ABU Vice Chancellor on Why Nigerian universities are poorly rated

Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, the VC of Ahmadu Bello University, at a news conference in Zaria gave reasons why Nigerian universities were not highly rated. He said most of Nigeria’s academics published their research work only in local journals.

It would be recalled that the Medical Council of Nigeria withdrew its accreditation from ABU’s Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery programme partly due to inadequate teaching equipment for clinical students.

“You will discover that when we do research or write journal articles, we only publish in Kano, Ibadan, Zaria, etc. So, our people are not recognised outside because they don’t have internationally recognized journals and research articles”

“We are taking steps to correct that here in ABU and make sure that we become one of the best universities in the world, because we have all it takes to get there. We are taking steps to ensure that our lecturers publish their research in international journals and we have also made it mandatory that your research topic must have relevance to the immediate community,” he said

He emphasized that the institution was addressing the problems and that they were also taking steps to ensure that new medical students were admitted for the 2012/2013 academic session.


  1. For the VC of ABU to make this kind of statement that means he does not deserve to be in that position. Local publication simply means your research cannot be accepted in an international journal because the research is not a new addition to knowledge. The lack of research facilities and funding are the most critical problems affecting Nigerian Universities. In most Universities that are highly rated, Professors usually attract research grants and they have functional laboratories where they train Postdoc and graduate students. Can we find that kind of situation in our Universities? All we see in our Universities is quest for political power. Let just compare our Universities with the ones in Africa before we even talk of the rest of the World. All I see now is mediocrity that exist within our Universities.


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