Dieziani Allison-Madueke’s son responds to photos posted online

Disturbed by the online photos showing his flamboyant lifestyle, the petroleum Minister’s step son, Ugonna Madueke has responded with the following public statement:

“It was with great dismay that I awoke a few days ago to see the pictorial publications being circulated about my family and me by the on-line media. It has stirred up a great deal of controversy and has portrayed our family in a negative light.

The pictures posted were taken over a period of time, some before my mother left the private sector as an ED at Shell to work for the Nigerian government.  Although I benefited from a comfortable upbringing I was raised in a fairly strict environment by a military father who insisted that we worked to support ourselves whilst in school. He ensured that we had the basic minimum to support us covering tuition food and transport only.

We were all compelled to work to support ourselves and at the same time excel academically. I am a fully qualified engineer who has worked in my area of expertise for the last 2 and half years. I work very hard at my job and like many people across the globe I also party hard.

The pictures of my brother with Neyo and Dbanj are typical of the way any young man or woman will react getting somewhat excited when they run into stars whether they be home grown or international. Most people will be more than happy to have their photograph taken with them.

As far as the limo ride goes, they are commonly used as airport taxis overseas. Occasionally myself along with my friends and family chip in to pay approx $100 from the airport to our destination. To put this in context it is approximately N16, 500. There were 6 of us in the limo ride, which worked out to be roughly N2000 per head.

With regards to the picture of me in the airplane, which by the way was shot almost 2 years ago, the explanation is really quite simple. I was in America to attend the wedding of an old classmate whose parents had chartered a small aircraft to take some of the bride’s closest friends and family to the destination. I did what anyone in my shoes would do and took a picture, Facebook is a testament to that.

It has been alleged that my family flew to America to attend a party, The event we attended was the Chris Aire event for the unveiling of NIGERIA’S GEM STONES with my Mother in her capacity as the then Minister of Mines & Steel. It was an event designed to promote Nigerian Gem stones.

The picture of us on the Red Carpet as we attended the event has also being published. I struggle to fully understand how something that was intended to showcase Nigerian talent and products is now seen as wrong. She also honoured an invitation at the London Stock Exchange to make a presentation; a clear indication that the Gemstone event at Los Angeles had started attracting foreign investors.

The picture showing members of my university fraternity and I holding some money was taken several years ago, while I was an undergraduate. It was a requirement of the society that we documented our fund raising success for a charitable course on behalf of the society I belonged to in the university. The society is called Alpha – Phi – Alpha University of Maryland Chapter.

Like any young man, I have had my fair share of fun, hanging out and partying I am grateful for the upbringing that I have had. This does not however mean I am immune from the realities of the plight of millions of Nigerians living at or below the poverty line. If the pictures (published out of context) were intended to portray me or my family as insensitive to the plight of millions of Nigerians I can honestly state that this is by no means who we are.

What this has taught me however is that, with positions of privilege and leadership come humility and responsibility not only by those in leadership but members of their extended family also.

I sincerely apologise to my family and the Nigerian public for any hurt, anger or embarrassment that might have been caused by these pictures, which were taken completely out of context. I will endeavor to ensure that all my actions in future will be sensitive to the plight of all.

However I have absolutely no control over this well-orchestrated smear campaign, which is mainly directed at my mother, I therefore appeal to Nigerians not to take everything they see or read at face value.” — Ugonna Madueke




  1. Crap…. Who wld believe dis well prepared statement from ur mother’s advisers.Nigerians are not stupid,u for one will suffer for what ur mother has done to increase d suffering of the masses. U and ur sibling will surely pay for your mother’s crimes…Insha allahu

  2. Ugonna,
    I think its commendable that you deemed it polite and couretous enough 2respond but that said, let’s also address the issues at hand. I honestly doubt if the publications are a smear campaign against you but the degree of frustration and pain being witnessed by youths like you. Ur birthplace wasn’t ur choice, agreed but also realise that with much responsibility comes much restraint. Its entirely detestable that certain actions of corruption and flagrant abuse of the nation’s resources can be undeniably attributed to your mother. Suffice me to address some of ur points… The so called Chris Aire arrangement, what has it translated to for the common man? Be man enough to deem it necessary to take a stand against the blantant abuse of executive power and misuse of a nation’s wealth. Ask yourself honestly, would you be appreciative of her if you were not directly benefitting from her? Let’s save a nation for our future generation even if it means taking an opposing stance to those who are ur relatives. Whatever happens, acknowledge that its either you speak out or your very silence does. Dare to be different, you aint the first of offsprings 2be exposed to such.

