Boko Haram Gives Reasons For Bombing Kano

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Nigerian Newspaper Headlines Today: 6th April 2020

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The Boko Haram islamic sect through its spokesman, Abul Qaqa gave reasons for the weekend attacks in Kano, which led to the deaths of over 160 people. In a telephone interview with members of the press, the Boko Haram spokesman claimed the attacks were to avenge the persecution of its members.

Claiming responsibility for the attacks and multiple bombings on police stations, State Security Services, SSS, and passport office buildings in Kano metropolis, Qaga said: “Last night’s (Friday) attacks and bombings of Kano city followed our warnings in the second week of December, 2011.”

Besides, Qaqa also referred reporters to an e-mail message in which Imam Muhammad
Abubakar Shekau, Spiritual Head of the sect, threatened that: “Unless urgent steps are taken, the group will launch endless and violent attacks on Kano and its environs because of arbitrary arrest and persecution of his members.”

Shekau said the group had written an open letter to the people of Kano, including the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero; Governor Musa Kwankwaso, Alhaji Aminu Dantata and Khalifa Sheikh Isiaka Rabiu on recent happenings in the ancient city.

Shekau revealed that but for the intervention of some prominent scholars in Kano, his group would have made the city ungovernable a long time ago.

Qaqa said: “The message here is that everybody knows that a lot of our people were killed in Kano State, especially in Wudil town. We had perfected plans to take revenge but some notable scholars intervened by pleading with us.

“They also assured that our members would nevear be persecuted again and we took them by their words. Unfortunately, however, about five months ago, security agencies began trailing and arresting our members who are carrying out their legitimate businesses, alleging that they are all thieves and armed robbers.

“Again, we perfected plans to attack the city of Kano but the scholars pleaded that we should not. They advised that we should write a formal letter of complaint to some notable people. We agreed and sent letters to the Emir of Kano, Wamban Kano, Dan Masanin Kano and the governor of Kano State.

“We also posted the open letter on the internet, but nothing was done to stop the persecution of our members.

“Recently, security agencies launched a fresh onslaught on some of our members in Kano city in which even women and children were not spared. Many houses were raided and a pregnant woman was manhandled.

“Some of our members were tortured with electric shock. All these things happened in Kano, a city that we hold in high esteem.

“We have varied opinions about Kano, including the option of launching endless campaign of violence, but the scholars that have been talking to us are still persuading us to tarry a while.

“We are compelled to write this open letter so that the world will know what is happening.”


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  1. Boko haram, you guys are really arrogant and stupid, your cult member was arrested because he and you all are low life criminals who don’t deserve any rights. You think that you can do as you please and not pay the price? You’re in for a big surprise. God loves the peaceful people of Nigeria and will give them justice and blessings above all.

  2. i wonder wat dis guys want…but we’v not heard any news of wat they claimed happened 2 dem..y do de hav 2kill innocent people in dis their quest.its such a shame.!!!Boko haram wat do u guys want???

  3. Let us know the real truth bcuz (boko haram) is hausa language which is their name.
    (borno state) is a non-hausa speaking state and most of them are pegans or christians,so why do they not use sokoto,jigawa,katsina or other hausa speaking state as their (headquater) ?.
    Why are they not bombing schools or places of higher education and house of assemblies to show they’re truly against modernization as they claim ?.
    This is a method of disintergration by some selfish individuals.
    ALLAH YA BA DE SA A (amin).

  4. Well killing innocent people hasn’t driven home your points. If truly you want to drive ur points home. Go and blow up the so called leaders not Nigerians who ® being opressed by our Govt daily. Its sad cos its the poor Nigerians who know nofin about this ordeal dat suffers. Pls tell me wot is dia crime to die?

  5. Who are the scholars these BH people claim to have been getting in touch with? Why can’t these scholars tell Nigerians who these BH people are and what they want?
    If these BH people are really against westernization, they should stop using western inventions and ideas such as e-mail, telephone and the internet.
    If they have to drive home any point, why should it be through poor, innocent and helpless people Nigerians?

  6. Wot FOOLS u are,claiming 2 b against westernization yet u’ve not invented/produced anytin beneficial 2 urself wit ur localization,stil using d e-mail,fones,internet,even d bombs n guns,letter writting insead off twncring,all came 4rm d west n non 4rm U,I course u dis day BH in Jesus name,may d judgement of d Lord fall upon u now!

  7. pls BOKO HARAM or wat do u guys call ur self,stop killing innosent we have corrupt leaders steeling our money every day u guys eye bland to see dat, instead of u to help us out with the power u have, just to help us blast one of the house will have e.g Asorock,house of assembly house senate pls guys stop killing innocent pls

  8. I think the gov α̲̅πϑ BH all r D̶̲̥̅̊ problems of our nation….i hope the can both have some kind of dialogue or may ß the gov shud grant dem amnesty S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ Щɇ can have some peace of mind…Τђΐƨ whole shitt i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ getin out of hand….let’s all pray 4 G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ intervention i know He W̶̲̥̅̊ȋ̝̊̅ ̄ι̥ι̥ protect α̲̅πϑ end Τђΐƨ satanic acts

  9. BH is a political and Religous group that is against the government of the day. Based on their belief it is an abomination 4 an unbeliever (Non Muslim) to rule over them. But ma concern here is why d brutal killings of the poor masses? Why d unreligious killings of Christians in Churches? Well, God knows every heart and I pray 4 his judgement upon each and every perpetuator of BH in Jesus name (AMEN)

  10. i fink sum biq politicians in dis country r involved wif dis boko haram sect. y shuld they bomb innocent ppl whereas d big issues r left on…. 4 a lonq tym, d president has bin talkinq abt brinqinq dis sect 2 book bt yet, no avail… only God knws wat d situatn of dis country in d nxt 2yrs?

