Boko Haram Drops Leaflets All Over Kano After Bombings (Translated)

After detonating more than 20 bombs at various locations in Kano today, members of the violent islamic sect Boko Haram, dropped leaflets all over Kano.

The leaflets originally in Hausa has been translated into English (rough translation)

The translation:


In the name of God, the most beneficent and merciful.
We are the ones that they address with the prohibited name Boko Haram, when our name is Jama’atu Ahlus Sunnah Lidda Awati Wal Jihad (Congregation of Followers of the Prophet involved in the Call to Islam and Religious Struggle)
This message is to the people of Kano. You should know that the security (Police) in Kano are using tricks in arresting our people, that is they tell people in different neighborhoods that they are arresting thieves or armed robbers – you should know that it is our people that they are arresting.
We do not have any intention of touching any people of this town if they do not touch us. Because our war is with the Government that is fighting Islam with the Christian association of Nigeria (CAN) that are killing Muslims even eating their flesh and those who helped them to fight us even if they are Muslims.
Anyone who is instrumental to the arrest of our members is assured that their own is coming.
Message from the leader of Jama’atu Ahlus Sunnah Lidda Awati Wal Jihad
Imam Abubakar Muhammad Abubakar bin Mohammed (Shikau)


  1. This problem must continue happening until dis country divide.One president cant lead 3 countries lyke..Hausa,
    and Igbo..
    Hausa people hv introduced Shari Law over there.If we didnt believe in their policy…They kill dat person immediately.
    But we Ndi Igbo Relax ova dem.

  2. Though am a muslim nd a yoruba, nd wat dis useles sect did nd r stil doing shows dat dey r’nt muslims at ol. Dey r jst ignorant of demself nd d religion. Dey r jst dstroyin d image of islam, dey r misinterpretin d sharia. May God save us, my xtian brodas, we cn stop dis menace of d boko haram. Lets join hands 2geda.

  3. They had better find another name to tag the religion they practise. We Muslims are fed up of their madness. Dropping leaflets and hiding-dat shd be a secret group. Even babalawo will practise his religion openly. They are simply TERRORIST!!we are jst so unfortunate to have a bad govt. May Allah help us!

  4. pls christians all over Nigeria it’s high time we gather for a nation wide prayer conference to unleash our spiritual arsenal on this evil (boko haram). Let us put an end to all these sensless killings, we shouldn’t wait for it to get out of control befor we pray and fix this problem because that was the mistake the early church made and lost james but saved peter when they were arrested – at several times. Enough is enough!

  5. Pls u so call boko haram should stop identifing themswlves with muslim cos no religion preaches killing of fellow human being or destroying properties. My fellow xtian brother and muslim dont let this evil and devilish people divide us. The Northern leader and FG should be held responsible for boko haram

  6. it is obvious that this sect out out to fight Christians not the Gov. if it were the Government, they would not go to churches killing innocent people. Fellow Christians,it is time to be on our feet because the information on this leaflet has truly shown shown that they are basically out to fight us. everyone should be on the watch. please where ever you are as a Christian, do not relent in praying and watching out for yourself, friends,family and Christians all over Nigeria for we are one in Christ not minding your denomination, tribe state or region.
    N.B: If Islam is truly a religion of peace, why kill to express your view? why shade innocent blood? why not dialogue with who ever you have problem with for peace to rain!

  7. As for me. Boko haram is a ghost group i mean they do not exist. When bush cm to nigeria during the reign of obasanjo he said Nigeria will disintegrate in 2015. He has been working towards that. They want to create a religious conflict in this country. They plan their evil plan Allah plans as well, Allah is the best of planners. The so called group ar agent of conflict. They are never islamic group. Cos Allah says. Any body that kills a soul unjustly it is has it he killed the entire mankind. The media also blew the matter out of proportion. They do not hv proof 4 their information. One thing is certain. When the wind blows we all shall see the anus of the fowl.