  3. Bros!
    I see u and ur mum have somtin in common. Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!
    It wud av been better if u had just shut up and let it slide.
    As for the Limo rides, the meagre fee of $100 is equivalent to 16,500 which is almost d minimum wage the govt ur mother works for expects Nigerians 2 live on. Just for ur info, some familes dont get upto N16,500 a month.

  4. Thief pikin go tell your mama mak he teach you have to lie because he clear say na to chop money na you know because if na the food wey 9ja dey chop na you dey chop u for no fat like oil well abi na the family wey rent private jet 4 u na still buy that drink wey dey ur front ok oh baba god no dey sleep

  5. This is a statement written not by yourself but someone who is good at telling stories. I have less to say but to say God will surely judge you and whoever maybe behind the suffering of many Nigerians. Maybe you don’t know that Millions of Talents are dying each and everyday in the slum, ghetto, and on the street! Many who are working are scared not to be sackedn and many don’t even know or have a taste of what a good life is all about here in Nigeria even till the day they will kick the bucket!
    Maybe you should be the one to advice your mother if their set persist to torment us Nigerians GOD will torment them and everything that is attached to them…

  6. This is Total BS Yo Dude spend your parents money we don’t care whether you worked hard to earn them cos I bet I would flex more than you are doing now if my mum was a thief. We all know the truth so keep flexing God bless your Mum cos its not easy to loot money tho! A minister who was carrying a $70000 handbag during the fuel subsidy removal ish can provide for her children as well *shrugs* peace!!!

  7. U guys should free the guy!!!! You all would do all this and even a lot more!!! Let’s stop gropping in δ dark, the guy having fun in δ united states is not δ problem we have in Nigeria!! Please ugonna or wat ever ur name is have fun!!

  8. My dear Ugonna,
    I sincerely believe you and admire your courage for this humble response. You may not actually be the target but your mother whom many like me admires so much. I wonder why people will not stop being mischievous. I know as well as many others that the Maduekes are not poor because your parents especially Gen Alison Madueke, was very prominent in past military governments. Your mum to me is role model whom the hate has made more popular. Just be mindful of the company you keep because friends could be perfidious out of envy. Keep flying high; God loves you.

  9. Hey y’all, what’s your beef? If his mum supposedly stole tell your parents to steal too. Nigerians can just be unreasonable. Where are d proofs u have that d jet & limo belongs to him? Yes, limos are used as airport taxis! Y’all just following up on people’s lives like u are flies.

  10. first to all those attacking this young man for his life style,i feel yall need to all shutup there is nothig he is doing that is too much i live in the states too and from the limo ride to the charted plane none of which is that expensive to be brodcasted in the media.people suffering in nigeria is not their fault and all fingers are not equal so leave the boy alone and focus on productive things fyi if i was the one i would have taken a picture of the middle finger and have yall assholes publish that.

  11. How i wish thunder could strike u where u are wen u are crooking all these physical lies just to teach others like u a bigger lesson it would have been better.what i know is dat the spirits of those who had died in suffering will ask from u and ur stupid mother.IDIOT THE SON OF A WICKED BITCH.

  12. The Maduekes have no crime(s) to pay for. Nigeria’s woes didn’t start from them and would not end with them. However, they may pay for crimes if the likes of Ibrahim Banbangidas, David Marks, Atikus, Obasanjos, Dangotes, Abachas, Yar’Aduas, Shonekans and all the Boko Haram sponsors pay for their heinous crimes against the Nigerian State. Also, those criminal cartel who plundered the Nigerian economy and their accomplices and their children, children’s childrem will for their crimes not the innocent Nigerians wherein the Maduekes belong.

