ASUU Strike: ASUU President hopeful strike will end before mid-February

The ASUU president has stated that he is optimistic the deadlock between it and the Federal Government would be resolved before mid-February.

Prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie said the government’s offers to the union being studied by stakeholders.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday that discussions were ongoing with the various stakeholders on the offers.

Awuzie said;

“The union is concerned about quick resolution of the issues and the resumption of academic activities in the universities.

“I am optimistic that the union will make its stand known before mid- February. We have taken the outcome of the Abuja meeting to the National Executive Committee of the union after which we shall also be taking it to our congress and various state branches.

“We are working on this seriously with all sense of urgency and the fact that we are consulting with all the stakeholders shows that we are interested in ending the strike within the shortest possible time.

ASUU embarked on an indefinite strike on December 5, 2010 over non- implementation of their 2009 agreement with the government.


  • Asuu are bunch of un serious people. FG has answered you people or made their positive ground known so why wasting our time. I believe you don’t want the progress of Nigeria, pls call off this stupid strike that benefits u people only and let’s do want we have to do, destiny are been held constant

  • The insulting reactions some students are making towards our fathers in ASSU is not ideal. Fghting for right and as well as for implementation of agreemnts between unfocusious FG & focusious ASSU is not stupidity. Lets control our tongue pls.

  • ASSU yor people are carwords, you are interested on the stupid earthly wealth that passes away without thinking on how to agree with the FG to inpart knowledge and interest of the Nigerians by reducing the school fees of the Nigerian students.

  • Sincerely, the autonomy of ASUU should be checked. A sister asociation should be formed to checkmate the activities of ASUU. Most of their agitations are not in the best interest of average Nigerian student. How will a 70yrs old man cope in class as a lecturer? candidly something must be done urgently.

  • I tink dis are bunch of self seekin old folks.pls probe nd check assu excesses federal govt.after everything nothing will still be achieved but only a wasted 2 cabals in assu shud be dealt with.IN JESUS NAME.AMEN

  • Asuu nd FG why are u doing this 2 us ? Ur children r out there studyn nd u keep us IN OUr home hoping around d street. JAH will punish u.

  • Asuu is full of foolish men.GOD in heaven wil punish them and d devil wil torment them til they die b4 they enter hell.d president ,wat did u tel us,y cnt u call off and go on wit ur meeting if u knw FG has tried..y d b4 mid february stuff!d delay u ve delay some of us serious minded people such delay wil come to u via any other means.u and ur carbinet.mad men,beast of no nation dat only fight 4 their pocket…

  • God is watchin u ASUU. We the students have never supported ur selfish strikes, and will never do dat. We awere of d gud proposal d fg has made but u are now wasting time to see what u ppl stand to gain on it, not even considering d ppl u claim to b fighting for. Selfishness has eaten deep to ur bones. U want to b paid salaries at 70 – when u are just dry bones, n dont even mind if d ppl u are graduating get work or not. U want autonomy bcos u want to steal and go unchecked. Oh ASUU! woe on you dat drag students and parents to slavery.

  • Who are u to blame?is it asuu or is pertinent here to know that these people does nt believe in us,can i state categorically that while these problem is last long is because those placed there,their children dont study in this country.pls for the interest of the people u claim to governed,try nd cal of these longed awaited strike.

  • Both d asuu n FG are bunch of nails… Both r dementally insane… Asuu president u r such an asshole dat cannever b filled. You are deep digger… Let me tell u both good things can neva reach ur children…. Fools. Am an esutite

  • A proposal is not d same as an implementation, we the youths have to stop acting like a bunch of kids shoutin @ d park. If we all had parents who are lecturers, we would be supportin them, besides some students neva get to pay their fees until they graduate. The corruption we talk bout is ryt in our own palms.

  • Asuu pls we are tired of staying home. I dmt understand all these protocolsa dat u guys are trying to go tru. U already know what u are going to do at the end of the day so why nt call off the strike and save us all the long bladerdash. SoooooooooO annoying! MtttteeeewWwwww

  • Greatest Nigerian Students! You guys have much say in the issue than these mongoles called ASUU or asshole…..
    Easy, when they call off the strike, we should go on our own strike under the umbrella of NANS and demand compensation for delay……. Or aw una c am?

  • I am nt here to beg any asshole sorry asuu to cal off their useles am here to tell them to go to hell and burn into ashes.those. Stupid old fools.God go purnish dem, fire go burn them and they will nt rest in peace.stupid assholes

  • Asuu re just stupid old senselex uselex selfish oliver twist…. Their children re probably outsyd d shores dats why the strike is fun 2 dem..nobdy shuld complain abt govt oo,,if asuu rili luv their country they wuld cal of d strike,,and considerin wat d nation has been thru…govt corrupt govt corrupt,wat abt U? USELEX ASUU!