  8. Screw BH, screw all who support bh both financially and otherwise. Screw all who know something abt dem and still say nothing.
    There are bunch of cowards and dy shall die like lowlives which dy are. Wild birds of d air shall feast on dy bodies. Dy blood and corpses shall litter ds land. Ndi ara….ndi iberibe….your souls shall rot in hell.

  9. This is a concrete lie! The boko haram that existed is now Gone.this are just ppranks played by GEJ’s cabinet to bring religious sentiments into our country! Why is it only happening in the north and in those places where GEJ did not excel! A very sensitive and smart person can easily conclude!

  10. Subhannallah, is it true GEJ can’t handle the Security in Nigeria? every day from this town to this town…..A
    re they really the so called Islamic sect? Or Media should give them Another name…..Let me say ” even we the masses are pushed to the wall, and we’re no longer afraid of whatever it takes to change the Gov’t Crew from councillor to President”

  11. Everything still bounce back at the corrupt and insincere govt we have in the country. If the Nigerian govt is sincere and they have no means of fighting these blood sockin elements, lets invite the American govt dat is capable and willing to fish out these beasts activities and their own will be a history. Imagine the impunity!

  12. This BOKO HARAM or whatever they call themselves are not all illiterates, senseless or faceless. They are well connected Nigerian politicians, cabals, professionals, civil servants, military people, agberos, union members, cultists etc who just want to take over all the govt of Nigeria. Muslims, Christians, Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Tivs, Ijaws, Efiks, Lagosians shine your eyes. Protect your life and properties. If you can not go back to your area/state/village. No Govt can protect 160million people 24/7 anywhere in the world. A Proper profiling should help identify violent people planning to harm you.

  13. Mr President it’s high time dis mess should be brought to an end. Divide d country. It is obvious we can’t stick together any more. Boko harram issue is stil a problem bcuz we neva remember them. Mr President if u hav decided not to solve this simple problem then u left us wit no option than to make u our problem nd i assure u Mr President wish neva it happen bcuz d heat of d fire wil overwhelm U. Mr President just let this country be in peace we don’t need them neither do they. We’re Biafrans nd neva Nigerians. Mr President ”Biafra we Stand Nigeria We Fall…”

  14. The Jama’tu Ahlus Sunnah Lidda Awati Wal Jihad as they called themselves should stop killing the Christians but they should concentrate on who they are fighting if they dare. No matter who disguise under the umbrella of I slam to commit attrocities is doing so on his own. Please, whether you are Christians or any other religion partisan put it in mind “Islam Still remain the religion of PEACE”. Maasallam.

  15. @ mp3/mp4, i’m not sure u read d content of habeebah, if u did, u wouldn’t av replied that way. To d good people of Nigeria, we all own this nation. These blood thirsty BH ar not muslims coz they av failed 2 understand the creed of d religion they claim 2 practise. We true muslims av DISOWNED YOU & YOUR HELPERS IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS

  16. Calling names on the person of MR.President is not a solution to the problem of Boko Haram insurgency.If we critically look into their operations one will understand that it is a complex type, though it sounds religious but may not.After all i have never heard of private mosque nor Boko Haram Mosque so were do they worship.This people are paid political agents who are working to make the present government ungovernable as promised by their Masters who import arms and ammunition for them. My promise for them is that he who kills in other to achieve must await diet at his door post.And for Mr. President and his group shine your eyes our constitution to protected
    And for M

  17. Fellow Nigerians, we need to realize that this is a security embarassment to us all. The muslims need to own-up; those doing it claim Islam and claims to defend it. They are known by the muslims, and they reflect the true spirit of the religion. They try to induce ethnic sentiments in order that they may be left alone and allow ethnic sentiment produce failled government. The government need to take action: if the leadership of the national security are all Muslim, they cannot foil or effectively solve the security problem. No doctor is allowed to do surgery on family member because of emotional attachment nor a judge stand as attony for son or wife or brother. Why do we expect these national security leadership to solve the boko haram menace?

