JTF Kill 59 Boko Haram Sect Members In Yobe State

The Joint Task Force in a push against Boko Haram launched a successful attack against the deadly sect in their stronghold based in Yobe state, killing 59 Boko Haram members.

Speaking during his first official visit to the Guards Brigade headquarters in Abuja, the Army Chief said, “There was a major encounter with the Boko Haram in Damaturu yesterday. In the encounter, we over ran their major stronghold and their ammunition site”.

“And as is usual in any such encounter, we lost 3 of our soldiers, 7 were wounded but we killed over 50 of their members. They came with sophisticated and heavy weaponry including GPMG’s, SMG’s and bombs but our trained soldiers subdued them”.


  1. Faithful lord u ar always there 4 ur pple, may d soliders dat lost their lives rest in peace may Allah grant dem Aljanat fridaus coz dey fought 4 d peace of dere nation. Boko haram members shall all die by bomb & gun in Jesus name..

  2. May d souls of d lost soldiers rest in perfect peace in JESUS name AMEN. And may GOD give d boko haram members d grace to have a change of heart in JESUS name AMEN. “GOD doz nt desire d death of a sinner.”

  3. Glory to God for supervising the iminent destruction and extinction of boko haram. Surely we have overcome and will surely overcome till the end. God who supervises the destruction and elimination of the children of amon, moab and mount sier is committed to the supervision of the wiping out of existence the boko haram sect.The sect shall wipe out themselves before the end of this year IJN. Peace to Nigeria


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