  13. Wait o, wat is the problem here? Every single one of this young man’s explanations makes good sense and is verifiable. So why are people still ranting here? If you have any evidence to counter anything he said please hurriedly speak up and if not, please stop beefing the guy for being born into money…btw most of u can’t even prove if his mother stole anything or not.

  14. For a second I had to pause and be sure am the one reading this,if at all is not some kindergateen kid! Common….the lies makes it look more uglier. I totally agreed @ugonna. All I know is that either the law abiding the nation or the law of karma will catch up with all perpetrators of evil if this does not stop! Even d bible says” The king’s heart was hardened because he was headed for destruction”. Atlest u re closer to those in power, start from ur mum…advice her not to hardened her heart and do d right thing

  15. You people are sick…u keep thinking Nigerians are foolish. Ugonna if u wrote you are more retarded than I previously credited….retard! Who r u telling ds load of hog wash, fraternity n fundraising my ass…Buffoon, is dat how u display fundraising success. It would have been better if u just SHUT UP n Made no comment.

  16. Most of u guys slagging dis boi off for posting airplane pics and red carpet pics on FB are pretty deranged! If u have d opportunity to go to Shoprite won’t u snap and post? Toq mor of plain or limo or redcarpet or NEYO??? Me wud snap and post jor! D guy is clearly a human being and is excited as a normal being wud be..he is working hard and making his money. Qquit hating and get a life all..I tire o

  17. I’m no fan of the minister or anyone in the like of her. BUT, i’ll say that she did raise a fine, young man who had the conscience and humility to offer the public a much deserved apology.
    During ‘Yar adua’s regime, similar pictures were floated, nobody in the regime or family had the decency to say something. Dieziani may not be the best minister in Nigeria, for all I care, she may be lucifer reincarnated, but her son responed. With some sort of APOLOGY. For that, they have earned my respect!!!

  18. Ugonna Has Said it and I believe him.
    Nigeria Leaders has and is still doing a lot of harm †̥ we Nigerian’s
    But one thing is for sure.
    Is possible that all Ugonna has said is true but due †̥ the fact that We have a lot going on in Nigeria now many ppl will not Agree with Ugonna.

    Just as Ugonna said, he has been working for more than 2yrs now and †̥ me since he has been and is still working he is free too use his money as he wants.
    Pls my fellow Nigerians, I will not want †̥ have enemies concerning dis mmy comment on Ugonna’s issue.
    I am working and am free †̥ spend my last kobo if I want cos is mine.
    Base on what Ugonna said, He used his own money cos hee works and I believe him.

    God Bless Nigeria.

  19. If this nigga is lying or sayin the truth, I don’t think it concerns nyone, cos let’s face it,,,,we r all nigerians, we wud do the same thing, so he shud tell his mum to return wteva monies she took, we all knw its not possible. Oga flex joor, ur nt an illiterate so u deserve the spoils of life…..oda people shud pls get a life jus d same wai our gentleman in question hs one…..

  20. Ugo its nt u n ur up bringing that is d issue here,u have bin fortunate 2 b an offspring in d rich class…but let’s face d fact…every body knows FG n SG ministers loot money…bankole, tafa lots of them…n ur mum too hs stolen…all I have 2 say is just 4 u to remain silent on this and let it slide past…dnt explain ur grooves cos d average Nigerian dnt wnt it as a justification….the Nigerian Government is corrupt n ur step mum happen 2 b among so take heart…eat n groove while it coms….God is watching….atleast some people dnt even have Garri 2 drink nt 2 talk of renting a bike or a limo…so have nt been 2 an airport…its that bad…try n share ur wealth instead of boozing…dosomefin 4 poor..n God will Bless U…

  21. All you paid publicists and serfs who have taken on yourselves the duty to defend and deflect the justified critism being leveled at ds fat tart…you are yourselves hopeless servile delinquents and your hope to gain from ds recycled thief will be frustrated. I wonder at d zombies who drafted ds response for this retard walai…ur. Lies r so insipid I wanna spit

