foreign music bt ​​ still love ♏ў home guys.

  17. i would neva blame some senceless nigerians evn at their youthfull age anyways…for education is basically nt their problem bt…they just stupid…rick ross should be sued, made to pay back even with intrest for the damages caused…being a carnival doesnt mean we should have only our artist…but any artiste…his refusal without certification has bin the insult on the C*R*S*G and i love the steps enrolled for repay.

  18. well,both side have a point bcos ricky is the son of our brother we sold to white men as slave long time ago,so paying us in our own coin but for our govt there is no harm importing international acclaimed to perform in our soil bcos ricky is in the rank of jackson,2pac,notorious BIG,jayz

  19. @ pearl & badlife! fuck two of u, u dont like him simply bcause u dont understand what he’s saying. fuck 2face, fuck (m i) dat short devil, i know u are among the motherfuckers fuck u two!bitchs. Useless yoruba boys fuck u, i fucking hate u all, u have much to learn go back to ss1. Ambitions a to z, am ready for ya!