ASUU Strike: Senate Fulfills One Of ASUU’s Demands, Approves 70 Years Retirement Age

The Senate has passed a bill which sought to increase the retirement age of professors from 65 years to 70 years.
The Senate with the passing of this bill has satisfied one of the demands of he Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), ASUU put a halt to academic activities in Nigerian universities when they called for a strike last year and it is hoped that with the passing of this bill, ASUU will call off the strike.
The Bill also provides that registrars, librarians and bursars of tertiary institutions shall hold office for five years and an extension of one year if the need arises.
According to the Senate President, David Mark, with the passage of the Bill which is essentially to fulfil the demand of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), it is expected that the lecturers would call off their strike and return to the class rooms.
He said: “We have passed the Bill into law to meet the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). There is the need to get ASUU back to the classrooms so that our children can go back to their classes.
“There are serious constitutional issues to be addressed and we have to pursue them, and unless we do that, we may be confronted with problems in the future and that is why we have to take cognizance of Section 318 of the 1999 Constitution.”


  1. Senates sud av answered d 1st demand of asuu wc is #160b insted of d increment n d wokn age frm 65yrs to senates think asuu is stupid wt both d knoledge&esperience it has?asuu can’t be lured lk dat,make d reasonable decison to call off d strike b4 a very serious protest frm GOD &9ja students wt invisible,indomitable,non-negotiable human right fighters.GOD bles 1 peaceful 9ja,carn leaders&undastandn leds(amn).

  2. although this is wrong to have implemented, i believe FG is just doing this to make ASUU go back to the class room. Being realistic, let me ask you all a question, what is an old man at the age of 70 doing in the class room when most of them can hardly stand in the class at 60? can the follow the trend of globalization?

  3. If ASUU wants the FG to do more than it just did, they should make it known so that something will be done ASAP.
    The FG, even if it isn’t ready to fulfill the demands immediately should negotiate with them to reach a compromise, and FG should try as much as possible to keep it’s promises.
    ASUU, pls call off this strike soon.

  4. Wat r we al saying,starting wit d FG #160b is part of infrastructure in d university n dis moni cannot b compare 2d allowance most of d sanate members n politiciant are earning each day.Al dis is becos dia children r not here in 9ja,since d do not have @hrt,d do not also want a beta future 4us. U guys should beta do some thing or else nigerian student wil do some nuaty.Back 2 Asuu,how can a man who cannot speak 4 20 pple 2hear even wit d help of a microphone b allow 2 lecture in a class of over 100 student,how wil we hear wat he or she wil b teaching,65-70 yrs is causing neuscance in our educational sector,wat are d young graduate doing,wat s dia fate,r d 2sit @home afta youth service.Asuu should luk in2 dis matta kfully cos 70yr is only 2dia selfish interest n not 2 our benefit. I do not support d retirement age issue. If dis was d only reason y asuu strike den d prof. are no more thinking.d beta cal of d strike or we wil go in2 kidnaping al 60 yr old lecturers. Dis nonsence should beta stop cos i’m not going 2 beg u guys. We r al going back 2kol on monday 23 jan. If u guys do not respond den wait n c wat wil happen. Al university resume on monday 23 january 2012.


  5. I am in support of ASUU calling off their strike but how can the senate pass one out of the request of ASUU,because retirement age does not deal with money,if these people’s children are in Nigeria studing in our universities,they will know what we are talking about,they are stealing money to finance their children and are not giving response to our cry,pass all the bill and let go back to study,we will make it even if we study here on our soil. God help and Bless Nigeria

  6. AsUu went on strike for their own selfish reasons,Ąπϑ †ђξy still pay them while we suffer @home,if †ђξ retirement age I̶̲̥̅̊S̤̥̈̊ •̸№ω 70yrs wen r we †ђξ leaders of 2morw goin t̶̲̥̊ọ̥ take over? Eg,am a computer sci student Ąπϑ all †ђξ old lecturals keep teachin old programmin languages that has •̸№ effect on this generation bcos that’s all †ђξy knw.may God help us

  7. This is a gud step but in the wrong, its gud in the sense that it deals with the short term problem:asuu strike;their demands.But in the wrong direction i’ll say cos this only leaves us with bigger problems which will bcom imminent in the long run. If the retirement age of lecturers is extended by five yrs, it implies we younger ones;graduates seeking for employment, cant be incorporated into the system, until after so many yrs, leading to gross increase in umemployment,an already existing problem. Is this what we want,that after rushing out of the university wit a certificate in your hands you cant be gainfully employed? I think asuu should go back to the drawing board and have a rethink abt this bizzare decision!

  8. I have enjoyed the strike so far! Its has brought enough time to couple one’s ass together. No hurry in life.. Live ASSU to do their thing.. They are there to do nothing other than strike and I’m cool with it. It should be extended for another two months if possible. I know some hypocrites would comment against this post..

  9. Who are they fooling? ASUU is hpy dat their useless demand has bin approved. Their children are abroad studying, they are bin lectured by competent lecturers dat’s y they open their stinking mouth 2 tell us dat sluggish pot bellies who shud b @ home relaxing will b lecturing us. What a nonsense! Our students are even hpy, anyway, i dnt blame dem cos they are tired. ASUU- FG or whoeva shud use their head oooo, GOD is washing ooooo