  22. It must have taken a lot from Ugonna Madueke to apologize to the nigerian public as most people wouldn’t even bother. I don’t think its any fault of his that his mother has worked in positions that have benefitted her. If any1 is doing well wld u treat ur children shabbily? If he as a priviledged child is being judged because he is from a priviledged home then there is a problem.
    Ugonna I admire your courage in all of this. God bless Nigeria

  23. everybody on here attacking this boy should shut the fuck up,its either ur broke or jealous yall some pathetic ignorant sets of fools,how many apology did yall ever get from all the politicians or the abacha family.i bet yall fools wld do double that if had a chance.get a life,better ur self and pls pls pls pls pls and i say pls shut up and get off the boyz business

  24. Ugonna Madueke,you have written brilliantly well and I think Ʋя apology should be accepted by any well_ meaning Nigerian as I have equally accepted your apology. Though your mom has alot to explain to Nigerians, I think that page should be left to open another. Į̸̸̨ƭ takes a sober heart to tender an apology most especially when Į̸̸̨ƭ ‘s a misconstrued allegation. Nigerians should learn to be civil when reacting to publications read on papers. If he had not tendered an apology the heavens wouldn’t have fallen afterall he ΐƨ not accountable to the Nigerian people cos the last time I checked he’s not holding any office in the Federal republic °ƒ Nigeria. That he ΐƨ opportuned shouldn’t mean we should kill him. Obviously A̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ fingers are not equal. †н̣̇α̲̅ηkş !

  25. I salute ur courage & humility. Whether they wrote d lies 4 u or nt,at least it was written in ur name. Ur mum dragged u into this,I don’t no wat she can tell Nigerians in order to wash her name clean. People do not want to no whether d family was rich b4 she became a Minister,wat an average Nigerian no is dt she is a Masterminder 2 increase in fuel price.

  26. Pls spare us all d bull mr man, how come ur mother does not knw d amt if pms consumed by nigerians daily and she is minister of petroleum and an advocate of subsidy removal? Is she not a shame? And she had d effontery to open her mouth to say so. She is a shameless thief gerrout!!!

  27. Hehehe. Yeah we all understand what u Απϑ ur so called gay supporters/ass kissers are saying. U were born with a silverspoon, agreed. U r a successful engineer Απϑ have been working for more than 2yrs, agreed. U earn hundreds of thousand of dollars to earn such living, agreed. No one is beefing, no one is hating. But by the time ur mama is asked to refund for the subsidy paid on the extra 24 million litres of pms being imported into the country, then we will see wether its a silver or clay spoon u were born with. Thiefs. And all those gay guys who D̶̲̥̅̊is young man has been screwing ur anus for some cheap amount, remember say una papa Απϑ mama dey village dey suffer and na so poverty go kill while u r here being fucked by a young chap. Nua nyash go hear am.

  28. Never apologise or make excuses for who u are! You shouldn’t have responded dude! Dammed if u do dammed if u don’t! I wish you all the best! I don’t think your mother is a saint, I think she is highly culpable, this is however no excuse for an attack on ur person! God bless

  29. I wish all dis hater wud stop beefing cuz dey were not fortunate enuf to live dat life. Stop being jealous and try 2 create opportunity 4 ur children 2 leave a good ( fun life). And also our medias are fast in killing people image. Let d boy be. We all will do d same or even worst.

  30. i do not have much to but if e dey vex you go hala ur parents why dey no folo get d govt money after all d madika family was in money before the govr appointment so you guys should stop blabing i can see it is poverty dat is disturbing you guys do not be jealous of another person’s progress so dat you can be able to have your own in my opinion flex and enjoy your life my brother life is short.

  31. I can believe what this fool is saying..abi him think say we blind? even a blind man can see that the fbar in that limo is filled with champagne…. or him wan tell us say na zobo him dey drink for that picture. i beg make person tell that guy make him go lick stew or play with sand instead of coming out to lie to us.