  • Strike isn’t d only means of achiving results don no y nigerians are so freaks abt goin on strike all d time ilorin are reali using their brain wish my sku can also… sucks.

  • Kai,assu u guy men wit empty brain,wallowing in total ignorance,am so tird of stayin @ hom.yet dis lazy old scaliwags sit nd mak unecesry st8mt.da shud be retired…4rm abu

  • ASUU is just a body full of useless old hags….Most of their kids are overseas,So d strike doesn’t really affect dem,Bcos if una pikins dem dey haus una for don tire, house rents are wasting away in schools wifout hostels,student are beginning to 4get their Matric Numbers,Girls are getting pregnant,Boys are diving into internet Fraud…………Na God go purnish una wide mouth and selfish powdered brain,Insensitive bastards,Fools @ 70………God purnish y’all,Idiots

  • I wonder when nigerians will start being patriotic rather than self seeking.Who are ASUU fighting for- the students or themselves alone.Imagine,hustling for their pocket & tagging it better funding of universities.These felas scarcely can walk up to lecture halls at the age of 60 let alone lecturing yet they are agitating for a ticket to rot away in our poor classroom.O.k now the FG has granted them all these undeserved demand still they are trying to frustrate we the students with unnecessary protocols.What is mid-february for crying out loud?Awuzie na waw to you ooo I know your children are not involved in this the reason for all these shit. Honestly Asuu excesses has to be checked by the FG before they render the tertiary education sector into ruin.Lastly we the students must be compensated for incessant bridge of contract caused to us by these bags of greedy dump heads.ASUU my ass

  • We(students) are very much aware that the interest of the Asuu is for our own benefit, they should equally realize that our academic calender has been altered long ago. So they should hasten up with there deliberations and call off the strike. We want to go back to school.

  • If this is how the foreign schools the children of our beloved politician pattern their education system, I don’t think they will ever find it a better option haven’t greedily crashed own system down here, Never the less if our so called Academias have not allowed themselves to equally be corrupted by the political elites, we definitely would not be where we are today.Just want to let ASUU know that there would have being a better way to do this,first and foremost:undeserving political fools should no longer be given Honorary awards at least for an example.But see what the case the case is. what goes around comes around….ASUU beware.

  • @yahala
    u have to be careful.
    has anyone in his life have see asuu go on strike over d increment of students’ school fees?
    we d students’ dont blame them bcuz we are quite for them.
    i have a dream dat one day asuu we go on strike and wen d students’ react to, even d FG cud not help and this make all higher institution were totally wipe out except private only.
    b wise asuu
    dis is an advice to avoide d future dat we come to pass very soon

  • everyday na one story we de hear… Asuu una father dia… How una go keep us for house since last year, stil de yarn nonsense de give… God go punish una one by one… Fools.. Make una no cal am off o!

  • ASUU please have pity on Us the students. Its is said that: an idle hand is been used by the devil, we are youth and we need to have our mind in progressive activities like our studies. i plead mid- February is too far if possible the strike should called off by this week or latest next week, Thank you.

  • The president of ASUU shld B̶̲̥̅̊? Called names for al i care becos dere ® U̶̲̥̅̊ in real sense looking out for their own pocket. Which president of the country doesn’t knw dat d education sector Ȋ̝̊̅§ important to facilitates the growth of a̶̲̥̅̊ country. If resources ® available, manpower Ȋ̝̊̅§ needed to process dese resources for endusers. Dey said retirement age has been extended for whose benefit d prof who can’t stand on deir two feet. FG shld also give money for research dat wil go into d Asuu members pocket.

  • they are just one bunch of arrant idiotic mammalian being.pple we dey first clazz before gan sef hao dey one cope after d brain layed dormant for about 2 month. We don’t support u in ur strike…..u old foolz


  • This AWUZIE and the bunch of ASUU people are not fair to the Nigerian students and their fee paying parents. If they insist on retiring at 70yrs when will they insist on dying? Most ASUU members do not live beyond 55-65yrs. Can’t they realize that they are worst than BOKOM HARAM. It will be a shame on them for collecting salary for DEC 2011 to date when they did not work. I like to suggest that all higher educational institutions in the country be privatized and the governing boards be given Grants and students given Scholarship/Bursary/Loans.