    If boko haram is serious with their agenda, it is a shame that they are writing paers, using scientific media outfits, using bombs and not stones and cutlasses, flying on plains and driving cars and living in modern homes not made with sticks and graces.

  18. What i think this so called boko aram should do is dat they should name d people dat are killing their people nd let d law have their way, even if it is d govt. that offend them, instead of killing innocent people and bombing churches killing people. They have 2 be pacient we knw there is a cause 4 this, if no one offend them they won’t fight back. SO PLEASE HAVE MERCY, THE INNOCENT’S ONE ARE DIEING.

  19. this is bad indeed…but if only ppl will open their eyes and see that this is not a religious war between christains and muslims.its a war between evrybdy else and these armed militants.its evident that 80% of the ppl they have killed are even muslims.most of the places they have bombed are muslim of the blasts of kano which just happened yesterday and opposite my house was brother made a narrow escape…

  20. Boko Haramites are cowards, they think they are the only people that have access to bomb or may be they fell they the only people that know how to use bomb. If not that christians always want to obey the word of God Almighty and to follow the foot step of our Lord Jesus Christ, we would have faught back but know you that everything has a limit.

  21. Take a minute. And think of it this way: Boko Haram could be a machine designed by Americans to exploit our Country by causing Ethnic Crisis. What best way can you invade us if not through religious and ethnic differences. And when this takes effect they choose to support the region that owns the oil in the name of helping them become Independent which they have to pay for with their oil. We ought not forget what the Americans are capable of. They proved it in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya (Oil Rich States), Making those countries ungovernable and invading them in the name of Terrorism and Tyranism while sucking their oil in the process. None of these Countries still got freedom nor are they better of as promised by these Americans. My blame is on our unpatriotic brethren who are blinded by the fake Ideology of Religious differences n are used to achieve these devilish mission. Should we wait for this to happen?

  22. To all u mõth£r_fuçk£rs dãt wàñá br¡ñk ¡t, pls-br¡ñk fuçk u ñd ur mõth£r fuçk¡ñ bêl¡fs !
    ____a tribute to Ojukwu!

  23. It’s sad to think that the so called Boko Haram sect claim to be muslims and fighting for a bullshit cause. Islam is a peaceful religion and there’s no chapter or verse in the Qur’an that preaches violence, ‘they’ are just a bunch of cowards, illetrates who have no sence of decency and respect for the human life. My prayer for them might seem harsh but I sincerly hope that God destroy them all and their families because they’ve caused alot of pains for Nigerians. May God protect us all from them and God bless Nigeria!



  25. I still don’t understand this sect because many claimed they aren’t with religious attachment. If they emphatically say they are against the christian(CAN) and also go further to blow-up churches, then, that make their struggle religious centred. ONE THING I KNOW IS THAT BY THE TIME GOD HAVE THEIR TIME, JUST AS ELIJAH RAINED FIRE UPON THE PROPHET OF BAAL(false prophet), SO SHALL FIRE FROM HEAVEN CONSUME THEM WITH THEIR ACCOMPLICE IN NO TIME AT ALL.

  26. For the outgoing IG, his retirement is a blessing in disguise. For the new IG, he has just received a Trojan horse. He will, like those before him, fail. The police is one finger of a leprous hand. Outside true federalism based on the 6 geopolitical zones, resource control and zonal police, forget Nigeria.

  27. If the combined intelligence and operational capacity of the Nigerian Army, Air force, Navy & Police, with their billions of naira spendings were as robust as those of ubiquitous, invisible & invincible Boko Haram, the latter would never have existed in the first instance.

  28. Éver wondered why the terrorist fools are not calling for INDEPENDENT STATE OF THEIR sharia states???
    Read the writing on the wall, if you have eyes, hear the sounds of the spirit if your have ear, and feel the reality if you can touch..
    Time is running out!