  32. I heard al sunday§ are idiots…anyway since when does d airline provide drinks inside d limos dat convey u from d airport to ur destination? and dats not ur convectional limo,no ß only u don enter business or 1st class flight,some of us work hard and get our money legally to enjoy these things,so we know what’s all about. Wetin do public air transport that u guys had to chatter a private jet that would cost the nation nd which parent would ask their children to fend for themselves when they can foot the bills…be like say u just go school for notting. Well it runs in d blood, like mother like son. All u said is a lie,ur life style tells us dat u lack foresight and al u know is oppression but I must commend ur friends for helping u write up this stupid story.

  33. Ayo,
    I take exception to ur insult. Sundays are no idiots but ur parents are morons. That ur parents are paupers doesn’t mean every other person must be in the pit of hell-poverty. How come an otherwise constructive discuss snowballed into insult for all Sundays? That u are born by peasants shouldn’t make other to live in abject poverty like u and ur parents. Ugo is a son of General and with all the rights that goes with a child from such background. U bloody fool. All Ayos are nincompoops.

  34. Well all that u said means u fall in d bracket of does sundays that am talking about and u definately lack a good upbringing…I appreciate u 4 singing your own song to the public. I never said sunny is an idiot. U trying to write up good statements just may be ugo could recognise ur families deficiencies and alleviate u from dat hell poverty u talked about cos I don’t know what its like.I suggest u think properly and get urself a dictionary and a mirror before u think of insulting anybody. GOOD DAY

  35. Well all that u said means u fall in d bracket of does sundays that am talking about and u definately lack a good upbringing…I appreciate u 4 singing your own song to the public. I never said sunny is an idiot. U trying to write up good statements just may be ugo could recognise ur families deficiencies and alleviate u from dat hell poverty u talked about cos I don’t know what its like.I suggest u think properly and get urself a dictionary and a mirror before u think of insulting anybody. Choose ur words carefully brother… GOOD DAY ELEBI

  36. Well all that u said means u fall in d bracket of does sundays that am talking about and u definately lack a good upbringing or u refused to accept a humble upbringing…I appreciate u 4 singing your own song to the public. I never said sunny is an idiot. U trying to write up good statements just may be ugo could recognise ur families deficiencies and alleviate u from dat hell poverty u talked about cos I don’t know what its like.I suggest u think properly and get urself a dictionary and a mirror before u think of insulting anybody. Choose ur words carefully brother… My regards to your parents.GOOD DAY ELEBI

  37. Well shame on you,all that u said means u fall in d bracket of does sundays that am talking about and u definately lack a good upbringing or u refused to accept a humble upbringing…I appreciate u 4 singing your own song to the public. I never said sunny is an idiot. U trying to write up good statements just may be ugo could recognise ur families deficiencies and alleviate u from dat hell poverty u talked about cos I don’t know what its like.I suggest u think properly and get urself a dictionary and a mirror before u think of insulting anybody. Choose ur words carefully brother… My regards to your parents,they don’t ve a son.GOOD DAY ELEBI

  38. Thank you for taking out time to respond to the publication. It shows you respect Nigerian. Whether your explanation is true or not, anybody in your shoes won’t live life differently. Please carry on with your life…and don’t mind those people insulting you right now. If they were in your shoes, they would do worse and won’t even respond to the publication. The problem in Nigeria is not just those in Government alone,….It is everybody. More than half of the population is corrupt…..To get a loan in Nigeria, you would have to bribe your account officer, the Branch Manager, etc…Tell me how business will grow under such condition…..Go to Lagos or PH local airport, it is a mad house just to get a ticket….Even students are paying people to write exams for them…where are you going to start from? It is now a Cultural problem….Honestly, I don’t know how things just degenerated so fast…WE ALL NEED TO START WITH OURSELVES…THAT IS THE BITTER TRUTH

  39. Ayo,
    Please tell ur unfortunate parents to send u back to school. That u are unbridled isn’t in doubt but bring such menace to a public forum like this platform means u are completely out of good parental upbringing. Have u being a child of a General or a son to a Minister before. If u are envious of Ugo, tell ur parents to go the of the Maduekes. It takes nothing to be stupid but I won’t join issues with u beyond here. Its not Ugo’s making that ur parents are downtrodden but providence. Go and seek ur own fortunes-bloody fool!!!!!