  • ASUU and FG has divide higher institution into the RICH and the POOR.The rich go to private university while the poor go to strike hold university.Why is there private university in the first place if not for this so called strike.We the leaders of tomorrow.student going on strike is not a gud dicision. And solution to this implementation of the 2009 promise.student are been distracted frm wat they are suppose to be doing in school.sum student are already pregent,sum are nw doing internet frauding,sum are in prision,sum are even died.
    HELP US,SAVE US FROM THIS HARDSHIP OF GOVERNMENT…we the student are not happy,mid feburary is too is 57 day of strike.Ie their children are been deprive of going to school 4 just 2days,we knw wat they will do…our president said he was a lecture b4,cant he talk to them..GOD HELP US IN NIGERIA…*AD*

  • Assu pls we’ve had enuf of d strike call it offbcos dat mid-feb,we ar nt sure if its goin ‎​Τ̲̅☺ be mid-feb 2012 or least U̶̲̥̅̊ claim ‎​Τ̲̅☺ be fightin 4 d interest of nigerian students,we nigerian student ar naw tellin U̶̲̥̅̊ dah if dis is aw ‎​Τ̲̅☺ fight 4 us den don’t fight 4 us again.shikena.

  • Nigerians are tired of this ASUU’s strikes without end date which is killing our children’s education. Why should people like Mr Awuzie (their president) keep looking at our children (as if he has no children of himself) to suffer because of their battle with their employer? Why should the children be punished for the lecturers and their employer’s constant fights without end date for the children to go back to school to continue with their studies? ASUU are not God-fearing because they have no consideration what so ever for those poor children at all. I think it is high time for the ASUU to get themselves together and sort out their arguments once and for all because their action yield to nothing but an abuse on our children’s human rights to education in Nigeria. It is top down for ASUU!

  • Asuu n Gov u guys shud knw dat it pple future u r playing wit, how wil u tok of corupt free nigeria wen u ar not working toward their future, the youth are d future of dis country.

  • I’m a Nigerian who also want the strike to end. But why is everybody calling ASUU? What do we want these children to go and learn in school? School wthout equiped laboratories, etc. How can somebody graduate as a chemical engineer without seeing chemical at all? It is thesame for all disciplines. Universities today graduate illiterates because there is nothing to teach with. It is a crime against humanity. I think we should support Asuu 2 force govt fund our education. They are not talking about salary this time but for the qaulity of education. FUNDING BY GOVT IS IMPORTANT.

  • Its nt fair..asuu shld end dis strike n let us go back 2 sch.we v bn managn wit our labs n equipments since..dy shld stop lettn ppl b a nuisance dis period…gals r gettn pregnant’s bcos ur kids rnt schn here dats y..if dy wr,u guys wld v cld it off

  • Pls asuu am rilly beggin u people 2 rethink dis discusion.we nigerian student re rilly tried of staying at home. N am also begging govt.peter obi 2 please cut down d school fees of ansu. God bless.

  • I tink d FG s colabratin wit Asuu 2 stop western edu, wit dis kind of strike y wuld’t d numb of crime increase n d country 4 it s said an idol man s d devil workshop.. FG nd Asuu pls clear dis mess.

  • i’m hands down in support of the end of this strike. I’ve been home close to 3months, of course i’m getting frustrated by the day… Yet i believe the right thing be done. The country’s economy cannot grow else the aspiring leaders are groomed under the right condition. Both ASUU and the Fed. Govt should be considerate on the plight of the student leaders of tomorrow and resolve their issues in hope for a brighter future

  • The govt that failed to implement agreement in two years u expect them to respond to the demands soon? ASUU, money for hand, Nyash for ground. Never call off until the demands are. Students bear with them for a better tomorrow.

  • Asuu u r punishing nigeria future leaders..cus ur pple children r nt studying in govt universities dat y u pple r nt feeling d pain of poor children cus of ur selfish reasons.we r tired of staying @ home..students r @ home doing stupid tinz lyk bombing,robbing and kidnapping..asuu chairman luk @ God ooooo.

  • Believe me BOKOM HARAM is using ASUU to kill western education in Nigeria and Africa.Just like they tried to use NLC/TUC/ACN to challenge Presido GEJ under the cover of fuel subsidy removal strike.Prof Awuzie is a BOKOM HARAM paid point man. As an IBO man this is for certain. If not why not resign with his fellow ASUU eggheads if their condition of service and working condition are too poor? What are NUNS and other nigerian student unions members waiting for to reclaim their future destiny fro these ASUU bastards.In our days in the 70s/80s we would have tossed Awuzie to the Atlanic ocean or Sahara desert near Libya or Sudan. It is also not ordinary coincidence that the minister of education as a Kano BOKOM HARAM woman is a suspect in this FG/ASUU strike nonsense. Just kick both out.

  • Itz d fg dat shld b blamed 4 diz nd nat asuu,afterall they r fytin bcoz of we d stdntz,although d memberz myt not ve their children studyn here in d country,1 fn dat shud gladden studentz @ is dat they r not fytin 4 their own selfish reasonz alone so letz stop blamin asuu bt d fg shud luk in2 our future nd not jez aw 2 creat jobz 4 d illiterates dat graduate 4rm institutns

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