Bombings Expose Failure Of Security System, Says Expert

abba_moroKANO BLASTS

THE bombings that rocked Kano, the commercial hub of the north yesterday, clearly represents a failure of the country’s security system, says development policy and international relations expert, Professor Nwangu Okeimiri.

Okeimiri spoke to The Guardian just as foreign missions in Abuja weave security rings and precautionary measures at their mission premises.

According to Okeimiri, Nigeria’s security operatives have slept for too long and have now lost the edge.

He said: “Boko Haram members have proved that they are miles ahead of the police and our security operatives who are merely playing catch-up. The coordinated nature of the blasts in Kano shows careful planning over a long period and it was hatched without being detected.

“What has happened to communications monitoring? In security strategic studies, you know that terrorist coordinate their activities well ahead of time. Things don’t just happen. Bombings with sequence, especially don’t just happen. You have got to track it. There is no room for sleeping, and that is the work of the security operatives.”

Boko Haram: Police Boss Commends Imposition Of Curfew

From Njadvara Musa, Maiduguri

THE dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed by the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Borno

State has assisted security officials in performing their duty of protecting life and property, says Borno State Commissioner of Police, Simeon Midenda.

In a telephone interview in Maiduguri yesterday, Midenda noted that there were no attacks or bombings since the January 13, 2011 dusk-to-dawn curfew.

Prior to the curfew, there was a series of daily attacks that claimed over 18 lives within a two-week period in Biu and Maiduguri, the state capital .

Midenda said that despite a state of emergency in Maiduguri and four council areas in Borno State, Boko Haram sect members were not deterred from launching attacks until the imposition of the curfew .

He disclosed that some criminals hide under the cloak of Boko Haram to carry out attacks on patrol vehicles, police stations and churches with ease, because there was no curfew to restrict the movement of suspects.

The curfew “has increased the chances of officers and men of the police and military to protect life and property in the state. It has also sent fear into theminds of Boko Haram gunmen and bombers,” he said.

Muslim Leaders Condemn Kano Blast

By Gbenga Salau

Muslim leaders have condemned multiple bombings allegedly carried out in different parts of Kano last Friday, describing the act as unholy, ungodly and unislamic.

The leaders, which include President of Nasrul Lahi L Faith Society (NASFAT), Alhaji Sheriff Yusuf; Director, Muslims Rights Concern, Dr. Ishaq Akintola; President of Muslim Professionals, Alhaji Olasunkanmi Ajiboye and Chief Imam General of Festac Town, Alhaji Yemi Idowu, maintained that using violent acts to seek justice is not part of Islam, enjoining those involved to rethink.

Ajiboye said: “It is unfortunate that it happened. I believe everybody knows that it has nothing to do with Islam because the religion condemns anything violent, especially acts that will take another person’s life.”

Ajiboye called on fellow Muslims to pray against the continued attacks, as it is denting the image of Islam, as many Christians do not believe the crime has nothing to do with Islam.

Also, Yusuf said: “It is highly regrettable that lives and properties are being lost. We want to implore those responsible to have a rethink. We commiserate with families of those who lost their lives in the bombings.”

Akintola charged the government “We were not looking forward to things to find a lasting solution to the menace, saying: “There is ineptitude in all aspects of our life; am speaking of the ineptitude of our leaders.

“If people are in government, they should know how to handle things. If we are all going out to fight terrorism, then let us know, which way we are going. Of course, no country just goes out to fight terrorism without looking for ways of engaging in dialogue. How far has dialogue option been explored? We want to see government sitting with these people because it is the innocent Nigerians that are going down just like the Channels reporter. It is very, very unfortunate.”

On his part, Idowu said Boko Haram members could not claim to be Muslims, as Islam does not teach violence or the destruction of fellow human beings.


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