  40. let me just say, since when has deaziani been a minister? did u know she studied in the uk? or she was an executive director in shell before she became a minister? Do you consider what an E.D. earns in an oil company? Please abeg, she went to school, made her mark in her field before she came into government. and a child from that kind of home will have luxury at his disposal. so anyone saying BS should shut up….

  41. Funny hw som ppl can be fooled by diz fake appology. Merely aimed @ distractin everyone.U̶̲̥̅̊ try sha @least U̶̲̥̅̊ were able 2 come up wiv an explanatn 4 every single pix/allegations, god job. But guy U̶̲̥̅̊r defences r cheap nd baseless. U̶̲̥̅̊ shld try comin up wiv anoda story regardin U̶̲̥̅̊r limo & lavish dollar display (airport taxi/fund rasing м̣̣̇Ɣ foot. Dude U̶̲̥̅̊ shld ask 4 4givenes 4 using lies 2 cover lie or U̶̲̥̅̊ rot in hell. Shikena!!

  42. Sunny…u don’t seem 2 get d point here. I don’t blow my horn. Pls grow up and be reasonable. I believe u ve parents or u re a parent…I know it hurts but don’t take it personal. pls don’t. I didn’t say sunny is an idiot. Enjoy .

  43. Its kα̲̅γ̲̣̣̥ that u defended and humbly apologised but u can only speak for yourself…I enjoy life too nd if I were in your shoes I would do more since it comes with d benefits. Enjoy, its not ur fault u were born in2 such family…just try 2 keep such pix away from public eye.

  44. The bible said, “when a fool speaks, he exposes his foolishness” let the ruling family and friends keep squandering the nation’s funds, it won’t be long they will all be consumed by the wrath and anger of the poor masses whom they left with nothing in their mouth and stomach.

  45. It is clear that this is how the so called soldier Father and useless mother train the boy,everybody sing his home song. so minister , using the masses fund to useless your family is what you are up to,right? Subsidy came to your family account and you are bold enough to even
    show the world a little tips on how you encourage Fresh Air!GEJ what are your family style in the Subsidy?

  46. fellow nigerians, i want to categorically say here dt d boy is fully aware of the plight of d common nigerian and he has come to explain his part. why not try and give him some benefits of doubt since he has promise to correct and conduct himself in the years to come. pls lets forgive so dt we might be forgiven.

  47. Hmmmn!! More people stil fallin 4 diz appology syndrome. ( d@ well prepared speech d@ cnt even convince school children) Well I N̶̲̥̅̊☺ get biznez wiv una na U̶̲̥̅̊r momma I got ishz wiv bt it can only b annoyin wen U̶̲̥̅̊ come here finkin U̶̲̥̅̊ can fool everybdy wiv those silly jokes of urs all in d name of defendin U̶̲̥̅̊r family. Guy go tel d@ one 2 d nursery pikins abeg. well na him momma wey steal public fund,mek we try 4giv him sha; Son go and STEAL N̶̲̥̅̊☺ MORE.

  48. Plz, people should give the guy a break, it does not mean that his mother is a minister and every money he spends is stolen plz, he is an adult and has every right to enjoy his life. If people are poor on the street does not mean everybody should be poor in the world, allow sleeping dogs lye.

  49. People! i know its hard to feel sympathy for a person who’s leaving the good life, but c’mon! he’s not completely insensitive to the plight of the common Nigerian. i say this because, he’s not mandated to tender a public apology yet he did,so y yu’all judging him so harshly? i know for a fact yu’all wont be any different if u were in his shoes.