  11. Boko haram or boko folish y r u guys allowiing dis selfish,greedy top politician use u pple 2 archieve dis useles goal in distroying nigeria, how much r dey paying u guys 4 dis distruction u r causing 2ur self.y r u not not bombing ‘mosque’, it only church u knw how 2 bomb. U guys r folish set of human beings i’ve ever seen or heard of. U r only distroying ur state, cos wat i knw is dat u wil stil suffer 2build it again someday. U rubbish act should stop wer u guys r o cos if u try any sili thing in d 9ja delta den u guys shoul prepare 4 war. It either nigeria wil b divided or al northerners n useles unculture muslim wil have 2pay wit dia lyf. Dont allow d devil use u 2make any attempt or else……………

  12. Gawd! wat re dis network providers or those in charge of them doing?….can’t they help in pinpointing the location nd help our intelligent agencies with real intel on these bastards (boko haram)… God save our being nd soul in dis country of ours!

  13. The earlier nigerian government would realize that boko-haram is wagging war against this great nation the better it would be, those in charge should keep on being hypocritical and just one day the hypocrites would sleep and never see the morning sun.GOD IS WATCHING!

  14. Boko haram, u r d most stupid set of pple i’ve ever seen. I’ve read some pple saying d police shuld release ur members so as not 2 bomb any longer, they r in 4 d crime they commitd. Had it been am responsible or part of d security agents, i wl arrest & shoot. God purnish all of u. Go 2hell 4 all i care. U must all suffer d repercution. Selfish set of pple, idiot……

  15. I dnt fink BH is against western education,if so dey shuld b bombing skuls.
    Neither ar dey against christianity,if so dey shuld av extended deir bombins al ova churches in nigeria.
    I strictly bliev dat BH is against d government of d day n my sole advice is dat dey shuld go bomb aso-rock 2 express wat dey truly are.

  16. a true Muslim knows that vengeance is for Allah, if you cant forgive ur neighbors then dont expect Allah to forgive you, that is, if at all they were offended. in the first place, their demands are irresponsible & questionable given the secularity of this country, and should be granted with treasonable charges. such demands vindicate my suspicion that bh is a religious mask being used by politicians against jonathans’ govt. bet you, if jonathan resigns today you may not here of bh again.

  17. I strongly bliv dis bh goons are being used by politicians against GEJ’s admin,y can’t u let mr presi b,u takin innocent lives lyk say no b woman born.and 4 d so calld oga of bh,wateva ur name is,u fink u’r powerful abi,jst wait d I AM THAT I AM wil visit u 1day,den we go c who get power,goons.

  18. Useless uncultured muslems? @ Militant u said war! I warn u if u ever abuse muslems again your life and all south-west will at risk over here in d north.Idiot u and your so called GEJ.what do u think of islam? Is nt a dancing and singing or money making religion like your child play religion(Christan).Be warn wallahi a single muslems worth 10 of you lazy pig. Im nt with them bt dont temper with Islam.

  19. Boko haram are political and religious groups organised by northren leader to make present tenure ungovernable for GEJ imagin forma senator sponsoring boko haram, if security no what they are doing they should interrogate him to mention others behind this mess.

  20. You that stupid man called Haruna A.B, u sound threaten and u claim that u are not one of them. May God punish u, pls answer these question; has your family been bomb on your joyful day in your present? Is your islam different from other islam religion? Is your islam doesn’t teach peace, is your islamic god have pleasure in socking innocent blood?, can you killing the whole world? Can you fight for God?. List, God will surely put you all and your family into everlasting punishement for that kind of comment you make on the 24th of this month. You fools, why can’t you also join bh groups and be killing innocent people for your socking gods.

  21. You that stupid man called Haruna A.B, u sound threaten and u claim that u are not one of them. May God punish u, pls answer these question; has your family been bomb on your joyful day in your present? Is your islam different from other islam religion? Is your islam doesn’t teach peace, is your islamic god have pleasure in socking innocent blood?, can you killing the whole world? Can you fight for God?. Listen, God will surely put you all and your family into everlasting punishement for that kind of comment you make on the 24th of this month. You fools, why can’t you also join bh groups and be killing innocent people for your blood socking gods.

  22. Stop the Bombing, obendence is better than sacrifice, God can fight for himself, he does not need any one to do it for him, talkless of kiling, in the Holy Book, the Bible or the Koran, God said we should not kill. Do not bring the roth of God on ur self and ur entir generations.


  24. bh thinks killing people will make dem happy but not knowing dat it makes them unforgiveable and the blood of those people will fall on their body n spirit.unless they repent,the bh members,head,scholars body and spirit will all soke in HELL.

  25. BH, if u knw u strong enuf, pick someone ur own size e.g FEDERAL GOVT…and then bomb them all to death if u so deem fit…not the innocent nigerian…dumbassmodafuckers

  26. Pls bh stop sheer innocent blook b/c God will their blood in ur hand.and 4 those ppl dat say securit agent are not competent.who can tell me where those ppl dat kill bh leader 2008 are? They ar in de prison parish while govt compesate bh leader wit 100m. If u ar de one wat will u do while u ar going 2 fight tighting hand.

  27. boko haram the gud sect pls why u don’t bomb the presidential villa b’cos we are not satisfy this government and he don’t ready to make correction


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