  50. Why are u pple jealous of dis guy? Beside, his mother was just made the minister recently. Abeg u guys shuld go and piss off. Wuld u now say dat Dangote’s son is a criminal bcuz he’s living large? Bcuz his mum is a minister does not mean she neva had an investment dat yields enof profit to warrant her child a silver spoon life. And dat does not also mean dat the boy does not hav his own legite means of income. Aftarall, there are many rich young men who are fatherless and motherless bt are yet rich bcuz they found favor from God. Pls all ya lousy, odious and impious broke ass who are hating on dis guy shuld go and hug a transformer, or beta yet make una go jam trailer.

  51. Apology accepted. I would have love to make comments as regards your traveling with ur mum to states on a chatered flight, cos it was an official visit and not family affair. However, u need to be humble since ur family members are holding sensitive position in the country.

  52. I am not here 2 judge anybodi. Rather i want to point that this is only 1 ward of the multitude that our ruling elite spoils. Make some research about the son and daughters of other high office holders out there and if afterwards u r not schocked to stupour hit me back. Right now i cant resist 2 call them all dumbasses

  53. 9ja na beef go kill us. D boy was born wit a silver spoon. Which of u wld lyk 2 schl in dis country if ur dad were a LGA chairman? He spends 2 much. What if? Go nd tell d yahoo boys in your vicinities who live in luxury to stop partying nd clubbing nd maybe redirect their ‘dubious’ earnings 2 more positive things.

  54. Well this is public site, and you know how it is,everybody like to talk. And when one is a public figure he/she should expect such uncultured comments. So my dear ugonna, you’ve apologies, yes,but also ensure you abstain from any lifestyle that will make someone to talk to your parents the way they can’t even talk to their girl friends. Also the good people of our great Nation, you should not abuse someone because they cannot see you. You can make your opinion known but don’t abuse is not good. Lets do good to people cos you don’t know where or what position you will occupy tomorrow. Do to men what you want them to do to you. God bless you all.

  55. To whoever replied me: d issue is d excessive spending, and as d post below yours shows…it isn’t free! Ignorance may be d fact dat i’v never flown business or first class, ‘cos d little dat trickles down to me is zapped by his mum’s kind, or dat I assume it’d be a dumb business idea if d limos were free. So…i’m pretty sure they are paid for seperately, or it’s part of the ‘air-fare’. Which goes again to the cost! EXCESSIVE!! Oh…and that isn’t “COMMON”. Common implies available to the masses! How many nigerians can afford dat!
    Next time, put ur name next to it! Stinks of cowardice

  56. @Mayowa, yor name shuld be Mamawawa, if u know wat dat means. Kip hating on the rich guy while he’s livin kul and havin fun. Perhaps u are jealos dat the boy is wealthy while u ar starving. Abeg if u dey hungry, com take biscuits, cuz dat is wat a bad belle like u dserve.

  57. Plz plz plz my friends let us not eat him up, let us tamper justice with mercy. He has talked like a child he is, if he had known he would have given out those money to the less privileges around him. The poor people that are suffering in his own country, lnstead he was given us statement of account of how he squandered our money. Plz Ugonna next time try 2 remember the less priviledges around u. God will not judge u for helping the poor people lnstead He will applaud u 4 dat. Thank u

  58. @saint out of d rot of your heart….the emptiness of your mind….the ludicrousness of your thoughts…
    Well u settled it, u lack d capacity for clear thoughts, how’d u get this far? Bribed much, oui? Ur kind don’t get far ‘cept by dat. D fact dat u can afford Hobnobs doesn’t make u rich, quit deluding yourself….another big word…quick go check ur dic.!

  59. @saint think u meant jealoUs. Reading entails understanding wat u read, obvious u don’t. Intelligence gets u to apply such, another thing you lack. I could go on, but u’d think ur typical dumb, deluded (that word again), unintelligible (anoda big word) words got to me.
    And pls do xplain “Mamawawa”, i’d chalk it to d afore-mentioned, bt it myt actually av a meaning

  60. @saint bad belle!? Maybe, it irks (big word) me to realize dat….wait….i’d be insulting you, ur mind can’t grasp d topic. U’r pro’ly 1 messed up kid who’s got his mind warped (anoda big word) in the social scene.. GET A LIFE!!

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